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Thousands protest in Khartoum against military takeover
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Australia Is Denying Life-Saving Organ Transplants To Unvaxxed Patients   thefederalist 

Trump: Milley a complete idiot leaving U.S. weapons to Taliban   oann 

BREAKING: Trump's new media platform and Rumble have distribution deal   thepostmillennial 

Covid LIVE: This happened with Spanish Flu! Doctors now see Omicron ENDING pandemic   express 

Rand Paul On Fauci: Live Your Life And Ignore This Man - The Political Insider   thepoliticalinsider 

EIA: Coal-fired power generation surges 22% in past year   oann 

Doctor: There is No Doubt That Unborn Children are Alive and Human Beings From Conception -   lifenews 

‘Anti-trans’ parody book tops Amazon’s LGBTQ+ best-seller list — RT Games & Culture   rt 

Mali: Muslims fire on bus, slash its tires, murder at least 31 people   jihad 

Marvin Morgan dead: Footballer and fashion designer dies aged 38   express 

Gottlieb: Vaccines against specific COVID variants may not work with others   oann 

Russia says US spy planes threaten civil aviation over Black Sea 

Why the No. 10 Christmas `party' story matters. By @katyballs   specuk 

More Vaccines, More Covid: Why are Case Rates Exploding in Areas with High Levels of Vaccination? - Becker News   beckernews 

BREAKING NEWS: Two More German Footballers COLLAPSED Unexpectedly In The Same Match! - The True Defender !   thetruedefender 

A.F. Branco Cartoon - Unprotected   legalins 

Mike Pence: Roe v. Wade Will be Overturned and Babies Will be Protected From Abortions -   lifenews 

BREAKING: Rep. Devin Nunes to become CEO of Trump's media group   thepostmillennial 

Watch: Jen Psaki is Clearly Pissed That Reporter Asked Her About Hunter Biden Story - Becker News   beckernews 

Report: 60 Police Officers Shot, Killed this Year, Ambush Attacks Skyrocket   breitbart 

Devin Nunes Announces His Retirement from Congress   mediaite 

Democrat Hill Staffers Are So Over Nancy Pelosi   thefederalist 

CEO Lays off 900 employees on Zoom call then berates them: Well, Merry Christmas   bizpacreview 

BREAKING: Psaki refuses to admit Hunter Biden's 'laptop from hell' is authentic   thepostmillennial 

Debates on overturning Roe v. Wade continue, GOP confident   oann 

Euro banknotes set for first full redesign in 20 years   euronews 

Putin comments on mandatory Covid vaccinations — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union   rt 

House GOP to investigate COVID unemployment cash going to China, Russia - Washington Times   times 

Ron DeSantis: Doctor Suspended Because of Biden's Vaccine Mandate Reinstated   breitbart 

Will a Disgruntled Chris Cuomo Take CNN Down With Him? – PJ Media   pjmedia 

"Bitcoin trial: Defendant wins, keeps Bitcoins worth $50B"   abc 

China Takes Victory Lap After Biden Folds to Them Like a Cheap Suit – RedState   redstate 

BREAKING: Kyle Rittenhouse Creates Official Accounts On Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, And Instagram - National File   nationalfile 

Mike Rowe Sounds Off on What Let's Go Brandon Chant Means - Louder With Crowder   louderwithcrowder 

Moscow, Delhi sign deal to produce Kalashnikov assault rifles in India   reuters 

Congress' plans to investigate UFO 'threat' to US thwarted by new Pentagon task force   express 

Scott Atlas On How Everything Media Says About COVID Is Wrong And Why Trump Didn't Fire Fauci   thefederalist 

Gatestone Institute to Announce a $100,000 National Essay Contest This Week   gatestone 

Effort to recall Los Angeles DA Gascon kicks off again as crime rages throughout California   fox 

Biden to Uyghurs: Drop Dead - Washington Free Beacon   beacon 

NY Times says Biden's Afghan refugee camp at Fort Dix joint base `larger than half the towns in NJ'   bizpacreview 

The Pearl Harbor Memorial Is Littered with Errors. This Navy Vet Is Trying to Get Them Fixed.   military 

Pro-Life Advocates Mourn Passing of Pro-Life Senator and Presidential Candidate Bob Dole https://   lifenews 

Some Universities Now Adopting ‘Trauma-Informed Teaching’ Model   legalins 

Episode 70: Mark Milley Really Is A F*cking Idiot and Natalie Gets Another Scalp! - The National Pulse.   thenationalpulse 

Kamala Harris' Ex-Staffer Doesn't Hold Back on 'Bully' Former Boss   rumble 

Chris Cuomo Quits SiriusXM Radio Show After Firing From CNN   mediaite 

20-Year Cost of 'Build Back Better' Amnesty: $483 billion; CBO estimates fiscal drain would be even bigger after th   cis 

Another rapist asylum seeker. This one's from Afghanistan   bbc 

Professors Face Prosecution for Study Finding Migrants Commit More Rapes.   thenationalpulse 

Cuomo throws Zucker under the bus, hires lawyers and plans to sue CNN The Right Scoop   scoop 

Wake up and smell the free country   thecritic 

Lefties Freak out on Conservatives for Doing Exactly What They Told Them to Do – RedState   redstate 

Sexual Misconduct on All Sides as Chris Cuomo Tries to Drag CNN Down With Him – RedState   redstate 

RUN AWAY! Democrats Fleeing Biden's Sinking Ship – PJ Media   pjmedia 

San Fran Restaurant Apologizes After Refusing Service to Armed and Uniformed Cops   legalins 

NY Times: How woke politics ruins everything, even little libraries – HotAir   hotair 

Sheriff Showing "Santa" Getting Carry License Sparks Online Outrage –   bearingarms 

BREAKING: Senate Will Vote to Ban Biden Employer Mandate   rumble 

Dems Celebrate 2 Cent Drop in Gas Price   beacon 

Military families' water contaminated with fuel after Navy called it safe to drink 

Ron Filipkowski wants to show the Founders video of a 9-year-old girl firing a rifle at the range –   twitchy 

More voters would pick Trump over Biden if election were held today: poll   thehill 

Reuters Brings on the Heartbreak After Dem-Circulated ‘Trump Christmas Card’ Gets Fact Checked – RedState   redstate 

Cook Political Report Has More Good News for Republicans, Bad for Dems – RedState   redstate 

Blinken speaks with Ukraine's Zelenskiy ahead of Putin, Biden phone call   jpost 

Illinois among 20 states dragging down U.S. economic recovery   illinoispolicy 

Justice Department sues to block gerrymandered Texas congressional map   dallas 

Omar Confident Pelosi Will Take 'Decisive Action' Against Boebert Over Terrorist Joke - The Political Insider   thepoliticalinsider 

Biden to warn Putin of economic consequences of Ukraine invasion, says official   reuters 

China's Subsidies Are Destroying America – RedState   redstate 

Trump's Social Media Platform Gets $1 Billion Investment Boost, Dems Get Nervous – PJ Media   pjmedia 

Critics blame Los Angeles public safety issues on liberal groups   oann 

Officials To Slaughter, Shoot Or Relocate Up To 900 Bison At Yellowstone National Park   caller 

Military-church separation group says placing wreaths on vets' graves an 'atrocity' 

Norway to tighten COVID restrictions, health minister says   reuters 

Jordan Peterson: “There is a mighty counterstorm brewing in academia.”   notthebee 

Six killed, including one teen boy, and at least 24 wounded over weekend in Chicago   marathon 

Boycott the New York Times -- Read the Real News at Larwyn's Linx

Cuomo spox: Come on, Zucker knew – HotAir   hotair 

Are more resignations coming in the vice president's office? Kamala's former aides speak out – HotAir   hotair 

In UAE and Israel, Hanukkah and a National Day are a time to celebrate together   timesofisrael 

San Francisco Restaurant Asks Police Officers To Leave Because They Are Armed - 'We Were Uncomfortable' - The Political Insider   thepoliticalinsider 

Mammoth 99-point list provides glimpse into state of Russian-Indian relations — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union   rt 

Kamala Harris staffer gets ribbed after insisting he loves his job: 'Blink twice if you need help'   fox 

Netanyahu claims Iran, international community ignoring 'weak' Israeli government   timesofisrael 

IRS data proves Trump tax cuts benefited middle, working-class Americans most   thehill 

Report: D.C. Dems Search for ‘Escape’ Route From Joe Biden as 2022 Panic Sets In – RedState   redstate 

Biden administration sues to block Texas redistricting maps - POLITICO   politico 

Belarus has imposed retaliatory sanctions on airlines from the European Union and the United Kingdom   euronews 

Monday Patriots Dispatch: Fauci Flips On Omicron Fears   caller 

Government-Induced Economic Turmoil Is Top Of Mind For Midterm Voters   thefederalist 

Senator Mike Braun: Overturn Roe v. Wade so Babies Can be Saved From Abortions -   lifenews 

Austria considers €7,200 fine for unvaccinated –   euractiv 

Chicago unveils biggest-ever affordable housing package   chibiz 

Report: China trying to build first Atlantic coast warship base - here’s where 

Ethiopian forces have recaptured two strategic towns, government says   reuters 

Europe's Jewish Students Face Anti-Semitic Onslaught   ipt 

Former Sen. David Perdue Launches Bid To Oust Fellow Republican Gov. Brian Kemp   caller 

China's Media Jump On Thomas Massie's Christmas Card Photo –   bearingarms 

That's not encouraging: Former FDA chief Gottlieb says variant-specific vaccines 'may not work' - TheBlaze   blaze 

Russia is letting this nation produce latest Kalashnikov assault rifles — RT Business News   rt 

Olesen grabbed woman's breast and urinated on plane seat, court hears   reuters 

COVID-19 Vaccine Passport Microchip Implants 'Gaining Popularity' In Sweden - REPORT - National File   nationalfile 

FedEx Predicts Record Holiday Delivery Season Amid Continuing Labor And Supply Chain Concerns   caller 

REVEALED: New Pfizer Board Member Is Ex-Facebook Director.   thenationalpulse 

The omicron variant is another excuse for government meddling   thehill 

Protests against COVID-19 restrictions turn violent in Brussels - TheBlaze   blaze 

Over 500 STEM Professionals Sign Open Letter Challenging the Gutting of US K-12 Math Education   legalins 

Where Have All the Sex Scenes Gone? - Washington Free Beacon   beacon 

WATCH: Trump calls into Toby Keith concert to talk to fans The Right Scoop   scoop 

Whitlock: Baltimore quarterback Lamar Jackson must face the music for his inconsistent play - TheBlaze   blaze 

ICYMI: Durham students try to cancel Rod Liddle   specuk 

‘Totally shocked’: Footballers in mourning after popular English player dies at 38 — RT Sport News   rt 

Seth Rogen Is Lashing out as His Woke Christmas Cartoon Bombs – RedState   redstate 

Mark Levin: We Got to ‘Reject the Media Narrative in This Country' – PJ Media   pjmedia 

Politico: Dems' midterm sales pitch still that voters are too dumb to see their brilliance – HotAir   hotair 

Jussie Smollett testifies that he did drugs, 'made out' with Osundairo sibling: LIVE UPDATES   fox 

FDR’s Responsibility for the Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor – The Future of Freedom Foundation   fff 

Israel's Omicron count rises to 21 as 10 more cases confirmed   timesofisrael 

Illegal Alien COVID Screening Must Not Be 'Different Issue'   townhall 

ICE doctor may have performed unwanted hysterectomies to defraud DHS   thehill 

Daily Presidential Tracking Poll - Rasmussen Reports®   rasmussen 

Joe Rogan Calls CNN a 'F***ing Propoganda' Network - Louder With Crowder   louderwithcrowder 

De Blasio Announces COVID Vaccine Mandate for Private Businesses in NYC   legalins 

David Perdue: Yes, I'm primarying my old friend Brian Kemp for governor of Georgia – HotAir   hotair 

There's another Texans fan using large font to get his point across   chron 


Video: Trump calls Gen. Milley a 'f--king idiot' over Afghanistan withdrawal 

Transgender swimmer Lia Thomas smashes women's records, stokes outrage - Washington Times   times 

Lions head coach offers game ball to the city of Oxford following school shooting   thehill 

Bob Dole at war   power 

House Republican Rep. Devin Nunes to resign   fox 

Former Prime Minister Theresa May slams Government's handling of the Omicron variant   dailymail 

Chicago Magnificent Mile comeback plans unveiled   chibiz 

It is GREAT to see federal action being taken by DOJ to protect voting rights. More of this!   wapo 

Heavyweight Georgia Primary is a National Bellwether - The American Conservative   theamericanconservative 

Before Astroworld there was Altamont. Remembering death and dust at a Bay Area disaster   sfgate 

Billionaire Steinhardt surrenders $70 mln of antiquities, accepts collecting ban -Manhattan DA   reuters 

Massachusetts high school: We dropped our mask mandate for vaccinated students and staff   hotair 


Obama pollster to Dems: "Latinx" is still not a thing despite your wokest efforts – HotAir   hotair 

Biden Admin Sues Texas for Second Time in Three Months - Washington Free Beacon   beacon 

Code of Practice on Disinformation revision extended into 2022 –   euractiv 

Ethics Experts Alarmed By 93% Decrease In Clinton Foundation Donations Since $250 Million Peak In 2009    caller 

Chicago crime: Mob violence that injured CTA driver spurs calls for change   chibiz 

White House Confirms U.S. Will Play China's Genocide Olympics   breitbart 

Watch: Rashida Tlaib complains taxpayers haven't paid her student loans   wnd 

Sotomayor is definitely NO Santa Claus (or scientist)   wnd 

Pelosi AGAIN Accuses GOP of ‘Rejecting Science’..   wz 

Hamas official threatens 'escalation' in violence with Israel   timesofisrael 

COMMENTARY | 'The Case Against Abortion' Is Weak   rcp 

'Absolute liars': Ex-D.C. Guard official says generals lied to Congress about Jan. 6 - POLITICO   politico 


Cruise ship disembarks in New Orleans as 17 vaccinated passengers test positive for COVID-19 – HotAir   hotair 

Sony Executive Reportedly Caught In Amateur Pedophile Sting Video   caller 

Joe Biden Abolishes 90 Percent of ICE's Deportations   breitbart 

San Fran eatery admits it `badly' handled booting on-duty cops, welcomes them back WITHOUT weapons   bizpacreview 

With Castro spy Ana Belen Montes soon to be released, Cuba continues its war against the U.S. – Babalú Blog   babalu 

Staff ‘Exodus’ From Kamala Harris’ Office Highlights VP’s Incompetence, Poor Leadership   wz 

Over $150 million stolen by hackers from cryptocurrency exchange BitMart   thehill 

Deace: Common sense is being wiped out on purpose - TheBlaze   blaze 

It's not just you. The media really has had it out for Biden lately   substack 

Israeli Prime Minister urges countries to take a hardline stance on Iran   oann 

Sheriff Says Parents Of School Shooting Suspect Showing "No Remorse" –   bearingarms 

101-year-old returns to Pearl Harbor to remember those lost   ap 


Turns out lying about the 2020 election is very profitable   wapo 

Jeremy Corbyn lights up Chanukah event in Islington   timesofisrael 

BREAKING: Devin Nunes to retire soon to become Trump media CEO   scoop 

Democrat Senator Releases Statement Opposing Vaccine Mandates   thejeffreylord 

Former DC National Guard official accuses generals of lying about Capitol riot   thehill 

Devin Nunes to be CEO of Trump's social media venture   reuters 

Facebook debuts a new Pac-Man game designed for livestreaming - Protocol — The people, power and politics of tech   protocol 

Jack Reed said the final defense bill would not include repeals of Iraq war authorizations.   politico 

Dem Pollster: Use of Term “Latinx” Hurting Democrats, Latinos/Hispanics Hate It   legalins 

'Shang-Chi' sequel is officially a go, with Destin Daniel Cretton returning to direct   latimes 

Colorado sheriff's Santa photo stokes outrage on social media, office apologizes   fox 

Incoming German Chancellor Scholz unveils new cabinet members   euronews 


Is the American Dream still possible? @gonzaloschwarz comments on the @CatoPodcast   catoinstitute 

Group of House GOPs Voices Opposition to 'Woke' Defense Bill   breitbart 

New York City Mayor de Blasio Announces Vaccine Mandate for Children, Private Sector Amid Federal Mandate Blockage - Becker News   beckernews 

Left freaks after seeing what GOP lawmaker, family have in their hands in viral Christmas photo   wnd 

The Newest Status Symbol for High-Net Worth Homeowners: Trophy Trees - WSJ   wsj 

LAPD detective says Los Angeles is 'unsafe' for tourists   washexam 

`Self-awareness NOT detected': China state-affiliated media responds to U.S. diplomatic boycott of Beijing Olympics   twitchy 

As Mossad chief, Yossi Cohen got his daughter a job with a UAE firm - report   timesofisrael 

`You forgot ': Janice Dean & others let Chris Cuomo know what's missing from his latest statement   twitchy 

BREAKING NEWS: Florida's Biggest Hospital Systems Bans All Covid-19 Mandates!   thetruedefender 

BREAKING VIDEO: Dr. Rand Paul #Vaccine Is POISON!   thetruedefender 

"Fully Vaccinated" Canadian Family Imprisoned as Medical Tyranny Hits Ludicrous Speed Over Omicron Scariant   thelibertydaily 


Italy Restricts Public Life For Unvaxxed with New Covid "Super Green Pass"   gateway 

Fully Vaccinated Man Who Became One of the 1st American Omicron Cases Speaks Out   theepochtimes 

King tides over 7 feet to bring coastal flooding to San Francisco Bay Area   sfgate 

Press Sec SNAPS When Asked About Hunter Biden Laptop   rumble 

Former VP Harris Aide Confirms She's Godawful   rumble 

About those six charities (Scott Johnson) | #powerline |   power 

India and Russia ink 10-yr pact on defence tech, deal on AK rifles   intimes 

U.S. Nuclear Declaratory Policy and the Future of Extended Deterrence   heritage 

Putin strangles UK energy supplies as British fuel ‘among most expensive in Europe’   express 

SMU PG Kendric Davis earns second AAC Player of the Week award this season   dallas 

Diversity and inclusion goals still not met in corporate America: Crain's Private Intelligence   chibiz 

InfluenceWatch Podcast #197: Progressive Ruins - Capital Research Center   capitalresearch 

Florida Still Reporting Lowest Coronavirus Cases Per Capita   breitbart 

Things you only see in Hialeah: Mobile granizados AND guarapo   babalu 

Critical Race trove uncovered in California teaches kids witchcraft   wnd 

Christmas dumping: CEO fires more than 900 employees on video call   wnd 

Hamas threatens renewed 'escalation' with Israel, slams Egypt over Gaza role   timesofisrael 

Phil Harvey's lifework combined supporting human pleasure along with the power to manage it responsibly   reason 

VIDEO: Biden Mistakenly Names 'Meteor' As Kennedy Center Honoree, Stammers Through Rest Of Speech - National File   nationalfile 

Family of 6, Including Child, Wounded in US Strike in Syria   military 

Winthrop University Students Demand Campus Leaders Do More to Make Them Feel Safe   legalins