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JOE BIDEN’S AMERICA: Gas Prices in One California Town Top $7.59 Per Gallon   hannity 

LIKE A STONE: Biden Support Drops to 41% in Nationwide Poll from CNBC   hannity 

DC artist quits over new woke Superman: "I’m tired of them ruining these characters"   notthebee 

White House Knew About Letter That Compared Parents to Domestic Terrorists - Washington Free Beacon   beacon 

AG Garland ADMITS Nobody From Jan 6 Has Been Charged With Insurrection   rumble 

This should be a REALLY big deal, guys   notthebee 

NO VAX, NO PROB: Indiana Recruits Chicago Police Officers Unhappy With Vaccine Mandate   hannity 

Rep. Jordan: Jan. 6 probe is an assault on liberty denounces Dem attempts to persecute Bannon   oann 

Attorney General Garland says DOJ will review treatment of Jan. 6 prisoners   oann 

Trump-endorsed GOP candidate has 11% lead in Ohio congressional race   oann 

NATO's Annual Nuclear Strike Exercise Underway In Southern Europe - The Aviationist   theaviationist 

not parody or even The Onion   thefederalist 

Garland Admits War On Parents Sprang From NSBA Letter, Not Evidence   thefederalist 

Laundrie family has been notified bones found in Florida swamp are Brian Laundrie: LIVE UPDATES   fox 

U.S. public pension fund buys $25 million worth of Bitcoin and Ether   substack 

Mark Levin: DeSantis was RIGHT, and Fauci was WRONG - TheBlaze   blaze 

YouTube Bans 'Let's Go Brandon' Video – Leaves Up Videos with Death Threats Against Donald Trump - Becker News   beckernews 

IDF said to resume practicing potential strike on Iranian nuclear sites   timesofisrael 

Mueller: "Not Familiar" With Fusion GPS, "Outside My Purview"   rcp 

House GOP outline failing Democrat policies   oann 

Biden abandons Alaska oil drilling project after previously vowing to defend it – HotAir   hotair 

SALES PITCH: NYC Mayor Candidate Wants New Yorkers to Return Because They’ll ‘Be Bored in Florida’   hannity 

Texas Urges Supreme Court to Uphold Abortion Ban, Deny Joe Biden's Demand to Block It -   lifenews 

Rand Paul Takes Well-Deserved Victory Lap After Documents Prove Fauci Lied His A** off to Him – RedState   redstate 

Fed cracks down on trading by top officials in wake of scandal - POLITICO   politico 

Women athletes fear for their lives after Taliban beheads volleyball player   thepostmillennial 

EXCLUSIVE: GOP Rep. Urges Special Counsel Investigate Hunter Biden   thefederalist 

A volcano in Japan just erupted and the footage is nuts   notthebee 

NIH acknowledges US funded gain-of-function at Wuhan lab, despite Fauci’s denials   fox 

Video: Marine Corps veteran calmly disarms burglar in seconds, sends accomplices running for their lives - TheBlaze   blaze 

The complete NBA 75th Anniversary Team:   substack 

WH Was Consulted About NSBA Letter Comparing Parents to Domestic Terrorists Before It Was Released – RedState   redstate 

Confirmed: John Durham's Investigation Is Much Farther Reaching Than Originally Thought – RedState   redstate 

Good For You, Not for Me! Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Caught Maskless at WNBA Game   human 

Afghan evacuee charged with rape in Montana, governor says, demanding resettlement halt   fox 

Rep. Nadler calls out Jordan, MTG and Gaetz for not wearing masks at hearing - Washington Times   times 

"Pro-Life" Senator Bob Casey Can't Even Say if Abortion Kills a Human Being -   lifenews 

EXCLUSIVE: Bipartisan Congressional Group Presses Fauci On Abusive Animal Testing At His Agency   caller 

Joes potty mouth - POLITICO   politico 

Nate Jackson: Senate Republicans Save the Republic   patriotpost 

FBI Confirms Human Remains Are Brian Laundrie's   mediaite 

Garland stonewalls on conflict of interest over his order benefiting son-in-law   wnd 

Union push ‘nothing more than a power grab,’ says Nikki Haley   oann 

Watch this former Marine put three armed punks on the 3:10 to Yuma   notthebee 

DeSantis Invites Ships To Abandon California, Reroute to Florida   lidblog 

Artist leaves DC Comics over new woke Superman: 'I'm Tired Of Them Ruining These Characters'   thepostmillennial 

US hypersonic weapon test derailed by rocket failure – reports — RT USA News   rt 

YouTube Nukes Video Of Lawmakers Talking Limits For Vaccine Mandates   thefederalist 

White House announces plan to open up union options to federal employees   oann 

University of Oklahoma Seeks Math Prof Versed in Equity and Social Justice   legalins 

France: Muslim migrant rapes his ‘too Westernized’ daughter, her brother stabs her   jihad 

Civic Opera House building owner hit with $195 million foreclosure suit   chibiz 

NYC neurologist drugged, sexually abused patients over 15 years: prosecutors - Breaking911   breaking911 

Pakistan’s ‘miraculous’ new health card scheme provides affordable treatment for the poor   telegrph 

Trump to Headline 'America First' Policy Summit   rcp 

Putin says Russia is mulling excluding Taliban from list of extremist groups   reuters 

Democrats Push ERA That Would Create Right to Kill Babies in Abortions Up to Birth -   lifenews 

Can we now have an honest discussion about Islamist terrorism? - spiked   spiked-online 

Police want charges against Arizona protesters who confronted Kyrsten Sinema in bathroom - Washington Times   times 

How the rebels became the censors - spiked   spiked-online 

Inflation Expectations Reach Highest Level in More Than a Decade   breitbart 

Queen, 95, spends night in HOSPITAL for tests after cancelling Northern Ireland trip   thesun 

2020 Election Investigative Documentary: Who’s Stealing America?   ntd 

Joe Manchin Admits He Discussed Becoming an Independent – RedState   redstate 

17 States Join Fight Against Biden Administration for Intimidating Parent Activists   human 

NIH finally admits funding Wuhan experiment resulting in 'gain-of-function'   wnd 

Syria executes 24 for allegedly sparking deadly wildfires   timesofisrael 

DeSantis Calls Special Session To Combat Vaccine Coercion In Florida   thefederalist 

Admin Imports Potential Afghan Terrorists, Predators Into U.S.   rcp 

MARTIN SAMUEL: Why is Newcastle's Saudi money worse than cash from a bunch of white guys in America?   dailymail 

Horror: Taliban behead national girls' team volleyball player   hotair 

Hundreds Of China-Linked Twitter Accounts Are Blaming Maine Lobsters For COVID-19   caller 

Kamala Harris’ Response to Student Provokes Zionist Ire – Consortiumnews   consortiumnews 

New, from me: "The Supply Chain Crisis Doesn't Demand More Federal Infrastructure Spending"   catoinstitute 

WATCH: Lebanese Author Demands Peace with Israel, War Against Iran   unitedwithisrael 

In-N-Out Burger stands by its refusal to be the 'vaccination police'   thepostmillennial 

Largest triceratops remains ever discovered sell for $7.7 million   thehill 

Professor Claims Pro-Life Christians are Racists: "The Religious Right" is "Rooted in Racism" -   lifenews 

Boycott the New York Times -- Read the Real News at Larwyn's Linx

California's unionized ports are part of the country's supply chain problem – HotAir   hotair 

Mile End stabbing: Three attacked on bus in east London Met Police say   express 

Teachers Unions Got Last-Minute Input On CDC School Guidance, Emails Show   caller 

Lawmaker accuses Garland of conflict with relative's marketing of CRT curricula - Washington Times   times 

Terry McAuliffe Just Can't Stop Digging That Hole Deeper – RedState   redstate 

COVID-19: Americans Divided Over Vaccine Mandates for Cops, Firefighters - Rasmussen Reports®   rasmussen 

FATF grey list: Pakistan hit with $38 billion loss due to FATF grey list - The Economic Times   intimes 

Stock In Trump’s Social Media Venture Soars 190% Following Announcement   caller 

Breaking: House approves criminal contempt referral for Steve Bannon; nine Republicans vote in favor - TheBlaze   blaze 

China news: War fears intensify as Britain issues warning to China over ‘dangerous’ Taiwan   express 

Republican nominee in Virginia: Soros 'inserting' activists into school system   timesofisrael 

The Democrat War on Parents Takes an Ugly Turn in Connecticut – RedState   redstate 

Gas Hits Unbelievable High While Biden Shuts Down More American Oil Options – RedState   redstate 

More on MIT's deplatforming of University of Chicago professor – HotAir   hotair 

Nadler Interrupts Garland Hearing — Twice — To Scold Republicans For Not Wearing Masks   caller 

Garland won't say whether special counsel Durham is still investigating Clinton Foundation - Washington Times   times 

Joe Biden quotes ‘we Catholics’ in swipe at Republicans who question his presidential legitimacy [video] –   twitchy 

Only Michigan official fired in Flint water scandal was wrongfully terminated: arbitrator   thehill 

Shares of Trump Special Media Acquisition Company, DWAC, Climb 400% in Heavy Trading Despite NASDAQ Halts of Trading - The Last Refuge   treehouse 

We are sleepwalking: Senate Dem operatives privately warn about rough road ahead - POLITICO   politico 

Trump Launches Trump Media & Technology Group With Social Media Platform Truth Social   legalins 

Sinema advisers resign, calling her an obstacle to progress   thehill 

EU regulator verdict on Moderna COVID-19 booster shot next week   reuters 

VIDEO: UC-Berkeley Prof Explains How Marxism Relates to Critical Race Theory   legalins 

Ethics watchdog finds 'substantial' evidence Rep. Malinowski failed to disclose stocks   thehill 

'You're a joke': Greene clashes with Cheney, Raskin on House floor   thehill 

Murphy's lead narrows to 6 points in New Jersey governor's race: poll   thehill 

Police departments are struggling to hire new cops   fox 

Southwest To Cut More Flights, Lost Almost $75 Million During Last Round Of Cancellation   caller 

Study Reveals Exact Date Vikings First Settled In North America, Beating Columbus By Centuries   caller 

IL Supreme Court Tosses Cook County Gun & Ammo Tax –   bearingarms 

State suspends medical license of ivermectin prescriber   wnd 

Texas Governor Abbott Using The National Guard To Arrest Illegal Immigrants On Southern Border - The Political Insider   thepoliticalinsider 

Democrats defend their child care plan against unexpected attack - POLITICO   politico 

Check out Chick-Fil-A's new sign   notthebee 

Non-Toxic Gas Deployed in NYC Transit Areas Next Week for Terror Study – NBC New York   nbcnewyork 

TOUGH CROWD! Biden Preps for CNN’s ‘Invitation-Only’ Town Hall as Agenda Falls Apart   hannity 

Facebook Allowing Platform To Be Used To Incite Terror Against Israel…   wz 

Groundbreaking! Rare Second Temple-Era Seal Discovered Under Western Wall   unitedwithisrael 

Bereaved Families to Blinken: `US Consulate for Palestinians Will Encourage Terrorism'   unitedwithisrael 

Representative Jim Jordan Confronts Merrick Garland - The Great Awakening of The American People Has Begun - The Last Refuge   treehouse 

New: Is Laura Kuenssberg's time as BBC political editor coming to an end?   specuk 

What it's like to explore every street in San Francisco   sfgate 

DeSantis calls for special Florida legislative session to fight Biden's vaccine mandate - POLITICO   politico 

Harris video address to Va. churchgoers may be illegal   oann 

Cliff Bentz Mentions Illegal Immigrants Wearing 'Big Bulky Coats' with AK-47s Underneath Them   mediaite 

'Slap in the face': EU leaders ask Poland to respect EU law primacy after defiant ruling   euronews 

BREAKING NEWS: Government Report Shows That Vaccines Are BIOWEAPONS!   thetruedefender 


BREAKING: Gov DeSantis to call legislative special session to protect Floridians from vaccine mandates   scoop 

Trading in Trump-linked SPAC halted as shares soar on social media deal   thehill 

‘Republican’ Adam Kinzinger Makes Mind-Numbing Comparison Between Capitol Riot and 9/11 in CNN Interview – RedState   redstate 

Condoleezza Rice Schools the Ladies of ‘The View’ on Critical Race Theory   legalins 

There was a long term plan to dumb down the nation. Here it is explained   intellectualtakeout 

Mavericks head coach Jason Kidd joins Dirk Nowitzki on NBA’s 75th Anniversary Team   dallas 

Psaki Fires Back At GOP Leader McCarthy Over Supply Chain Issues, Says Economy Is Roaring   caller 

Biden blows up another oil project that would have hired thousands   wnd 

Riverside teacher, in faux headdress, on leave after mimicking Native Americans in video   latimes 

Manchin to Sanders on size of BBB bill: 'I'm comfortable with zero' – HotAir   hotair 

Queen attended hospital for overnight stay after health fears cancelled royal tour   express 

Vaccine waiver battle rumbles into EU–African Union summit –   euractiv 


FBI Confirms Remains Found In Park Belong To Brian Laundrie   caller 

I am not challenging religion itself. I am only challenging its marriage with coercive power   catoinstitute 

Army-Navy team launches rockets to test hypersonic weapons - Washington Times   times 

The Assumption of Permanence   steyn 

Jim Banks sent a letter claiming to be the ranking member of the Jan. 6 committee. Liz Cheney introduced it during floor debate.    politico 

Panic over Senate bill reveals fragility of relationship with Pakistan   natljrnl 

House Votes to Hold Steve Bannon in Criminal Contempt   mediaite 

Kinzinger: Bannon Deserves to be Held in Contempt   mediaite 

What We Risk If We Fail to Fully Modernize the US Nuclear Deterrent - by Rebeccah L. Heinrichs   hudson 

‘DON’T TREAD ON FLORIDA’: Ron DeSantis Promotes ‘Pro-Freedom’ Flag   hannity 

Coronavirus cases are on the rise in Europe with some countries already announcing new restrictions   euronews 

BBC's Laura Kuenssberg 'in talks to step down as broadcaster's political editor'   express 


Students petition to save Ronald Reagan's name on UCLA campus medical center   campusreform 

Chip Roy grills Garland when he claims ignorance over gender-fluid school rape in heated House hearing   bizpacreview 

Haitian gang threatens to kill kidnapped Americans if $17M ransom not paid 

Another One: New Poll Shows Biden Approval Sinking into 30's   townhall 

AG Garland Debunks Democrat 'Insurrection' Claims About January 6th   townhall 

Kid Rock hints at a major #LetsGoBrandon moment at the All American 400 NASCAR race in Nashville –   twitchy 

China yanks Boston Celtics games from TV after Enes Kanter slams Xi Jinping as 'brutal dictator' - TheBlaze   blaze 

Garland Once Again Proves He Is the Sleaziest of the Sleazy on Team Biden – RedState   redstate 

State Department to Investigate Botched Afghanistan Withdrawal   human 

Drippy Boris is morphing into Theresa May says BEN HABIB   express 

Amita Health splitting up   chibiz 

Hypersonic Space Test Fuels Sino-American Arms Race - Breaking Defense Breaking Defense - Defense industry news, analysis and commentary   breakingdefense 


WATCH: Democrats Censor Republican Video of Parents at School Board Meetings   breitbart 

AOC claims push back against Dem's policies due to Republican fear of a `changing country'   bizpacreview 

Meme of the Day: The differences in language between Broward and Miami – Babalú Blog   babalu 

EcoHealth's Peter Daszak Deletes Tweet Revealing Wuhan Lab Researchers At Fauci-Funded Conference. - The National Pulse.   thenationalpulse 

Exclusive: RFU to take on France in battle to host 2025 Women's World Cup   telegrph 

The newest MAGA app is tied to a Bannon-allied Chinese billionaire   politico 

Hypersonic Interceptor Missiles are Set to Make a Boom in Israel   nationalinterest 

The hidden stories behind the best — and weirdest — vanity license plates in L.A.   latimes 

Texas attorney general Ken Paxton says ‘overthrow’ put Joe Biden in White House instead of Trump   dallas 

'Open Border Is Just Not Sustainable,’ Border Chief Ousted by Biden Says   dailysignal 

POLICE: Armed Employee Stops Workplace Active Shooter In Nebraska; 2 Dead - Breaking911   breaking911 

Federal court tosses Democrats’ legislative maps, give challengers chance to fix   washexam 


Conn. Senate Democrats share cartoon making it abundantly clear how the Dem Party feels about concerned parents –   twitchy 

The way forward | Josephine Bartosch | The Critic Magazine   thecritic 

CODE RED: AP Is Full of Humorless Drones (Fact-Check: True) – RedState   redstate 

FBI Confirms Human Remains Found in Florida Park Are Brian Laundrie’s – NBC New York   nbcnewyork 

Military Families Can See Moving Company Red Flags on New Website   military 

CDC Says 5-Year-Olds Will Still Need To Wear Masks After Vaccine Is Approved For Kids   caller 

Thanks. Here's two more reforms that I missed on that first pass   catoinstitute 

US surgeon explains pig kidney-human transplant test   bbc 

Death awaits in Europe this winter - Washington Times   times 

Joe Rogan Comes To The Defense Of Dave Chappelle…   wz 

AG on bill that would bar Netanyahu from becoming PM: It's not personal   timesofisrael 

Dave Chapelle says he would sit down with Netflix employees to talk about his jokes   thepostmillennial 


Office of Director of National Intelligence Admits US Intel Community Spied on Trump   gateway 

House votes to hold Bannon in contempt of Congress   thehill 

Female city employees in Kabul told by Taliban not to return to work: report   thehill 

Hunter Biden sought to sell ‘analysis’ of Russian businessman Deripaska for $55,000, emails show — RT USA News   rt 

Biden Hits Peak Lunacy With Ridiculous Plan to 'Take Millions of Automobiles off the Road' – RedState   redstate 

Shocking Glimpse Into Life After The Great Reset - World Economic Forum's Sinister Plans (Videos) - RAIR   rairfoundation 

Federal Reserve bans stock trading by top officials in ethics overhaul   nypost 

Nine Republicans Vote to Hold Steve Bannon in Contempt   mediaite 

Will have enough doses for booster shots, says Poonawalla   intimes 

How Florida could save Christmas: Port authority tells cargo vessels to divert to sunshine state   dailymail 

Are New Jersey's Gun Laws Helping To Import Criminals?   bearingarms 

House Votes To Hold Steve Bannon In Contempt, Setting Up Justice Department To Bring Criminal Charges   abc 

Consumer Protection Agency Probes How Apple, Facebook, Amazon Use Financial Data - WSJ   wsj 

Amherst College Drops Admissions Advantage for Children of Alumni - WSJ   wsj 

NIH admits funding Wuhan experiment resulting in 'gain-of-function'   wnd 

EcoHealth Alliance violated terms of NIH grant with experiments on deadly MERS virus in China   blaze 

Kill the CAC? Why some people really want the military's ID cards to go away   taskandpurpose 

My Republicans are on Fuego Today!!! GO ANDY!!!   rumble 

For the greater good.   rumble 

Column: London Metal Exchange has to restrain disorderly copper   reuters 

Putin says Biden was right to withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan   reuters