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Republicans Not Happy With McConnell Cutting Secret Deal With Democrats On Debt Ceiling - The Political Insider
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Bangladesh: Muslims vandalize ISKCON temple in Noakhali, murder one Hindu   jihad 

Spain: Illegal Muslim migration up 51 percent so far this year   jihad 

BARE SHELVES BIDEN: ‘Pumpkin Shortages’ Hit the USA Days Before Halloween   hannity 

Texas’ new abortion law violates the state constitution   dallas 

Iran's Mullahs and China Empowered Under Biden Administration   gatestone 

WHAT? Psaki Claims Americans Not Comparing Today’s Prices to ‘Two Years Ago’   hannity 

The Loudoun bathroom teen rape situation just keeps getting worse – HotAir   hotair 

This is the Angriest You've Ever Seen Joe Biden as President: Watch Him Rail About Absolute Nonsense - Becker News   beckernews 

Exactly The Right Energy - Dilbert Comic Strip on 2021-10-16   dilbert 

COVID-19 Looks To Be On The Way Out, So Why Aren’t The Restrictions?   caller 

UN Chief Calls For Aid For Taliban-Ruled Afghanistan   jihad 

‘Holocaust was a scam’ projected on Swedish synagogue during antisemitism summit   timesofisrael 

Matt Hancock left red faced after losing new job at UN hours after taking it   express 

Politico Ripped Calling Pete Buttigieg MIA on Family Leave   mediaite 

Morocco said set to approve aviation, culture and sport agreements with Israel   timesofisrael 

Pete Buttigieg to Attend U.N. Climate Summit amid Supply Chain Crisis   breitbart 

What Baraitser Thought About the Plot to Kill or Abduct Assange – Consortiumnews   consortiumnews 

Britain can easily bear a trade war with Europe – and could end up stronger   telegrph 

Russia and China Launch Joint Naval Drill   ntd 

UK police have said the fatal stabbing of Conservative MP Sir David Amess is a terrorist incident   euronews 

Turkish President Erdogan hosted Angela Merkel for her final visit to Turkey as German chancellor   euronews 

Another Hysterical Study on Masking Kids in Schools Turns out to Be Absolutely Trash – RedState   redstate 

Is “Insurrection” Cool Again? Climate Change Extremists Attempt To Storm Government Building   legalins 

As Afghanistan Sinks Into Destitution, Some Sell Children to Survive - WSJ   wsj 

Biden Makes Weird Comment About Kids and Gets Heckled in Connecticut – RedState   redstate 

ROFL! Ok, It's Hannity But THIS IS HILARIOUS! in [Market-Ticker-Nad]   ticker 

Can we now have an honest discussion about Islamist terrorism? - spiked   spiked-online 

Covid Pass Deadline for All Italian Workers: Violent Protests Feared   breitbart 

Iran's Revolutionary Guard has key role in state-backed hack surge, Google warns   timesofisrael 

Bernie Sanders assigns blame for public not fully embracing Biden’s spend-a-palooza agenda –   twitchy 

‘SHAMEFUL PAST’: Kamala Says ‘European Explorers’ Brought ‘Wave of Devastation’ to Western Hemisphere   hannity 

Virginia is for worriers: Governor race poses real risk to Dem agenda - POLITICO   politico 

Robert Spencer video: How Jihad Watch tracks jihad   jihad 

San Fran mayor pushes back on Walgreens closing stores   lawenforcementtoday 

White House May End Up Pretty Embarrassed if They Have to Take Climate Change Out of Budget for Joe Manchin   townhall 

Biden blocks congress members from access to Afghan evacuee facilities – HotAir   hotair 

Psaki, DOJ in damage control mode after Biden says subpoena defiers should be prosecuted   fox 

This Is No Longer Politics   cfp 

Pope pledges to continue being a 'pest' in defence of the poor   reuters 

Officer Killed In Ambush On First Shift Laid To Rest   caller 

Dormice favoured by Italian mafia seized in drugs raid Visit NewsPlayer+ #breakingnews   bbc 

Green clearance for 38 outposts in Arunachal, Ladakh along China border - The Economic Times   intimes 

Biden baffles, bizarrely declares `I like kids better than people' amid familiar profane chant   bizpacreview 

Biden giving stiff-arm to press interviews   thehill 

Taliban pledge to step up security as Shi'ite victims buried in Afghanistan   reuters 

Moroccan government to approve two new agreements with Israel   jpost 

Apple - what on earth are you thinking?   bbc 

The BBC's relationship with Stonewall is finally being scrutinised   specuk 

Canadian pastor defiant as judge orders him to parrot 'medical experts' from pulpit: 'I will not obey'   fox 

Tapper Grills Psaki on Troubling WH Position on Inflation and Ethics Complaint Against Her – RedState   redstate 

Everest Cup: Best celebrity outfits as Spring Racing Carnival begins   newsau 

Monaco Cybersecurity Agency to Partner With Thales - Hstoday   hstoday 

Scientists warn against global warming effect of hydrogen leaks –   euractiv 

Gutfeld: Elites gain power by pitting us against each other, they lose if we resist   bizpacreview 

Fire breaks out at mall in central town of Qalansawe; fears of building collapse   timesofisrael 

Tucker Carlson mocks Buttigieg over paternity leave   thehill 

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls - Rasmussen Reports®   rasmussen 

WATCH: Schiff Says McCarthy Becoming Speaker Would be ‘Disaster’ Because of… Donald Trump!   hannity 

EDPS on the future of privacy –   euractiv 

DeSantis accuses Biden of `trying to plunge people into destitution' with vaccine mandate   bizpacreview 

Pete Buttigieg finally comes out of the woodwork on supply chain mess   thinker 

Vilifying Republicans is part of the problem, not part of the solution   thehill 

US Treasury deputy sec warns unvaxxed Americans that shortages will continue until EVERYONE is jabbed — RT USA News   rt 

'Green monster' Halloween smoothies to make with kids   fox 

A Banner Week for Journalistic Integrity - Washington Free Beacon   beacon 

The Bishops' Misapplication Of Catholic Charity On Our Southern Border   thefederalist 

Log Cabin Republicans Blast Buttigieg: 'MIA' During Supply Chain Crisis   breitbart 

UK-Iranian woman accused of spying loses appeal on 2nd Iran jail term   timesofisrael 

Advocates step up pressure on Biden to end controversial Title 42   thehill 

Delta Shows How You Respect Your Employees...Without a Mandate – RedState   redstate 

Saudi Arabia's PIF launches offshore platform tourism project   reuters 

Teacher in Training Launches Lawsuit Alleging He Was Dropped for Being a Trump-Supporting Republican   legalins 

Top 4 IT companies recruit record 1 lakh employees in April-September - Times of India   intimes 

Girl drowns after her life jacket traps her in capsized boat   fox 

Mary Katharine Ham puts CNN on blast for 'dishonest' coverage on Rogan's use of ivermectin   bizpacreview 

'Waitress sandwich' off the menu? Biden vouches for fmr senator's character despite allegations   bizpacreview 

Tens of thousands demonstrate in Rome against neo-fascists   abc 

Houston deputy killed, 2 more injured in ambush attack: 'Shot from behind'   fox 

Boycott the New York Times -- Read the Real News at Larwyn's Linx

Parents allege Arizona school disregarded opt-out from `gruesome' curriculum   bizpacreview 

Matt Hancock's United Nations role withdrawn. That's a shame !   bbc 

Are Our Systems Failing?   thinker 

California Scrambles to Find Electricity to Offset Plant Closures - WSJ   wsj 

MIA: Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg - The Political Insider   thepoliticalinsider 

Singleton NSW pub that refused to stop serving customers unvaccinated against Covid forced to close   dailymail 

'God have mercy': Tigray residents describe life under siege   wapo 

Dozens of migrants land on beach in Kent escorted by the RNLI days after 1,568 crossed the Channel   dailymail 

1/ let's address the intelligence of the unvaccinated. Vaccine hesitancy is multi-facto   thinker 

'Disgusted': Biden's support from police disintegrates almost nine months into his presidency - Washington Times   times 

New Orleans port looks to snag business from backlogged competitors - Washington Times   times 

Beirut street battles may spell even darker times   timesofisrael 

Iran's former central bank governor gets 10-year jail term   timesofisrael 

Kyle Rittenhouse victim sues, claims Kenosha police conspired with vigilantes   fox 

Romania's hospitals overwhelmed with unvaccinated patients   euronews 

Be Fruitful & Multiply (Live from Cigars & Sermons)   clash 

Is Latest Aspirin Backtracking An Example Of 'Fudging The Science' For COVID ... Or Nah?   clash 

10 Damaging Depictions of Jews in the Movies   timesofisrael 

Garland Son-in-Law, Pushing CRT, Whitewashes Klan Role In Democratic Party   thejeffreylord 

Netflix CEO Stands Strong on Defense of Chappelle Special Amid News of Transgender Employee Walkout   human 

Real Madrid 'consider offering Eden Hazard plus money to sign Liverpool star Mo Salah'   dailymail 

Humour for the weekend from el supremo el gato!   substack 

Liberty after lockdown - spiked   spiked-online 

Report: FOURTH Source Confirms Vaxxed Delta Pilot DEAD In-Flight   rumble 

Waffle House waitress pulled gun over food complaint, Atlanta customer claims   fox 

Brian Laundrie manhunt: Wyoming restaurant fight is key, FBI behavioral analyst says   fox 

Here’s A List Of Everything The Unvaxxed Can’t Do In Australia’s Largest City   caller 

Has Gutfeld saved late night television comedy?   thinker 

A Bitcoin ETF Is Almost Here. What Does That Mean for Investors? - WSJ   wsj 

Buttigieg hits back after parental leave criticism: 'Really strange'   thehill 

Andrew McCabe Goes on CNN After Trump-era Firing Reversed   mediaite 

Fuck Joe Biden - Louder With Crowder   louderwithcrowder 

Gina Carano Cancels Movie Over COVID Vax Mandate, Moves Entire Set to Montana – IOTW Report   iotwreport 

Hundreds protest in Sudan's capital against government   euronews 

Hungary's opposition vote to select who will run against Viktor Orbán   euronews 

Russia and China continue joint naval drills   euronews 

Biden makes Trump look even better   donsurber 

Jen Psaki all smiles after getting hit with ethics complaint but says she takes it `seriously'   bizpacreview 

School parents will save America   thinker 

‘You are hereby reprimanded!’ Airman told to begin separation due to vaccine refusal 

Publix heiress, funder of Jan. 6 rally, gave $150,000 to GOP attorneys general association Ken Paxton Att General o   wapo 

UK actor faces 'relentless' abuse for playing Jewish character in BBC series   timesofisrael 

This one is a must read. @StevenBeschloss   substack 

MP David Amess’ murder proves that identity politics is a threat to democracy — RT Op-ed   rt 


Small Crime & Bad Demeanor: Jan. 6 Inquisition Threatens Bannon With Criminal Charge Over Subpoena   human 

As Halloween approaches, ScareHouse celebrates its 20th anniversary   euronews 

Leicester vs Manchester United - Premier League: Live score, team news and updates   dailymail 


SF Puts 200 Unvaccinated First Responders on Leave as Crime Surges   breitbart 

Chicago cops' union resisting vax mandate in a city on the brink of domination by armed criminals That   thinker 

Must-see TV: Devastating video of shifting narrative on Covid vax   thinker 

Turkey's Erdogan bids farewell to Merkel after 16 years   abc 

​​Islamic State claims credit for deadly mosque bombing in Afghanistan   thehill 

Greenpeace is a Physics Denier   substack 

Loading 3rd party ad content   smh-au 

Equity Through Mediocrity Week in Higher Education   legalins 

Has Adam Kinzinger already lost his House seat? – HotAir   hotair 

WBZ Morning Forecast For October 16 – Boston News, Sports, Weather, Traffic and Boston's Best   cbslocal 

The news out of Loudoun County public schools keeps getting worse   thinker 

Joe Biden's State Department finally gets around to saying they'll evacuate Americans and allies from Afghanistan   thinker 


The Fight Against Erasing Women - The American Mind   americanmind 

UK leaders pay tribute to murdered lawmaker Amess as MPs demand tougher security   timesofisrael 

NSG is world-class trained force to tackle terrorism: Amit Shah   intimes 

Ex-Obama adviser David Axelrod suggests Biden keep mum on Jan. 6 panel's subpoena holdouts   fox 

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe loses latest appeal: Iran can return her to prison at any time   express 

Signal festival of light illuminates historic Prague   euronews 

Texas prohibits nearly 70 percent of its counties from having a fire code   dallas 

Row over allegations Boris and Carrie Johnson 'broke Covid lockdown rules' last Christmas   dailymail 

The Unholy Transformation of God’s Creation Over To The Great Reset   cfp 

Beef Will Now Be A “Luxury Product”, And Cheap Chicken Dinners “Are Coming To An End” - Activist Post   activistpost 

Netflix worker fired for leaking finance details of controversial Chappelle show   timesofisrael 

Transhumanists Gather In Spain To Plan Global Transformation   thefederalist 


Dave Rubin Botches Occam’s Razor   mediaite 

Israel assassinates former Syrian security prisoner - report   jpost 

Kerala rains in pics: Red alert in 5 districts   intimes 

Biden speaks at event at US Capitol honoring law enforcement killed in line of duty   fox 

High Speed Rail 2 section CANCELLED as costs spiral out of control   express 

‘One Of Them Slipped … Others Followed’: 11 Kids Drown In River While Holding Hands   caller 

The ‘high cost’ of parking at the Astrodome - Bayou City History   chron 

Biden Can’t Remember If He Discussed Virginia Governor Race On Call He Had Earlier In The Day…   wz 

More Evil from Big Pharma   ussanews 

There's Already Fallout from the Release of Drafted Materials from Biden's Commission on Supreme Court   townhall 

Governors Ready To Sue Biden Over Vaccine Mandate ...(But Mandate Doesn't Yet Exist)   gateway 

BREAKING: President Trump Announces NEW Information From ARIZONA: "It Is Damning And Determinative! Will Be Discussing This Today."   gateway 


Miami ready to pay city workers in bitcoin despite lack of stability or vote — RT USA News   rt 

George Takei Howard Stern interview: Star boasts about ‘grabbing’ men   newsau 

Here’s What Happened When the F-14 Tomcat Eclipsed Advertised Max Speed   nationalinterest 

REPORT: Bill De Blasio Getting Rid Of Thomas Jefferson Statue In City Hall   caller 

COVID is not serious enough to warrant vaccine mandates Oh it is serious for Agenda 2030 to reduce worl   thinker 

What happened to the pilot?   thinker 

New Comedy Series   amren 

How the Search for Extraterrestrial Life Helped Make Your Smartphone’s Screen Possible - WSJ   wsj 

Ex-Boeing Pilot Charged in Probe of 737 MAX Crashes Is Scapegoat, Lawyer Says - WSJ   wsj 

Biden administration warning of cyberattacks on U.S. water systems - Washington Times   times 

How China could 'wipe out 12million' with nuclear submarines capable of striking US cities amid WW3 Taiwan tensions   thesun 

BREAKING NEWS: Pfizer Asked Australia For A Secret Upfront Payment - The True Defender !   thetruedefender 


Vaccine-Induced ADE Strikes the UK, MSM Spins As 'Super Cold' - The True Defender !   thetruedefender 

A United Kingdom Without the Cross - The American Conservative   theamericanconservative 

Why we must stand with Poland - spiked   spiked-online 

Never too late: Former Man City players to receive medals for 1967-68 title   reuters 

UAE energy minister says will continue to invest in sector to ensure market stability   reuters 

NASA launches first space probe to study Jupiter's Trojan asteroids   reuters 

L.A. County supervisors may order audit to examine Mark Ridley-Thomas bribery charges   latimes 

What will shut down if Hollywood crews strike? Your IATSE questions, answered   latimes 

PA President Abbas trying to block Israel-Hamas prisoner deal - report   jpost 

Taliban steps up security at mosques after Islamic State suicide bombing   jpost 

Indonesia river cleanup leads to 11 students drowning, 10 rescued   fox 

How Popular Is Joe Biden?   538 


Cartoon of the Day: Biden Burnout ⋆ Conservative Firing Line   conservativefiringline 

Mark Ridley-Thomas Announces He Will Not Resign From City Council Amid Federal Corruption Charges – CBS Los Angeles   cbslocal 

Poland Passes Law To Turn Away Migrants at Border and Build a Wall   breitbart 

Forget supply chain crisis, Buttigieg takes to MSNBC to mock Carlson's knowledge of `bottle feeding'   bizpacreview 

U.S. Navy to discharge the unvaccinated, imperiling individual liberty and Taiwan   thinker 

The Popularization of Political Repression   thinker 

15-year-old shot, moderately hurt as teens play with gun in northern Arab town   timesofisrael 

4 UK pro-Palestinian convoy suspects in court over call to rape Jewish women   timesofisrael 

Woman hit with £100k bill for cladding repairs on two-bed flat worth £180k   thesun 

Newcastle ‘make contact with former Arsenal and Liverpool transfer target Nabil Fekir’ over January transfer   thesun 

Assistant to the House Sergeant at Arms arrested on child pornography charges   thepostmillennial 

A Roadmap to Learning #MLOps In 2021   substack 

Found The One? 10 Things To Do Before Making an Offer on a House   sfgate 


Russia and China Are Holding Naval Exercises in Japan’s Back Yard   nationalinterest 

Adam Kinzinger Lashes Out After Democrats Redraw District   mediaite 

Patterns of web API execution flows   medium 

Biden: $3.5 Trillion Bill Likely Won't Pass - Washington Free Beacon   beacon