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Twitter Suspends Rose McGowan’s Account After Weinstein Tweets (UPDATED)
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Canada: Muslim student admits trying to kill woman after ‘listening to the Koran’   creeping 

FBI uncovered Russian bribery plot before Obama administration approved controversial nuclear deal with Moscow   thehill 

Sean Hannity teases 'tick tock' bombshell for Tuesday ⋆ Conservative Firing Line   conservativefiringline 

ISW Russia Renews Targeting Civilians: August 14 – October 7, 2017   iswresearch 

Bomb Dogs: Honoring the Courage of Four-Legged Warriors   wklystd 

Judicial Watch: FBI caught `red-handed' suppressing documents on Clinton-Lynch tarmac meeting #tcot   thinker 

How Facebook Became the Assassin of Good Journalism   theamericanconservative 

Abortion Has Killed More Black Americans Than Crime, Accidents, Cancer or AIDS   lifenews 

Islamic State defeated in its Syrian capital Raqqa   reuters 

Raqqa, ISIS' "Capital of Terrorism" Falls to U.S.-Backed Forces   peoplespunditdaily 

Islamic State defeated in its Syrian capital Raqqa • The Foreign Desk   foreigndesknews 

Swarthmore students burn American flag on Columbus Day   campusreform 

Economist Says Eliminating State and Local Tax Deduction Helps Lower Taxes by $1 Trillion   beacon 

From Monty Python to Allah: London's New Mega Mosque   gatestone 

Acts of Lunatics Must Never Result in the Loss of Liberty For Free Men   politichicks 

Taliban attacks kill at least 69 across Afghanistan • The Foreign Desk   foreigndesknews 

Why the Collapse of Al-Nashiri’s Defense Team Matters - Lawfare   lawfareblog 

Picking losers is no way to win, Mr. Majority Leader #feedly   netright 

Trump and McConnell pledge undying love in recommitment ceremony   stridentconservative 

A Stranger in a Strange Land: I Feel Out of Place and Out of Sorts in American Politics Today   theresurgent 

WOW: Tariq Nasheed calls Obianuju Ekeocha ‘white supremacist’, gets OWNED in BRUTAL back-and-forth –   twitchy 

Donald Trump: Wall Funding Will Be Part of DACA Deal with Democrats   prisonplanet 

CDC: “Possibility” that vaccines rarely trigger autism (AUDIO)   sharylattkisson 

FBI discovered HUGE Russian bribery plot BEFORE Obama, Hillary approved controversial nuclear deal with Moscow – The Right Scoop   scoop 

Coming of age in an era of prosperity: Meet China's 'bubble generation' • The Foreign Desk   foreigndesknews 

Suspected U.S. drone strikes kill 31 on Pakistan-Afghanistan frontier • The Foreign Desk   foreigndesknews 

Maltese journalist's son says she was murdered for exposing corruption   reuters 

Gun Rights Are Women's Rights   prageru 

Israeli ambassador tells Mark Levin: Trump is 'prepared to confront evil'   conservativereview 

I Was Colonial When Colonial Wasn't Cool   steyn 

Journalist Behind Leak that Exposed Clinton’s Criminal Campaign Donors, Blown Up in Her Car   thefreethoughtproject 

Guardian leftist Abi Wilkinson deletes tweet praising Communism – Pacific Pundit   pacificpundit 

Robert De Niro series on Amazon canceled over Weinstein – Pacific Pundit   pacificpundit 

Bombshell: FBI found Russia bribery, extortion plot in US nuclear industry - in 2009 - Hot Air Hot Air   hotair 

Blunt Force Truth Kim Sends Anti-Trump Propaganda Balloons Over the Border   bluntforcetruth 

Ted Cruz on the Iran Deal: "It Was Designed To Allow Cheating"   redstate 

‘Songbird’ McCain: The evidence – in his own words, his fellow veterans, and his captors - Conservative News & Right Wing News   rightedition 

International adoptions to U.S. declined in 2016   pewresearch 

Raqqa has fallen, ISIS has been purged by US-backed forces!   scoop 

Blunt Force Truth Draining the Swamp – an Interview with Representative Zach Wamp – Episode 277   bluntforcetruth 

Contested Littorals Require a Larger, More Capable U.S. Amphibious Warfare Fleet   realcleardefense 

Let's put HIllary's comments comparing Weinstein to #Trump in perspective! #TeamKJ   theblacksphere 

EU defence strategy 'outsourced' to arms industry   euobserver 

Hillary Clinton humiliated by angry crowd (video) - The Horn News   thehornnews 

Justice Scalia: "Like most rights, the right secured by the Second Amendment is not unlimited."   scotusblog 

Facebook Looks to Hire Employees With National Security Clearance   oann 

You are being redirected...   jihad 

As China's leaders gather, market reform hopes fade • The Foreign Desk   foreigndesknews 

ISW The "War after ISIS" begins in Iraq   iswresearch 

The Tax Break for the Rich That the Democrats Are Fighting to Keep   lifezette 

What if? U.S. plans to occupy Cuba in 1962 revealed.   babalu 

Texas lawmaker plans to sue university over cancelled speech   campusreform 

STUDY: Free speech, inclusivity are 'conflicting interests'   campusreform 

We Found Our Joy in Latin   frstthng 

Cartel Gun Violence Claims 11 Lives Across Northern Mexico   oann 

ZH: “I’m Concerned… It’s Highly Unusual” – Vegas Massacre Security Guard Remains Missing   westernrifles 

Chinese President to Cement Power as China Takes Role as Superpower   theantimedia 

NFL to Discuss Anthem Protests at League Meeting Tuesday   oann 

MA Liberals Try to Destroy Business After Owner Photographed with Trump   legalins 

Russia touts anti-sub helicopter plan after U.S. launches USS South Dakota - Washington Times   times 

Drag queen with demon-like horns reads to children at Michelle Obama Neighborhood Library – TheBlaze   blaze 

New York Times homepage editor caught on video calling Mike Pence 'f--king horrible'   washexam 

Morgan Brittany: It's Time to Drain the Hollywood Swamp!   politichicks 

There’s plenty to be suspicious about in the Weinstein row   specuk 

Senator Bob Menendez tried to end his corruption trial. His judge wasn’t buying it   bizpacreview 

Former TransCanada VP: Liberal "regulatory dysfunction" killed Energy East - The Rebel   therebel 

Pres. Trump Wants a Bipartisan Deal on Health Care From the Senate   oann 

‘Honey, I Didn’t Abort the Kids.’ Repubs take over #RepublicanAMovie and it’s HILARIOUS –   twitchy 

Looks like it will be poor showing for #NoMuslimBanEver rally in DC tomorrow   refugeeresettlementwatch 

Report: Officials Believe Mexican Illegals Behind Massive California Fires   contrib 

BREAKING: FBI Found Russian Extortion Plot in US Nuclear 2009   redstate 

Mainstream Media Just Admitted Hollywood Infested With "Child Sex Trafficking"   thefreethoughtproject 

Fast regrowth in Arctic sea-ice outpaces recent years   wuwt 

FBI Releases Proof: Comey Cleared Hillary Before Any Investigation   thepoliticalinsider 

Waters' Campaign Wrote Off Over $10,000 Spent on 'Hamilton' Tickets as Fundraising   beacon 

The Old Arab Fear Tactic That Came to Washington   gatestone 

Mexican spymaster’s car theft ring shows CIA’s tolerance for corruption   muckrock 

North Korea: Time to Think Beyond Denuclearization   realcleardefense 

Cops invite media to subdue suspects ‘resisting arrest’ without force — it’s harder than they think – TheBlaze   blaze 

Eagles Soar High for Freedom and Justice at 46th Annual Eagle Council - Western Free Press   westernfreepress 

The Real Russian Influence: Massive Bribery Scheme Before Obama Admin Approved Uranium Sale   rwn 

Trump's alternative reality   axios 

Free speech week: Let’s have a dialogue! - Red Alert Politics   redalert 

Oh get BENT! Joy Behar says comedians shouldn’t be attacked because they’re ‘important people’ –   twitchy 

New Orleans D.A. Sued for Using Fake Subpoenas to Coerce Witnesses and Crime Victims   reason 

Iran aircraft deals hang by thread as Trump targets Tehran • The Foreign Desk   foreigndesknews 

Taxes should go on postcards, not accomplishments - NetRight Daily   netright 

Kurds abandon territory in the face of Iraq government advance • The Foreign Desk   foreigndesknews 

Wisconsin Liberals Want to Repeal the 1st Amendment - Media Trackers   mediatrackers 

Gov. of 'Sanctuary State' Declares Hepatitis A Outbreak State of Emergency   granitegrok 

Freedom's Lighthouse » Trump Legislative Dir on Tax Cuts: “We Need it to Happen This Year” – Video 10/17/17   freelight 

YouTube Suspends Account of Chinese Dissident   beacon 

U.N. urges Bangladesh to move Rohingya refugees stranded at border • The Foreign Desk   foreigndesknews 

US Lawmakers Introduce Resolution Affirming Israel the one, and ONLY, capital of Israel! So, it's written   unitedwithisrael 

Katie Pavlich At Prager University: Gun Rights Are Women's Rights   bearingarms 

Journo Assassinated   trunews 

The U.S. Dilemma – What to Do About North Korea   realcleardefense 

Repair and Rebuild: Balancing New Military Spending for a Three-Theater Strategy   realcleardefense 

NBC: Socialism is Key to Happiness   truthrevolt 

VIDEO: Pelosi suffers more brain freezes, trips over saying 'natural' - The American MirrorThe American Mirror   theamericanmirror 

Questions for Iraqi Kurdish leader Masoud Barzani   aei 

Capitol Ink | Meeting of the Minds   rollcall 

CNN says Russians used Pokemon Go to meddle in our democracy ⋆ Conservative Firing Line   conservativefiringline 

Journalist Heather Unruh Says Kevin Spacey “Assaulted a Loved One”   sentinel 

N.Y. Times editor calls Trump ‘oblivious idiot’   wnd 

Report: 75% of Religious #Persecution Targets #Christians   trunews 

Three eyewitness accounts which challenge official @LVMPD/@FBI story regarding the #LasVegas massacre   trunews 

WATCH: Paramedic Disarms Cop As He Loses His Mind, Shoots At, Tries to Kill Innocent Family   thefreethoughtproject 

Was Obama the Biggest Spending Modern President?   peoplespunditdaily 

Reporters: Trump Far More Accessible than Obama   dossier 

Trump: Ask General Kelly if Obama called him when his son died in Afghanistan… – The Right Scoop   scoop 

U.S.-Backed Syrian Forces Retake Raqqa From Islamic State   oann 

Russian Hacking Didn’t Alter Election   heritage 

Four GOP Senators Standing in the Way of Progress   pjmedia 

Bannon recruiting anti-establishment “soldiers” - The Horn News   thehornnews 

GOP Candidate for Georgia Governor Is Holding a ‘Bump Stock’ Giveaway - The Daily Beast   dailybeast 

WATCH: Cops Respond to Bank Robber by Shooting His Hostage 9 Times   thefreethoughtproject 

Ankara's dinosaur mayor: Melih Gokcek faces end in battle with Erdogan   middleeasteye 

Democrats?the Party of Big Business   wklystd 

Change #metoo to #ifoughtback   victorygirlsblog 

VIDEO: James O’Keefe Scalps Trump-Hating New York Times Senior Editor in Vicious Undercover Video   truepundit 

The End of China's Dengist Diplomacy - Stratfor Worldview   stratfor 

Spain: Madrid Prepares for Its Next Move in Catalonia - Stratfor Worldview   stratfor 

GUILTY AS CHARGED! In the UK, you can be arrested for a hate crime for being “unfriendly” or expressing “dislike” to   barenakedislam 

With a New President, Ecuador Begins Leaving Venezuela Behind - Stratfor Worldview   stratfor 

ORR embroiled in controversy about illegal alien minors getting abortions   refugeeresettlementwatch 


Syrian army finds Israeli-made weapons in IS hideouts   jpost 

Restored letter unearthed at Auschwitz details crematoria horror   jpost 

Netanyahu to Russian defense minister: Israel won't allow Iranian presence in Syria   jpost 

Gerry Ritz: “The Liberals don’t understand farmers” - The Rebel   therebel 

DEMONIC: Mom Does The UNTHINKABLE To Her Babies After Losing Job 'Because Of Them'   clash News Forum - Thread   lucianne 

Hollywood in full CYA mode: Harvey Weinstein gets the boot from another film industry group   bizpacreview 

Ophelia batters U.K. after pummeling Ireland, leaves 3 dead - Washington Times   times 

REPORT: Obama never phoned Gen. John Kelly over his son’s death in Afghanistan –   twitchy 

Shouldn't We Have A Special Prosecutor To Investigate The Russian Uranium Collusion?   hayride 

Dan Brown Bets God Will Disappear in 100 Years – I’ll Take That Bet   theresurgent 

Judge On Hollywood's Child Sex Trafficking: "It's Not Over. There's More Coming" - Freedom Outpost   freedomoutpost 


The Supreme Court Is Allergic To Math   538 

Why Poland and Austria are the safest countries for Jews - The Rebel   therebel 

Government May 'Seize' Your Fingerprint to Unlock #Apple Devices, Federal Court Rules @AntiMedia   theantimedia 

Treating Right-Wing Violence as Terrorism: What If Deeds Match Rhetoric? - Lawfare   lawfareblog 

Connecticut Communists Keep Obama "Dream" Alive   loudon 

Rich Girard - Manchester School Board encouraging corruption   granitegrok 

Austrian president tells Kurz to heed 'European values' on coalition • The Foreign Desk   foreigndesknews 

EU makes clear to Britain it wants more concessions in Brexit talks • The Foreign Desk   foreigndesknews 

Chaotic response to Somali bombing cost lives, medics say • The Foreign Desk   foreigndesknews 

Russian opposition leader's fraud conviction arbitrary, Europe's top rights court says • The Foreign Desk   foreigndesknews 

Catalonia refuses to renounce independence, anti-government protests form   reuters 

Supreme Court Takes Up Challenge to Forced Public-Employee Unionism - National Legal & Policy Center   nlpc 


Rep. Sensenbrenner's Town Halls Become a Target of Leftist Protest - Media Trackers   mediatrackers 

Feinstein, Pelosi a/k/a the Wicked Witches of the West considered vulnerable – Conservative Base   conservativebase 

Developing The Right Habits Could Make You A Millionaire   cbslocal 

School allows transgender biological boys to sleep in girls’ dorm   bizpacreview 

Five Reasons Why San Francisco Should Re-sign that Dirtbag Colin Kaepernick   datechguy 

Sisi's Egypt and the politics of fear   middleeasteye 

Seeking More QE for Japan — Abe Calls Snap Election   mises 

WATCH: Palestinian Shocked US Students Don't Openly Call for Israel's Destruction   unitedwithisrael 

White House on lockdown after suspect jumps barrier and is arrested by Secret Service amid ‘suspicious package’ alert   thesun 

The EU is not to blame for the rise of the far right EurActiv   euractiv 

Jerusalem Mayor: City's Role is to Unite Religions   unitedwithisrael 

Say Yes: Religious Vocations and 'Giving God Permission'   stream 


DOJ and State Dept. Partner to Protect American Workers from Discrimination   nusa 

Washington: The Bleeder of the ‘Free World’   strategic-culture 

Just because something is in the news doesn’t make it news   cfp 

Britain Leaves the EU Without a Deal in Place   strategic-culture 

New West Virginia Poll Shows Joe Manchin Is Vulnerable On Tax Reform   thefederalist 

Bannon: Populist Revolt Is Rolling Full Force; As Long As You're A Citizen Of Republic, That's What Matters   rcp 

Comey and the Clinton Email Case: The Untold Inside Story   peoplespunditdaily 

Atlanta Woman Charged With Murder After Putting Her Kids in the Oven   peoplespunditdaily 

Scaramucci Post Slammed Over Twitter Poll on How Many Jews Died in the Holocaust (UPDATED)   mediaite 

Hillary Flees To London & Collapses As Assange Vows To Release 'One Thing' She Fears Most   madworldnews 

Fatah: A ‘Sea of Blood’ Will ‘Create the State of Palestine’   camera 

WikiLeaks Reveals DNC Elevated Trump to Help Clinton   observer 


DOJ data on suspected terrorists in witness protection doesn't always make it to the FBI   circa 

Knight Foundation and Democracy Fund support MuckRock's mission of improving access to public records   muckrock 

Hater Admits SJP Only “Pretends” To Object to Idea Israel Has No Right to Exist   israellycool 

Israeli-developed ALS treatment reversing motor decline breakthrough   jpost 

US-Backed Forces Free Raqqa from ISIS, Syrian Commander Says   military 

Who Knew Online Holocaust Polls Were a Bad Idea?   redstate 

Most Philadelphia Stores Claim Double-Digit Sales Declines Due To Soda Tax – Consumerist   cnsmrst 

Hillary-mentum! The Delusional Still See A Chance For Clinton To Become President   redstate 

Spies on Campus: The CIA and the FBI from the Indochina Wars to the “War on Terror”   globalresearch 

Bank-Backed Congressman Praises Betsy DeVos For Cutting Ties With Consumer Protection Agency – Consumerist   cnsmrst 

Democrat funded, "Trump dossier" creators, Fusion GPS, refuse to testify before Congress   theduran 

Eight Months After Taking Office ISIS on Brink of Defeat In Raqqa…   treehouse 


On Climate Issues, House GOP Warms Gradually   rollcall 

Boris Johnson rejects new calls to quit over Sirte 'dead bodies' gaffe   middleeasteye 

Supreme Court Refuses to Hear #TenCommandments Case   trunews 

Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange: “There’s Something Wrong With Hillary Clinton”   dcclothesline 

Cyprus set to come in from the cold and end energy isolation –   euractiv 

A Police Officer Who Shot Minority Male Sends QB Colin Kaepernick One Item He Will Not Forget - US Chronicle   uschronicle 

Black liberation group releases new project for ‘electoral justice’ for black people   bizpacreview 

What These 2 Ohio Lawmakers Are Doing to Kill Colleges’ Censorship - Western Free Press   westernfreepress 

Gun Violence Would Plummet If We Just Called off the Drug War - Western Free Press   westernfreepress 

Today's Techno-Panic Would Have Killed the Printing Press - Western Free Press   westernfreepress 

Post Edited: This Unelected Board Would Have Put Seniors' Health Care at Risk. Now, It's On the Chopping Block   westernfreepress 

Post Edited: Loose Ends   westernfreepress 

Post Edited: Trump issues warning to McCain after speech   westernfreepress 

Post Edited: How to budget for December holidays in October   westernfreepress 

Post Edited: Duchess of Cambridge's due date announced   westernfreepress 

Post Edited: Jennifer Lawrence: I had to do `nude line-up'   westernfreepress 

Post Edited: Family of ill boy wants cards from all 50 states   westernfreepress 

North Korea warns of potential nuclear war - Western Free Press   westernfreepress