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Maricopa County Audit Report: Over 57k Votes In Question - UncoverDC
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An Antifragile Movement: Conservative Diversification and Enthusiasm Making Us Impossible to Stop   human 

A JetBlue Jihadist? The Great Press Cover-up   gatestone 

Iran: Morality police use dog-catching pole to haul unveiled woman into van   jihad 

For Christians, Dying From COVID (Or Anything Else) Is A Good Thing   thefederalist 

The Unlikely Outsiders Who Won the Race for a Covid-19 Vaccine - WSJ   wsj 

NODDING NADLER: Rep. Boebert Appears to Catch Rep. Nadler Sleeping During Garland Hearing   rumble 

7 Ways To Protect Yourself From The Ruling Elite’s World Depopulation Agenda   activistpost 

Biden's numbers tanking in Senate battleground states: Poll   washexam 

Vaccine Rejectionism and the Left   quillette 

DHS has spent half a MILLION dollars building 'security fencing' around Biden's Delaware beach home    dailymail 

Researchers uncover mosaic in what they think is Bethsaida's Church of Apostles   timesofisrael 

WATCH: Think US Students Would Donate Money to the Taliban to Kill Americans? Find Out   hannity 

Israeli startup unveils electric 'flying car' for consumer travel   timesofisrael 

Newshour - UN suspends flights to rebel-held Ethiopian city - BBC Sounds   bbc 

Erdogan says Turkey is set to banish 10 Western ambassadors   reuters 

CNN goes first two weeks of October without any program reaching 1 million viewers   fox 

DHS forks over almost half a million for Biden wall, but it's not to keep American's safe   bizpacreview 

The anatomy of a media smear - spiked   spiked-online 

We have to be smart in storytelling now, says Kiccha Sudeep   intimes 

Virginia Dems' Lax School Crime Bill Under Fire Amid Rape Scandal - Washington Free Beacon   beacon 

Report: White House collaborated with school boards group on `domestic terrorist' letter   thecollegefix 

ABC's 'The Rookie' bans 'live' guns on set following Alec Baldwin 'Rust' shooting   fox 

Confirmed: The Biden Administration Has Been Lying About Americans Trapped in Afghanistan – RedState   redstate 

Justice Sotomayor on Supreme's Court's refusal to block Texas abortion law: 'Catastrophic'   thehill 

YouTube Removes ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Song as Reports Indicate Similar Actions Taken Against Others – RedState   redstate 

Aramco aims for net zero emissions from operations by 2050, CEO says   reuters 

My god what an idiot: J.D. Vance gets whacked for past Trump comments - POLITICO   politico 

US intelligence warns China could be creating world’s biggest ‘genetic database’   newsau 

America ignores CNN's 'softball' Biden town hall, turns to regular programming on Fox News, MSNBC instead   fox 

Unvaccinated could face new lockdown in Austria, chancellor warns   euronews 

Austrian chancellor considering implementing lockdown for unvaccinated   thehill 

Afghanistan hurtling towards collapse, Sweden and Pakistan say   reuters 

Lock Him Up in [Market-Ticker-Nad]   ticker 

52% Rate Biden ‘Poor’ on Immigration - Rasmussen Reports®   rasmussen 

Putin Slams U.S. for Deleting Its History, Calls Transgenderism a 'Crime Against Humanity'   townhall 

Why is Kamala Harris doing this weird flappy thing with her arms?   notthebee 

LSE accepts £1.5million from Chinese Communist Party...   specuk 

Release of JFK assassination records delayed *again* – HotAir   hotair 

Californias legal weed industry cant compete with illicit market - POLITICO   politico 

They had a "seditious conspiracy command center."   wapo 

Italy's Salvini goes on trial for refusing migrant ship docking   euronews 

750 GE Federal Contract Workers Walk Out in Protest Against Vaccine Mandates in Ohio   gateway 

Fauci Spent Nearly Half A Million In Taxpayer Dollars On Abusive Experiments On Dogs   thefederalist 

Fast and Furious fans in 'tears' as Vin Diesel walks Paul Walker's daughter down the aisle   express 

Expanded Israel-India ties start taking shape, after the Netanyahu-Modi bromance   timesofisrael 

Dr. Naomi Wolf: CDC COVID Data Is Actually Farmed Out to Non-Profit with Ties to Gates (VIDEO)   gateway 

The Problems With the NSBA Apology for Their ‘Domestic Terrorist’ Letter – RedState   redstate 

High anxiety via @powerlineUS   power 

Oberlin Protects a Defender of ‘Crimes Against Humanity’   jihad 

Another man in dress and wig arrested filming young girls in bathrooms – HotAir   hotair 

Interior Department Occupation: DC Yet Again Ignores Yet Another Leftist Violent Incident – RedState   redstate 

Walkouts and strikes hit hospitals in pandemic hot spots - POLITICO   politico 

Poles protest one year after court ruling restricted abortion rights   euronews 

In Trying Times, a Kansas Community Faced Down its Fear of Outsiders - WSJ   wsj 

Israel disputes US claim it wasn't told of plan to outlaw rights groups   timesofisrael 

Remembering Hungary 1956 - The American Conservative   theamericanconservative 

Israel says Russia agreed to not hamper IDF air campaign over Syria   timesofisrael 

Parents’ Group Launches Database to Track “Equity” Consultants in ‘Woke Industrial Complex’   legalins 

Turkey to banish 10 Western ambassadors, Erdogan says   jpost 

PHOTOS: Texas National Guard Blocks Border Crossing as Wall Construction Continues   breitbart 

Texas Republicans sound off on Biden's `pathetic' claim that he's too busy to visit the border   bizpacreview 

Woke Medicine’s Critical Harm - The American Mind   americanmind 

192,001 migrants caught in September; border notches one of worst years on record - Washington Times   times 

French ex-politician tied to QAnon abduction plot charged with far-right terror   timesofisrael 

Merchants of Death   cfp 

Joe Biden builds a border wall -- but only for himself - American Thinker   thinker 

UK's Queen Elizabeth II back at castle following brief hospitalization   timesofisrael 

Gold prices on the rise amid fears of worldwide inflation — RT Business News   rt 

New Jersey governor’s pitch for people and businesses to move to his state is hilariously tone-deaf –   twitchy 

Lincoln Project files ethics complaint against Abbott   thehill 

WH Tries to Spin as Biden Loses More Support Than Anyone in the Office Since WWII – RedState   redstate 

EU Leaders Call for ‘Tougher Migration Controls’ as Illegal Border Crossings Soar   legalins 

Panelist at Harvard Event on “Equity” Calls for Equality of Outcome   legalins 

"Gimmicks": Looks like reconciliation is in trouble in the House, too – HotAir   hotair 

Report: Prevent anti-terrorism scheme is so fearful of seeming racist it may be unfit for purpose   dailymail 

Tarantino planning film in which 'Mexican saloon girl is Israeli'   timesofisrael 

Austrian Chancellor Threatens to Lock Down the Unvaccinated if Cases Rise   theepochtimes 

The brief history of San Francisco's most dangerous (and absurd) secret society   sfgate 

Boycott the New York Times -- Read the Real News at Larwyn's Linx

Assange supporters rally in London, as US prepares new extradition attempt — RT UK News   rt 

Joe Rogan Delivers a Knockout Blow of Truth to CNN's Continued Lies – RedState   redstate 

The CDC Signals Another Major Goalpost Move on Being 'Vaccinated' – RedState   redstate 

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: `F*** your God,' leftist protesters yell at pro-life college students.   pjmedia 

rawat: 'Omnipresent danger' to stability of South Asia due to China's ambitions: General Rawat   intimes 

Fully-vaccinated Rep Glenn Thompson tests positive for COVID-19   dailymail 

November 15th march organizer in Cuba awakes to find home vandalized with decapitated pigeons – Babalú Blog   babalu 

New conspiracy theory alleges Ron DeSantis is mimicking Donald Trump’s speech and mannerisms –   twitchy 

For the Sisters or the Misters?   thecritic 

Goldfinger: Steyn's Serenade Radio Song of the Week   steyn 

Tyranny of the Woke Week in Higher Education   legalins 

Report: Pence is thinking of primarying Trump – HotAir   hotair 

Computer a mess? Your 5-step quick plan to clean it up   fox 

Russia sets new death, infection records as COVID-19 surge persists   timesofisrael 

Buttigieg aims to use Tucker Carlson flap to spotlight paternity leave   thehill 

2 New Studies Test Quercetin and COVID-19 Outcomes   theepochtimes 

Facebook faced its own insurrection amid Capitol riot   latimes 

With Europe's second-worst vaccination rate, Ukraine suffers COVID surge   euronews 

WH: Americans Should ‘Expect’ Less From Biden In Terms Of His Ability To Lower Gas Prices   wz 

NSBA apologizes for letter linking rowdy school board meetings to domestic terrorism - Washington Times   times 

Barbra Streisand funds UCLA academic center to study climate, 'truth,' intimacy and art - Washington Times   times 

Hungary's Viktor Orban, opposition rival rally ahead of likely tight election   timesofisrael 

Texas woman reunites with descendants of Holocaust survivors freed with her dad   timesofisrael 

ERROR: The request could not be satisfied   telegrph 

Democrats Should Use Tax Code to Push Positive Change   rcp 

U.S. military says it killed al-Qaida leader in drone strike - POLITICO   politico 

Delhi's air quality in 'moderate' category; negligible impact of stubble burning   intimes 

Alec Baldwin Shoots, Kills Crew Member with Prop Firearm on Set   human 

Norway counter-terror chief: Kongsberg attack 'will happen again'   euronews 

Brutal thug PUNCHES 11-year-old girl in Manhattan park and hits her friend   dailymail 

Interior immigration enforcement collapsed under Trump, will crash further under Biden. https://   catoinstitute 

Biden: Police, Emergency Responders Should Be Fired if They Won't Get Vaccinated   breitbart 

Getting The Cold Shoulder On NJ's Gun "Buybacks". –   bearingarms 

Emily Thornberry: 'Labour do not represent us' say Britons after trade deal criticism   express 

Jeff Bezos' £420million superyacht is glimpsed for first time   dailymail 

Will Alec Baldwin face charges? Lawsuit is likely, but prosecution a tough hurdle, experts say   dailymail 

No, let's not be kind to Alec   thinker 

A Hundred Years of Listening to Baseball - WSJ   wsj 

Here Is Biden's Schedule for the Weekend   townhall 

'Truly Courageous': Boston Celtics' Enes Kanter Praised After Latest Video Blasting CCP   townhall 

Florida school district lifts mask mandate after allegation of child abuse surfaces   thepostmillennial 

Insane Summer 2019 Response From Terry McAuliffe on Ralph Northam Blackface Scandal Resurfaces – RedState   redstate 

EU news: GB News' Alastair Stewart claims bloc under pressure amid Polexit   express 

Brexit news: Remainer says he's now a Brexiteer after Australia and NZ trade deals   express 

College Republicans silenced at schools, told that they cannot endorse Glenn Youngkin   bizpacreview 

Fiscal Year 2021 numbers are in; `got-aways' soar, border encounters reach astronomical 1.7 million   bizpacreview 

Joe Rogan calls Don Lemon a `dumb motherf***er' after war with CNN escalates   bizpacreview 

Corporate CEOs Should Avoid Wokeness   thinker 


CNN Finalizes Discrediting Itself with Insane Response to Joe Rogan-Ivermectin Flap   townhall 

Ohio corrects Wright Brothers error on new license plates   thehill 

White House Knew About Letter That Compared Parents to Domestic Terrorists - Washington Free Beacon   beacon 

Pancreatic cancer symptoms include itchy or yellow skin   express 

Cybercrime threat in Germany higher than ever before –   euractiv 

Europe, not the US, can lead the world on climate action   euronews 

Harry and Meghan have 'no way back now', claims Star Trek legend Marina Sirtis   express 

Making Conversation - Dilbert Comic Strip on 2021-10-23   dilbert 

How to `Cancel' Ben & Jerry's for BDS   thinker 

The Often-Overlooked Facts About Covid-19   thinker 

61% Of Americans paid no federal income taxes in 2020? Who's greedy?   thinker 

Record number of humpback whale calves spotted: Another predicted `climate change' disaster that didn't happen   thinker 


DHS building $455K security fence around Biden's Delaware beach house 

Scottish man finds 2nd message in a bottle from Canada   wnd 

In reversal, English soccer team says fans 'free' to don Arab-style dress   timesofisrael 

NSBA for SOME reason suddenly APOLOGIZES for `domestic terror' letter bashing parents.   scoop 

Vermont public high school hosts drag show during football game halftime   thecollegefix 

Dutch officials pictured with terrorist involved in 17-year-old's death   jpost 

The January 6 Insurrection Hoax - Imprimis   imprimis 

Sikorsky exploring ways to link next-gen helicopters to F-35 

Excellent article by @mrubin1971   aei 

Senator introduces bill to stop schools from hiding student 'gender transitions' from parents   wnd 

Asked Why Biden Falsely Claimed He Visited Border, Psaki Says Biden Doesn’t Need To Go…   wz 

Condoleezza Rice On Critical Race Theory: ‘I Don’t Have To Make White Kids Feel Bad For Being White’ - The Political Insider   thepoliticalinsider 


LISTEN: Fauci Lets Slip That Mark Zuckerberg Offered Him 'Resources & Money' In Redacted E-mails.   thenationalpulse 

DC Police Say Department Gave 'Abortion Ultimatum' Upon Pregnancy   thefederalist 

Travis Tritt Cancels Concerts at Venues With Vaccine Requirements   theepochtimes 

Alec Baldwin’s Accident   power 

Justice Clarence Thomas Hits Three Decades on the High Court – PJ Media   pjmedia 

U.S. Air Force F-35s Almost Faced Off With Enemy Air-Defenses   nationalinterest 

Never Trumpers, radical neo-Marxist groups funded through same sources   lawenforcementtoday 

Missing Elijah Lewis: Massachusetts, New Hampshire police search woods for sign of 5-year-old   fox 

Patel backs a change in law for victims of domestic abuse   express 

More Britons struggling to pay their bills, poll shows   euronews 

MOSLER: The Alarm Surrounding The National Debt Is Misguided   caller 

Why WAS a gun on Alec Baldwin movie set loaded with live ammo? Mystery over deadly chain of events   dailymail 


Martin Maldonado proves why he's in the Astros' lineup every day   chron 

Early Voting Begins In Boston For Mayoral Election – CBS Boston   cbslocal 

Hurley: It Was A Great Run But … It Feels Like The Red Sox Kind Of Blew It In ALCS – CBS Boston   cbslocal 

Sean Spicer Launches Book to Warn How Biden Is 'Most Progressive' President   breitbart 

NV Gubernatorial Candidate Takes First Second Amendment Stance –   bearingarms 

After sub accident, China demands US end free navigation ops 

Hungary: Thousands of Orban supporters march across Budapest   abc 

Essential California Week in Review: Is a business backlash coming?   latimes 

Womens career is not their responsibility alone - Times of India   intimes 

Trading in new Trump social media platform halted 12 times after WallStreetBets sends value soaring   dailymail 

Kamala thrown off by left-wing heckler, spews confusing motto and more bad acting skills   bizpacreview 

Can't find the words   bbc 


Marine veteran who stopped the armed convenience store robber got even more awesome yesterday   thinker 

Neera Tanden Just Landed an 'Influential' New White House Job   townhall 

Revealed – CIA Funds Venture Capital Fund That Uses Social Media To Track Citizens   thedrilldown 

Natural Nurse Report!   rumble 

India-Pakistan blockbuster set to light up Twenty20 World Cup   reuters 

S.Korea says it reaches goal of 70% vaccinations for COVID-19   reuters 

Biden’s Approval Ratings Dive Is Worst Since World War II – PJ Media   pjmedia 

Congress: The F-35 Consortium is Key to International Security   nationalinterest 

UN: Women in Leadership Must be the Norm for International Security - Hstoday   hstoday 

Terror warning: Expert dismantles 'lone wolf' myth– 'These people don't operate in vacuum'   express 

Officials warn that China's technology dominance could give it decisive military edge over U.S.   dailymail 

‘It’s Ridiculous’: Drivers React To Increase In Gas Prices – CBS Baltimore   cbslocal 


The gaslighting of America   thinker 

The DOJ Targets Domestic Terrorists   thinker 

Afghan refugee resettled in Montana by Biden administration charged with rape   washexam 

Iranian provincial governor slapped at inauguration in rare security breach   timesofisrael 

US lawmakers who opposed or abstained on Iron Dome funding explain their vote   timesofisrael 

Network Lecturing on Science Delivers Vaccine Information from…an Actor   townhall 

Report: Fauci's NIAID Funded Experiment Feeding Dogs To Infected Flies   thefederalist 

Biden’s Nominee for Singapore Ambassador Pledges to Bolster Economic, Security Ties – The Diplomat   thediplomat 

A cancel attempt by climate activists at Purdue University backfired   thecollegefix 

New lockdown fears are spooking the economic recovery   telegrph 

These are enemies of the people. Remember that   substack 

Wuhan lab U.S. partner questioned about #COVID19 viral load manipulation   saraacarter 

WATCH Russian & Chinese warships on first ever joint patrol mission in Pacific   rt 

Italy And France Are Close To Civil Wars   rumble 

Drug Companies Don't Fund The Media! Stop Asking!   rumble 

"FED!" - The Jan 6 Video They Don't Want You to See   rumble 

`Exposing Vaccine Passports'   rumble 

Watch Friday's Liberty Report:   rumble 

McAuliffe embraces Biden in homestretch of campaign: 'We've had great success with the president'   rumble 

Russia-led bloc concludes drills near Afghan border to boost Tajik security   reuters 

A new episode of Otto's Tales dropped this week!   prageru