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TEAM DeSANTIS DEFIANT: ‘Florida Won’t Be the Biden Administration’s Biomedical Police’
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Clarity of the Bigger Question, WHY This Massive Push for Vaccinations? - The Last Refuge   treehouse 

UK: Six Muslims rape and sexually abuse eight girls as young as 12, lured them over Facebook   jihad 

Truckers protest vaccine mandate at northern border   oann 

NO MORE DOUBLE SHOTS: Starbucks Cancels Vaccine Mandate, ‘We Respect the Court’s Ruling’   hannity 

EXC: Bill Gates Foundation Funded Genomics Firm 'Mining' DNA Data Through COVID Tests.   thenationalpulse 

Pompeo backs new missile defense push - Washington Times   times 

NEVER MIND THE BOLLOCKS: England Ends All Mask Mandates, COVID Passports, and Work Restrictions   hannity 

Call logs, speech drafts among records Trump is trying to block from Jan. 6 investigators - POLITICO   politico 

Florida House Committee Passes Bill to Save Babies From Abortion -   lifenews 

CDC Says Natural Immunity Outperformed Vaccines Against Delta Strain   caller 

BREAKING: United Kingdom to Drop All COVID Restrictions – RedState   redstate 

2 MILLION ENCOUNTERS: 178K Migrant Encounters in December Brings 2021's Total Over 2 Million   hannity 

Texas synagogue jihadi ‘literally thought that Jews control the world’   jihad 

NPR’s Fake SCOTUS Story Makes the Case Again for Why They Should Be Defunded   townhall 

BREAKING: Starbucks ditches Biden's vaccine mandate after Supreme Court ruling   thepostmillennial 

Starbucks drops employee vaccine mandate - TheBlaze   blaze 

New Jersey City Councilman Becomes Republican After Democrat Gov Legalizes Abortion Up to Birth -   lifenews 

Supreme Court rejects Trump's bid to shield records from Jan. 6 committee   thehill 

BENNY VS. BRANDON: LIVE Reaction to Joe Biden’s Press Conference - Let’s Laugh At Brandon Together   rumble 

"I encourage everyone to go to the source material at  read the police reports/interviews, look   judicial 

Incompetent Biden Administration's COVID Test Website Faceplants on First Day – PJ Media   pjmedia 

10 Lies Biden Told During His First Press Conference In Months   thefederalist 

Bumbling Biden SHUTS DOWN, Refers To Russia As "Mother Russia"   rumble 

Starbucks Reverses Vax Mandate, Will No Longer Force Employees To Get The Jab   notthebee 

Taking the ‘Commuter’ Out of America’s Rail Systems   governing 

Installed White House Occupant Holds a Rare Press Conference Today at 4pm, Livestream Links - The Last Refuge   treehouse 

Ukraine planning 'false flag' Donbass incident – militia — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union   rt 

Them vs. Us: Gayle King's Quarantine Suggestion on CBS Reveals the Real COVID Divide – RedState   redstate 

Biden predicts Putin will invade Ukraine 

Biden administration building ties between tribal nations, government   usa 

Biden threatens Putin with sanctions ‘he's never seen’ before — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union   rt 

Biden Gets Asked About His Competence, Promptly Demonstrates the Depth of the Problem – RedState   redstate 

Joe Manchin Takes to the Senate the Middle of Biden's Press Conference   townhall 

The Monkees are in charge   donsurber 

After Public Questions, Now House Select Committee Will 'Formally' Speak With Capitol Riot Figure Ray Epps - The Political Insider   thepoliticalinsider 

Chief Justice Roberts debunks NPR story on SCOTUS drama as liberals desperately defend botched report   fox 

... featuring Boris Johnson, no longer in a position to refuse any offers made to him... https://   thecritic 

'Trust the people': Britain lifts vaccine passports, mask mandates   wnd 

Report: Dozens Of Former Trump Officials Plot Efforts To Stop Trump In 2024 - The Political Insider   thepoliticalinsider 

The Media Is Already Having a Meltdown as Texas Proves Its New Voting Laws Work – RedState   redstate 

Missing: Adrianna Elmberg, 13, Last Seen In Plymouth – WCCO   cbslocal 

Reporter politely roasts Biden for pulling the country too far left   rumble 

Seasonal COVID and flu booster vaccines will become the norm after Omicron, say Moderna and Pfizer   euronews 

Exactly   wapo 

‘Testy!’ Biden berates reporter for quoting what he said about opponents of ‘voting rights’ bill –   twitchy 

IT'S OVER: England drops vaccine passports, mask mandates, and work restrictions   thepostmillennial 

CLUELESS JOE: Watch Biden Say He ‘Probably Outperformed’ In His First Year   hannity 

Three Supreme Court Justices Slam NPR “Mask” Report: “It is false”   legalins 

Media took VERY different approaches to Republicans who opposed Trump vs. Dems who oppose Biden –   twitchy 

Democrat accidentally exposes truth: "We're inspired by Hugo Chavez... Cesar Chavez"   rumble 

U.S. Treasury unveils new Hezbollah sanctions amid Lebanon crisis   oann 

POLL: Almost 50% of Democrats Want Unvaccinated Thrown into Camps, Jail Time for Anyone Who Questions Jabs - National File   nationalfile 

Texas synagogue jihadi had been investigated by MI5, seen as posing ‘no credible threat’   jihad 

Grassroots Campaign Shuts Down Constriction of New Planned Parenthood Abortion Center -   lifenews 

All the major changes to Covid restrictions as Boris Johnson finally axes Plan B rules   thesun 

Ominous: 28 House Democrats Not Running For Reelection in 2022   legalins 

A Future Society - Consortium News   consortiumnews 

Chicago has passed COVID omicron peak: city health chief   chibiz 

Fauci Cashed in During the Pandemic and Now We Know the Numbers   townhall 

Starbucks suspends vaccine, test requirement after U.S. court ruling   reuters 

House Oversight Committee Launches Probe Into Biden-Backed Solar Company   beacon 

Finland PM pledges 'extremely tough' sanctions should Russia invade Ukraine   thehill 

Rasmussen Reports: GOP Leads Dems by 9 Points Generic Ballot   max 

No wonder Boris Johnson is so keen for everyone to wait for Sue Gray.   bbc 

MUST WATCH: Senator Tim Scott Shames Biden for Using Jim Crow Language in Describing Voting Rules Bill – RedState   redstate 

Brandon Gave a Crazy Speech, Oh, and Russia Can Invade a Little Bit   sentinel 

AG Maura Healey To Announce Run For Massachusetts Governor, Sources Tell WBZ-TV – CBS Boston   cbslocal 

WHO says healthy kids don't need booster shots for COVID-19   wnd 

Ann Widdecombe savages Conservative rebels: 'Remarkably short-sighted!'   express 

Kari Lake: As Governor I'll Issue a 'Declaration of Invasion' and Close the Border   breitbart 

Chinese official threatens to 'punish' Olympic athletes for speech that violates Chinese law 

WATCH: Pelosi successor-to-be slips up and admits the truth in press conference The Right Scoop   scoop 

Son Says Hana Horka Died After Catching Covid on Purpose   mediaite 

Novak Djokovic may sue Australian government as Tennis Australia denies paying his legal bills    dailymail 

FBI agents spotted outside home of Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar   fox 

2 Marines dead, 17 injured in tactical vehicle rollover crash near Camp Lejeune 

Thousands of Ineligible Medical Providers Are Enrolled in the VA's Community Care Program   military 

Supreme Court Justices Refute NPR Reporting on Mask Dispute   mediaite 

Boycott the New York Times -- Read the Real News at Larwyn's Linx

Arizona AG warns Biden admin of legal action if funds are withheld over COVID-19 policy   fox 

Opinion | In Florida, Ron DeSantis is creating a paradise of authoritarianism   wapo 

Texas Guardsman shoots at smuggling suspect near Mexico border - Washington Times   times 

The Biden Administration Has Millions of COVID Tests Sitting in Warehouses   townhall 

The CDC Finally Makes a Massive Admission About COVID-19 – RedState   redstate 

Virginia Dems say they jumped ship to back GOP's Youngkin because their party wasn't listening   bizpacreview 

The China Global Investment Tracker has been updated.   aei 

Schumer admits filibuster gambit poised for defeat - Washington Times   times 

Misery Index: Biden's Economic Policies Are Clearly Failing Average and Poor Americans – PJ Media   pjmedia 

EXCLUSIVE: Democrat Senate Candidate Mark Kelly's Yearbook Shows Him Dressed As Hitler - National File   nationalfile 

Big Tech censors continue their stranglehold, despite the 1st Amendment   wnd 

Prior COVID infection more protective than vaccination during Delta surge -U.S. study   reuters 

Jen Psaki Cleans Up Biden's Ukraine Comment After Presser   mediaite 

GOP Senator Tim Scott Eviscerates Democrats’ Outrageous ‘Jim Crow 2.0’ Comparison…   wz 

Very cogently argued piece: Are sex offenders exploiting trans-rights policies behind bars?   specuk 

Bill Gates warns of worse pandemics in future — RT World News   rt 

Aid to arrive in Tonga as airport opens, phone lines partially restored   reuters 

Could AIDS Be Considered A 'Vaccine' Under CDC's New Definition? - National File   nationalfile 

Putin gets a pipeline, Israel gets the middle finger. Thanks, Joe Biden   jpost 

Brianna Kupfer's alleged killer Shawn Smith caught after pedestrian calls 911   fox 

Enough May Finally Be Enough, Even for America’s Most Woke Mayors   dailysignal 

Biden says future elections will be 'set up' if 'voting rights' bill doesn't pass 

BREAKING: Police arrest Brianna Kupfer's alleged killer   thepostmillennial 

Memory problems seen months after mild COVID-19 infections, researchers say   thehill 

You Can’t Get Any Closer To A Catapult Launch Of A C-2A Greyhound Than This - The Aviationist   theaviationist 

SCOTUS Shuts Down BOGUS Report From NPR   rumble 

'We're not getting tested': Zverev says more players probably have COVID-19   reuters 

NPR Lied: Sonia Sotomayor Hit by the Fake News Truck – PJ Media   pjmedia 

Fentanyl Is the Leading Cause of Death, Ages 18-45, How Many Have to Die?   sentinel 

Trump New York attorney general fraud investigation involves Chicago skyscraper   chibiz 

Supreme Court rebuts claims that maskless Gorsuch chased Sotomayor from the bench - Washington Times   times 

BREAKING: Supreme Court releases statement on NPR's fake news The Right Scoop   scoop 

For two Italian musicians, being unvaccinated means being locked out of public life   sfgate 

UK PM Johnson drops COVID-19 restrictions   reuters 

TSA Says it Will Accept Arrest Warrants as ID For Illegal Aliens – PJ Media   pjmedia 

Biden questions if US midterm elections will be 'legit': The failure of his voting laws make the November congressi   bbc 

Rasmussen poll: 59% of Democrats want gov't to force unvaccinated to stay home 

Biden puffs up claims of virus, job gains in press conference - Washington Times   times 

Jen Psaki’s already put out a statement cleaning up President Biden giving Putin the green light to invade Ukraine –   twitchy 

Two adjacent school systems, blue with mask mandate and yellow without.   substack 

Declassified video shows US drone strike on civilians — RT World News   rt 

China threatens Olympic athletes with jail time – HotAir   hotair 


Biden Says Upcoming Elections Could ‘Easily Be Illegitimate’   caller 

New Mexico Democrats want to expand mail-in voting, allow 16-year-olds and felons to vote - Washington Times   times 

Biden says Harris will be his running mate in 2024   thehill 

Biden blasts Republicans, asks party to name what it stands for   reuters 

Top donors threaten to cut off funding to Sinema - POLITICO   politico 


Jihadists attack South Sudanese Christian community; 57 houses burned, 28 people murdered   notthebee 

Printing as a Service is here to stay   medium 

Oh Liz your bless your heart   abc 

'Stop with your bull****': TV anchor has on-air meltdown on anti-vaxxers   wnd 

Otto Warmbier's parents to get $240,000 seized from North Korea, federal judge rules - Washington Times   times 

Caitlyn Jenner urges NCAA to 'protect women's sports' as Lia Thomas dominates - Washington Times   times 

Report: Police used NSO's spyware in corruption probe of Likud MK   timesofisrael 

Human trafficking gang leader jailed — RT World News   rt 

'Bring It On': Manchin Signals He Won't Be Intimidated by His Fellow Democrats – RedState   redstate 

Documents show DC Medical Examiner asked to cremate Ashli Babbitt   lawenforcementtoday 

Texas synagogue attack: yet more evidence of FBI corruption   jihad 

Diego Rivera’s Dream of a ‘City of Arts’ in Mexico Turns to Reality 80 Years Later   goodnewsnetwork 


CNN fed up with `unreasonable, unrealistic' CDC guidance seeking to cancel school sports, band   bizpacreview 

Report: UK To Scrap All COVID Laws, Treat It Like Flu…   wz 

Gorsuch, Sotomayor Shame NPR's Report On Mask Feud That Wasn't   thefederalist 

Starbucks Ends COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate After Supreme Court Ruling   theepochtimes 

Gaslighting Brought to You by the New York Times – RedState   redstate 

YouTube scales back original programming   latimes 

Mark Kelly finally walks the plank, says he supports changing the filibuster – HotAir   hotair 

Philip Bump sees Americans shifting to the right and the left isn't coping very well – HotAir   hotair 

Morning Consult: Biden's below Trump in voters' first-year report card – HotAir   hotair 

Melissa Landa: Fired for the Crime of Teaching While Jewish   elderofziyon 

The Big Lie: Joe Biden Casts Doubt on Legitimacy of Midterm Elections   breitbart 

Plastic Is NOT a Threat - American Policy Center   americanpolicy 


Winter Olympics: NBC won't send TV announcers to Beijing 2022 Games   usa 

Newsmax White House Reporter James Rosen Asks Biden About His Cognitive Fitness   rumble 

Chief Justice Roberts Kicks the Legs out From Under NPR, Liberals on Mask Smear – RedState   redstate 

Kyiv Is 'Stunned' That Biden Appears to Greenlight 'Minor Incursion' Into Ukraine – RedState   redstate 

Fulani militants murder 18 people in second attack on Christian community in Nigeria in one week   notthebee 

Chicago police investigating multiple burglaries reported in just one night   fox 

Biden Gives Up on Stopping Putin in Ukraine: 'He Will Move In, He Has to Do Something'   breitbart 

Buttigieg hammered for doing nothing to stop 5G airline chaos   wnd 

Chris Sununu explains going from 'pretty close' to 'no' on New Hampshire Senate bid   washexam 

WATCH: Can Israel and Turkey Have Good Relations?   unitedwithisrael 

Update: Chief Justice Roberts Denies Requesting Justices Wear Masks - The Political Insider   thepoliticalinsider 

BREAKING: Brianna Kupfer Killer Shawn Laval Smith Arrested in Pasadena   gateway 


The most unforgivable lockdown error was our neglect of children   telegrph 

Tucker Carlson Covers Vaccine Passport Protest Across Europe   rumble 

Beware, America’s Youth Is Embracing Authoritarianism – RedState   redstate 

UAE Envoy: Yemen's Houthis Used Missiles in Abu Dhabi Attack   military 

Aafia Siddiqui and the Misguided Support for Women of Jihad   ipt 

Wrong border, Kamala: Vice-President heads to Honduras as new caravan chaos develops – HotAir   hotair 

See 1,000 Glorious Fin Whales Feeding Together: Share Their Comeback From Near Extinction   goodnewsnetwork 

Sadiq Khan says Londoners have to keep wearing masks on Tube and buses as Boris Johnson ends rule   dailymail 

Nusrat Jahan Choudhury, legal director for the ACLU of Illinois, nominated for federal bench   chibiz 

Veteran MSNBC anchor has fill of `hyper-partisan news space,' takes gig at local news station   bizpacreview 

Meme of the Day: Cuban food in Miami vs. Cuban food everywhere else – Babalú Blog   babalu 

Woman who drove SUV past Secret Service into Mar-a-Lago exonerated on 'insanity' 


WATCH: Israel Successfully Tests Arrow Long-Range Missile Defense System - The Yeshiva World   ywn 

Fairfax Public School Demands High Schoolers Play 'Privilege Bingo'   thefederalist 

Justices Sotomayor and Gorsuch Just Eviscerated NPR's Mask Smear – RedState   redstate 

'The Pilot' Uses a Real Soviet Plane to Bring an Untold WWII Story to the Screen   military 

Finally the numbers: Omicron is one tenth as severe as Delta. Good news   joannenova 

Politico writer says Biden's poor polling partly due to 'hatred' for the president   fox 

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries Says Elections Bill ‘Inspired By Hugo Chavez’ In Slipup   caller 

Biden Says America Is ‘More Unified’ Now Than When He Took Office   caller 

COVID-19 Metrics Are Trending Down In Maryland, But Don’t Drop Your Guard, Experts Say – CBS Baltimore   cbslocal 

Admitting to the crime problem - American Experiment   americanexperiment 

Greg McKeown Will Speak at TOS-Con 2022 - The Objective Standard   objstd 

VIDEO: Heckler Interrupts NYC Mayor Eric Adams: 'Shut The F*** Up' - The Political Insider   thepoliticalinsider 


NBC not sending announcers to the Beijing 2022 Olympics   thehill 

Loading 3rd party ad content   smh-au 

San Francisco film community reacts to Castro Theatre pivot   sfgate 

Joe Manchin Masterfully Trolls Joe Biden Before Press Conference Is Even Over – RedState   redstate 

Joe Biden Pushes Deceit and Division in Angry 'Presser' – RedState   redstate 

POTS: ‘Sexist’ history may explain why ‘long Covid’ test ignored   newsau 

WATCH: NYPD Makes Dramatic Life-Saving Rescue of a Woman Trapped After a Gas-Leak Explosion   mediaite 

"What is Fauci hiding?" Judicial Watch President @TomFitton.   judicial 

Evil abounds. Shocking Percentage of Democrats Support Unvaccinated Losing Custody of Kids   human 

Deranged and violent homeless men are taking a terrible toll on women / And the left has problem with this   hotair 

Monumental disarray: Woke eats itself, Biden admin edition / Another example of #WorstPresidentEver   hotair 

Trump denies Biden suggestion he is working to 'intimidate' GOP: 'The party loves me and I love the party' #FoxNews   fox 

Engages furious backpedaling...   beacon 

how many republicans vote with Biden 97% of the time?   538 

Today just so happens to be the 1-year anniversary of my life's work   chron 

Baltimore Police Looking For Missing 16-Year-Old Girl   cbslocal 

`Nothing Compares to This': Survivors Denounce Online `Trivialization' of Holocaust Found in Study   algemeiner 

Dem Rep. Beatty Says It's 'Evil' To Oppose The Democrats' Radical Election Takeover Legislation @weaselzippers   wz 

The federal government does not `give' anything away.   times 

Thanks, ... #FitnessGurls Cover Model   thesun 

NBC Reports the U.S. Trucker Vaccine Mandate Scheduled for January 22nd May Collapse Supply Chain for Food and Auto   treehouse