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Beirut blast: 3 killed, 21 injured as Hezbollah protests investigation
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Cardi B Due Back In Queens Court For Alleged Role In 2018 Strip Club Brawl – CBS New York   cbslocal 

Beltway Speculation Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi May Step Down - The Last Refuge   treehouse 

Israel said to approve $1.5 billion budget for potential strike on Iran   timesofisrael 

Providence Anti-CRT Whistleblower Teacher Ramona Bessinger Hit With Suspension And Transfer   legalins 

Al Qaeda field commander reported killed in Mali   longwarjournal 

WSU Head Football Coach Nick Rolovich FIRED for Not Getting Vaxxed Despite Religious Exemption ⋆ 🔔 The Liberty Daily   thelibertydaily 

The Impending Mass Firing of America’s Unvaccinated   chroniclesmagazine 

Tony Gonzales: Terrorists heading to U.S. blocked by Panama - Washington Times   times 

Minnesota Hospital Shuts Down ER and Urgent Care Amid Nurse Strike   theepochtimes 

Dunkin Donuts runs out of donuts amid supply chain disruptions in Baltimore   thepostmillennial 

Behind Colin Powell’s Legend – My Lai – Consortiumnews   consortiumnews 

McAuliffe seen on Amtrak without mask, skirting federal mask mandates; passenger calls it a 'double standard'   fox 

New January 6th Surveillance Footage Further Calls Into Question the Entire January 6th Narrative – RedState   redstate 

Loading 3rd party ad content   smh-au 

Woman Haunted by #Abortion Regret: "I Ended My Baby's Life"   lifenews 

Country Music Superstar Cancels Concerts Over Vaccine Requirements, Mask Mandates   caller 

‘Havana syndrome’ attacks reveal US adversaries may have dangerous intel   jpost 

China's real-life Squid Game: Organs harvested from 100,000 political dissidents and prisoners   dailymail 

Last Week’s Insurrection Attempt In D.C. Exposes the Media for the Biased Positions They Hold – RedState   redstate 

Colin Powell and the Crisis of the Boomer Elite   townhall 

HEARTBREAKING NEWS: U.K. Government Murders Two-Year-Old Alta Fixler A"H - The Yeshiva World   ywn 

Lightfoot Shows Rules Don't Apply to Her While Dropping Hammer on Huge Number of Police – RedState   redstate 

Does the Qur’an say that Allah prays for the prophet?   jihad 

Poland Passes Law To Turn Away Migrants at Border and Build a Wall   breitbart 

Podcast: Demystifying Brian Stelter   thefederalist 

The Mountain of Data Showing How Authoritarian Democrats Have Become   rumble 

Jefferson Stood for Freedom, So His Statue Must Now Go – PJ Media   pjmedia 

More residents realize California has become simply unlivable – HotAir   hotair 

State Department IG to probe Biden admin's chaotic Afghanistan withdrawal   fox 

EDITORIAL: China's pill that kills - Washington Times   times 

Alibaba unveils custom ARM-based server chip for cloud computing data centers   reuters 

Media Love For New Black Gun Club In New York State –   bearingarms 

Teen Girls Are Developing Tics. Doctors Say TikTok Could Be a Factor. - WSJ   wsj 

‘Nurse Jill in for the save’: Here’s President Joe Biden trying to talk over a brass band –   twitchy 

Report: Man falls to death at Phish concert at San Francisco's Chase Center, two others injured   sfgate 

Playboy Writer Was Dating Katie Hill While Attempting to Discredit RedState, Illegally Recording Phone Calls   redstate 

Katie Hill's Biggest Media Defender Appears To Be Her New Boyfriend – RedState   redstate 

FBI Raids Pro-Biden Union in Philadelphia - Washington Free Beacon   beacon 

ANALYSIS: Biden’s IRS Plan Will Crush Normal Americans   caller 

Dennis Hutchings dies: Troubles veteran on trial over 1974 shooting loses Covid battle   telegrph 

FDA mulling to allow 'mix-and-match' COVID-19 vaccine booster shots: report   thehill 

N.Korea test fires submarine-launched ballistic missile, S.Korea says   reuters 

Portland anarchists did $500,000 in damage last week while police did nothing – HotAir   hotair 

Cleo Smith: 'Grave concerns' for Australian girl missing from beach campsite Visit NewsPlay   bbc 

BREAKING: Psaki defends Biden after he’s busted violating DC mask rules   thepostmillennial 

Congratulations, Biden: Study Says We're Already in a Recession – PJ Media   pjmedia 

Local Media Still Covers Americans Abandoned in Afghanistan – PJ Media   pjmedia 

School In Florida Orders Students To Stay Home 30 Days After Each Dose Of COVID-19 Vaccine   caller 

50% of "online abuse" aimed at women is from other women. #Panorama   bbc 

Berlin museum returns, then buys back Nazi-looted Pissarro from Jewish heirs   timesofisrael 

Trump goes after Cassidy after saying he wouldn't support him for president in 2024   thehill 

India seriously needs it's leadership to check Chinese incursions   substack 

Indiana AG Todd Rokita Leading 17 State Effort to Protect Parents From Biden, Garland Intimidation   legalins 

374 evacuees rescued from Afghanistan by group of veterans, assisted by Qatar – HotAir   hotair 

Dennis Prager has COVID-19, says he deliberately sought infection to gain natural immunity - Washington Times   times 

President Joe Biden to do yet another town hall on CNN while other outlets get nothing –   twitchy 

Video: Climate activists storm DC Interior Dept. building, injure cops in clash 

Surviving the soon coming collapse and Biden's 'dark winter'   wnd 

Will Biden make it till January's State of the Union?   wnd 

President, first lady honor teachers at White House awards ceremony   thehill 

Manchin meets with Sanders, Jayapal amid spending stalemate   thehill 

Marine veteran wants to sue Walmart after pharmacist denied him access to ivermectin - TheBlaze   blaze 

Confused Joe Biden Tries, Fails to Speak Over Blaring Music   rumble 

Excellent reporting from @kylenabecker and that clearly shows what we already know about 1/6.   beckernews 

Senator proposes senility test for aging politicians: 'I'm saying this as a doctor'   wnd 

The Nebraska AG Has Gone Where No Man Has Gone Before   townhall 

Trump Sues to Block Biden's Release of White House Documents to Jan. 6 Kangaroo Court – RedState   redstate 

Lt. Col. Scheller's Parents to Newsmax: Navy Secretary Should Lift Gag Order   max 

State Department Launching Investigations Into Afghanistan Withdrawal   caller 

The Modern-Day Slave Trade Joe Biden Has Created   andmagazine 

Unvaxxed state trooper signs off for last time: Governor 'can kiss my ***'   wnd 

UK Jewish toddler Alta Fixsler dies after being removed from life support   timesofisrael 

DISGRACE: There Are Americans Still Stuck in Afghanistan – PJ Media   pjmedia 

No end to communal unrest in Bangladesh as houses are torched - Times of India   intimes 

Arkansas law school dean accused of antisemitism by Jewish professor after Clinton clash - Washington Times   times 

BREAKING: Trump sues to stop National Archives from releasing records to Pelosi committee https   scoop 

One of San Francisco's rare Taco Bells has closed   sfgate 

Biden's Military: Masked Army Recruits Sing WOKE Cadence   rumble 

Boycott the New York Times -- Read the Real News at Larwyn's Linx

Glenn Greenwald Reveals 'Real' Purpose of Jan. 6 Committee – RedState   redstate 

Arbery Case Day 1 Wrap-Up: Jury Selection Begins, Extra Peremptory Strikes & Legal Defense   legalins 

REPORT: Truckers Say ‘Lazy Crane Operators’ Earning $250K Per Year Making Port Crisis Worse   hannity 

GOP Gov. Hogan Moves to Refund Police: Defunding Is ‘Far-Left Lunacy'   breitbart 

Gun Control Group Shuts Down –   bearingarms 

Surprise! Bankrupt Cuban dictatorship is funding Spanish ultra-leftist party Podemos – Babalú Blog   babalu 

NBC fact-checks Fauci: No 'super-spread' from crowded stadiums   wnd 

5. Some more thoughts on the toxic culture Axel Springer will be bringing to Politico   substack 

Tucker Carlson explains how Democrat leaders are using Covid to divide America   rumble 

U.S. Democrats battle over climate change plans in $3.5 trillion bill   reuters 

ANALYSIS: America’s Economy Is On The Verge Of A Crisis. Are Vaccine Mandates To Blame?   caller 

Anthony Fauci Proven Wrong NBC   townhall 

Declassified Files Illuminate UK Role in Indonesian Anti-Communist Purges – The Diplomat   thediplomat 

Former NY Times Editor Bari Weiss Blasts CNN On Brian Stelter's Show And It's GREAT!   lidblog 

Youngkin campaign ad uses McAuliffe's words to showcase his stance against parents influencing schools   fox 

EXCLUSIVE: 'Secret plan to inject us ALL with ID chips through vaccination programme'   express 

Sinclair Broadcast Group Says It Was Hit by a Ransomware Attack - WSJ   wsj 

Regrets, you’ve had a few: 20% want Biden vote back   washexam 

Washington State football coach Nick Rolovich fired after failing to comply with vaccine mandate   wapo 

Superman is getting a new motto: 'Truth, Justice and a Better Tomorrow' - TheBlaze   blaze 

Wrote about this as a psychiatrist this summer   substack 

Women and Trans collective disturbed to find 'cisgenger men' installing new radiators – HotAir   hotair 

‘DON’T TREAD ON ME’: Seattle Cop Displays Revolutionary Flag to Protest Vax Mandate   hannity 

Magnificent Mile: More Trouble For Area That Was Once A Crown Jewel Of American Retail – CBS Chicago   cbslocal 

Trump files lawsuit to keep January 6 documents from Congress   timesofisrael 

New Iranian president says US should lift sanctions to prove it wants talks   timesofisrael 

Hispanic-American GOP Rep Has a Few Thoughts on Dems Pushing Open Borders   townhall 

Texas Governor Greg Abbott Says Drug Cartels Now Shooting At National Guard At 'Abandoned' Border - The Political Insider   thepoliticalinsider 

US to skip Russia-organized talks on Afghanistan   thehill 

BREAKING: Trump sues to block release of White House documents to Jan. 6 committee - TheBlaze   blaze 

Yes, Buttigieg is MIA. To be fair he was MIA before his twins arrived. ~ ⁦@DLoesch⁩   substack 

The San Francisco school board recall vote has an official date   sfgate 

Oberlin Beclowns Itself Again   power 

Ed Orgeron Reportedly Hit on Pregnant Wife of LSU Official   mediaite 

Norway: Muslim bow-and-arrow jihadi broke into some of his victims’ homes and killed them there   jihad 

Eco-Fascist ‘Pine Tree Party’ Growing as a Violent Extremism Threat - Hstoday   hstoday 

Sinking ship? Two more senior House Dems to retire – HotAir   hotair 

These clean air campaigners are calling for wood-burning stoves to be banned   euronews 

Feds Pull Guns On Man That Looks Just Like Brian Laundrie Hiking On The Appalachian Trail   caller 

Here's What The COVID Ghouls Are Leaving Out Of The Story About Colin Powell's Death   clash 

'F*ck Joe Biden' Chants Ring Out at MLB, College Football Stadiums   breitbart 

America's Intersectional Caste System - The American Mind   americanmind 

Sen. Rubio demands Biden fire John Kerry for 'profiting from Chinese slave labor' 

College threatens students with arrest for failing to report COVID-shot status   wnd 

Bennett expands Green Classroom plan as COVID numbers continue to drop   timesofisrael 

China, Russia navy ships jointly sail through Japan strait   reuters 

Gujarat: Doctor removes kidney instead of stone, hospital to pay Rs 11.2 lakh damages   intimes 

Nearly 100 unvaccinated staff at Yale New Haven Health lose their jobs   fox 


North Korea fires 'unidentified projectile' into sea days after escalation in missile race   express 

Protest strike shuts down Haiti amid search for missionaries   abc 

Facebook Says AI Will Clean Up the Platform. Its Own Engineers Have Doubts. - WSJ   wsj 

Devastated Alex Scott in tears as she learns her ancestor owned 26 slaves on Who Do You Think You Are?   thesun 

Why Does Mohan Bhagwat insist all Indians are Hindus?   substack 

Why can't the UK get past its COVID surge? – HotAir   hotair 

NBA's Jonathan Isaac calls out media's 'blatant miscarriage of information' about vaccine mandates   fox 

Report: Domestic Abuse Rampant Among Afghans Living at U.S. Bases   breitbart 

10 Absurdly Wasteful Items Tucked Into Democrats’ $3.5 Trillion Tax-and-Spend Monstrosity - The Political Insider   thepoliticalinsider 

Ford to invest $315M to build electric car parts at England plant   thehill 

Lodged Apart #TalesForOurTime   steyn 

British Protestors Chant "Arrest Bill Gates" as the Prime Minister Invites Him for Dinner   rumble 


This May Be The Defining Video of Joe Biden's Presidency – RedState   redstate 

Jill Biden Steps in to Save a Confused, Meandering Joe Biden at White House Event – RedState   redstate 

REPORT: State Dept. IG Launches 'Series of Investigations' Into Biden Afghanistan Debacle – RedState   redstate 

Prolific criminal: Gaetzs old wingman gets more time to help prosecutors - POLITICO   politico 

Will Everyone Subject to a COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Get This Protection or Just the Feds? – PJ Media   pjmedia 

Israel’s Iron Dome Air Defense System is Headed to Guam   nationalinterest 

Nick Rolovich Fired By Washington State After Refusing to Get Vaxed   mediaite 

Chicago FOP says half of police force could be fired over vaccine mandate   lawenforcementtoday 

Downing Street swarmed by protesters as they halt cars at Boris dinner 'Arrest Bill Gates'   express 

3 takeaways from the 2021 redistricting process that featured Texas Republicans protecting power   dallas 

Supermarket Chain Owner Warns Food Prices Will Go Up 'Tremendously'   breitbart 

NY County Official Vetos Hunting Measure –   bearingarms 


The battle to make lighter life-saving body armour   bbc 

Taliban takeover of Afghanistan is inspiring Americans online, FBI says 

House Sergeant at Arms' asst. arrested on 10 child porn charges 

WATCH: Lori Lightfoot says cops who oppose vaccine mandates are spreading 'misinformation' to 'induce an insurrection'   thepostmillennial 

The Senate confirmation process is broken — Senate Democrats can fix it   thehill 

Big Banks Are Finally Recognizing that Evergrande Is Only the Beginning of the China Economic Crisis   gateway 

Trump Sues House Jan. 6 Committee, National Archives   theepochtimes 

Trump Trolls Young Biden: 'Hunter Has Inspired Me' – PJ Media   pjmedia 

US Naval Command Punishment for Vaccine Refusals: Discharge, Monetary Loss, Maybe Court Martial   lidblog 

GUEST COLUMN: Jews Lied, Powell Died - Washington Free Beacon   beacon 

Trump suit against Jan. 6 Committee seeks to block release of records   fox 

Migrant crisis: Surge in numbers trying to enter Germany leaves Poland border at risk   express 


Anti-Instagram Case Built on Hype, Not Science   cityjrnl 

Have Red Flag Laws Hit A Red State Wall? –   bearingarms 

Former soldier hounded right up to his death   bbc 

Welsh independence to be considered by commission   bbc 

Quick Hits   ace 

Netflix Fires Trans Activist Who Led Walkout   ace 

New MacBook Pro With M1 Pro and M1 Max Chips: Apple Giveth, Apple Taketh Away - WSJ   wsj 

Ex-Trump adviser blasts Biden for Afghanistan: 'Nobody knows' how many Americans remain   wnd 

A message for Joe Manchin   substack 

Winter Is Coming And a Dark, Cold Night is Likely If Democrats Get Their Way by Lindsey Stroud   amspec 

Honest Data,& A Team of Physician Experts, Not Just Fauci Alone, are Needed to End Pandemic   rumble 

Have you watched Vaxxed 1 or Vaxxed11? Or watched this data from #CDC ?   rumble 


Colorado middle school launches probe after teen says teacher TAPED masks to students' faces in class   rt 

The WMATA paid $400 million above the global average for these cars   reason 

Let's even the score.. Hot off the press.. Details on how these losers planned an attack on the US   politico 

Three Statistical Physics Concepts And Methods Used In Machine Learning   medium 

Y'all checkout this   intimes 

Trump Surgeon General Adams Blames Unvaccinated for Colin Powell Death `Didn't Take the Proper Measures to Lower   breitbart 

Diver finds 900-year-old crusader sword off Israel's coast   bbc 

Female Writer Who Won World's Biggest Literary Prize Turns Out To Be Three Men   zh 

Could COVID-19 hand undefeated Arizona Cardinals their first loss in 2021 season?   usa 


"I'm putting my money where my mouth is and announcing that any venue or promoter mandating masks, requiring vaccin   townhall 

The man who's seen almost every Holocaust movie ever made has some takeaways   timesofisrael 


Insecure Little Tyrant Jay Inslee Grants Himself Extra-Constitutional Powers to Push Vaxx-Mandates through 2024   thelibertydaily 

Jan. 6 panel lays out criminal contempt case against Bannon   thehill 

China's Belt and Road Project: `A Trap' For Indebted Third Parties   thebl 

Jonathan Isaac reveals the true source of his strength   rumble 

Russian businessman funded ex-Giuliani associates' account, court records show   reuters 

Dollar softens amid bets other central banks to outpace Fed tightening   reuters 

US Responds to Report of China Weapon Test   ntd 

China's Squid Game: organ transplant black market includes `kill on demand' service   newsau 

There's a push to transform Sydney Harbour under a dream vision unveiled by city officials   newsau 

I spoke with @bervanews today from in Australia re the protocols for #tourists coming to #Fiji   newsau 

`People Actually Die as a Result of Watching Fox News': Mehdi Hasan Says Fox `Misinformation' Led to Deaths in Iraq   mediaite 

Oil company at center of Orange County spill received millions in federal relief   latimes 

Bari Weiss versus Brian Stelter: Does cancel culture exist?   hotair 

China's power is peaking. Beijing knows time isn't on its side and wants to act fast   forpol 

Brexit Britain leading world as JCB invests £100million into new hydrogen engine   express 

Royal Family warned over 'domino effect' as Barbados marches towards getting rid of Queen #SmartN   express 

Expats: Best country to relocate to named and it's not Spain   express 

Don Surber: Degradation, then recession   donsurber