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First Turkish military convoy enters Syria's Idlib
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The Deserter Honored in the Rose Garden   steyn 

University of Missouri Warns Students of Active Threat, Armed Female On Campus - Breaking911   breaking911 

Blunt Force Truth Nearly Half The Country Thinks Media Make Up Stories About Trump   bluntforcetruth 

Put Up or Shut Up: Bill Kristol in 2018 – American Greatness   amgreatness 

Beware the #MeToo rape allegation bandwagon ==>   malkin 

🚨 Watch Out!   clarionproject 

Trump and GOP bail out Obamacare to prepare for single-payer   stridentconservative 

Virginia’s Democrat Nominee For Governor Deletes His Black Running Mate From Palm Cards   theresurgent 

Yes, The Russia Scandal Is Real — And It Involves Hillary Clinton   ibd 

Blunt Force Truth Disabled, White Man Attacked on Maryland Bus by Attacker Screaming About Slavery   bluntforcetruth 

Harvard law professor threatens Sebastian Gorka ⋆ Conservative Firing Line   conservativefiringline 

Why ‘appointing better judges’ will not fix our rogue courts   conservativereview 

Connecticut: Koran teacher who overstayed visa by 30 years avoids deportation in church   creeping 

Khamenei says Iran will 'shred' nuclear deal if U.S. quits it   reuters 

Senators Ready to Confront Sessions at Oversight Hearing   rollcall 

22 shot in Chicago over the weekend, 9 fatally 

VIDEO: Cops cuff vandal for throwing paint on pro-life display   campusreform 

Faculty reject 'marketplace of ideas,' demand censorship   campusreform 

Spain asks Catalan leader to ‘act sensibly’ as direct rule deadline nears   oann 

Bowe Bergdahl Desertion Predicted on Fox News in 2009   nro 

DOJ Blocked Witness From Telling Congress Of Russian Efforts To Bribe Clintons   lidblog 

Massachusetts: Public high school had kids simulate Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca   creeping 

In This War Minnesota’s Twin Cities Are Lost – Understanding the Threat   understandingthethreat 

Four Britons kidnapped in Nigeria's Delta state -police • The Foreign Desk   foreigndesknews 

About The ‘He Knew What He Signed Up For’ Scandal…   sooper 

‘Fake saint’ and mass murderer Che Guevara honored in Ireland with a postage stamp   babalu 

Planned Parenthood Targets Black Women With Abortion: 79% of Their Clinics are in Minority Neighborhoods   lifenews 

Israeli Driver, Alon Day, Wins European NASCAR Championship   thetower 

FBI Informant in Russia Bribery Case Threatened with Jail Time If He Talks   redstate 

It’s high time the Council joins the EU’s Transparency Register rules –   euractiv 

How EU can ensure Daphne Caruana Galizia's legacy survives   euobserver 

George Soros Puts $18 Billion Into Radically Transforming America   conhq 

Washington Post Busts Chris Murphy's Gun Control Claims   bearingarms 

Barry Soetoro, Posing as Obama, Now Running Hollywood Show #tcot   cfp 

Shocking! University of Miami dis-invites Castronoid speaker   babalu 

Hillary Offers Up Absurd Story As to How She Wound Up in a Walking Boot   jwf 

Tucker Carlson--UNLEASHED!  |  Ricochet   ricochet 

Poll: GOP Candidate Roy Moore Tied With Democrat Candidate Doug Jones   oann 

Articles - Israel bashing is UNESCO's drug of choice (Ron Prosor)   humanrightsvoices 

Unmasking Observations « Intellectual Conservative   intellectualconservative 

YOU DON'T SAY: Massive Fraud Uncovered In Obama's Free Phone Program   americanlookout 

McKayla Maroney reveals she was molested by US team doctor   dailymail 

Watch Clinton Call The Mother Of A Benghazi Victim A Liar   thefederalist 

Vegas hero Campos emerges, breaks silence - one time only - Hot Air Hot Air   hotair 

Ireland Hails Infamous Dimwit, Party Pooper, Teetotaler and Coward as National Hero   babalu 

CIA's asset in Mexico was architect of some of the worst atrocities of the Dirty War   muckrock 

Balfour Declaration: Haters Declare War   honestreporting 

IDF Chief Says Israel Is Becoming Like Nazi Germany, Refuses to Back Down   globalresearch 

Where’s the Coverage? Egyptian Army Destroys Sinai Homes   camera 

FreedomWorks on Sen. Alexander (R-Tenn.) and Patty Murray (D-Wa.) Bailout Deal   freework 

“Ethnic self-help” groups still getting boodle from Trump ORR   refugeeresettlementwatch 

After Pro-Life Advocates Pray at New Abortion Clinic, It Cancels Every Abortion Appointment   lifenews 

Look Where ISIS Was Discovered the Last Month Alone   clarionproject 

Green Power is Part Time Power    wuwt 

Antonia Okafor - 2017 "30 Under 30" Award Winners   redalert 

CNN Reporter Mocks Trump for Helping Polio Survivor   theblacksphere 

Vegas Security Guard Mysteriously "Vanished" After Visiting Urgent Care   politichicks 

Leave a comment   capjrnl 

The Art Of The Reveal: Trump And Obamacare Subsidies   saints 

Wednesday Pics – The Daley Gator   thedaleygator 

First coalition talks constructive - German parties   reuters 

Trump Makes The DC Establishment Crazier Every Day   conhq 

Remember Those Cops Who Beat A Guy On A United Airlines Plane? They’ve Been Fired! - Freedom Outpost   freedomoutpost 

Liberals are Exploiting an Illegal Immigrant to Push Free Abortions for Non-Citizens   lifenews 

The real U.S.-Russian conspiracy: Russia gave multi-million $ bribe to Clinton Foundation for 2010 uranium deal   dcclothesline 

DOJ to Sue Colorado Corporation for Discriminating Against American Workers   nusa 

Hustler Mogul Offers $10 MILLION for Dirt on President Trump   theblacksphere 

Time to subpoena Obama on his ties to Russia   donsurber 

Hillary Just Called the Mother of a Benghazi Victim A Liar On The National Stage   menrec 

Sen. Sasse "Accidentally" Dumps Dr Pepper on Sen. Cruz During Sessions Hearing   legalins 

As Outcry Over Sexual Harassment Grows, Focus Shifts to State Legislatures   governing 

‘Vile, biased a**hole’: James Woods NUKES CNN reporter for mocking polio survivor Mitch McConnell –   twitchy 

Why George W. Bush Let a Soldier's Mom Yell at Him   dailysignal 

There is no #Russian collusion with President Trump. It's with Obama and the Clintons   imprimis 

Breaking: Shooting At Maryland Office Park Leaves At Several Injured   bearingarms 

‘I tell them in Arabic, we’re here to help you’ – Israel Hayom   hayom 

62% Say Liberal Hollywood Has Negative Impact on Society   rasmussen 

The Holocaust victim who loved Palestine   elderofziyon 

DUNKIRK: “People Should Be Hung From Lampposts, They Should Be Burned Alive, For What They’ve Done To Britain”   vdare 

Israeli Science: Obama Birth Certificate Is A Fake - Freedom Outpost   freedomoutpost 

Watch Live Senate Judiciary Hearing: Oversight of the Justice Department   peoplespunditdaily 

United Airlines Employees Fired After Dragging Passenger   lawnewz 

COSTLY COMMIE: You Won't Believe How Much West Point's Radical Marxist Cadet Cost Taxpayers   caller 

Hawaiian Judge Blocks Trump's New Travel Ban. Thinks He's President.   westernfreepress 

Pro-Choice Author's Shoddy Thought Experiment Gets Shredded in Epic Online Battle   victorygirlsblog 

Let's Make a Political Party out of Software   globalguerrillas 

Making History: China and Russia are Transforming Enemies into Friends   strategic-culture 

'Russia's version of Paris Hilton' announces presidential bid • The Foreign Desk   foreigndesknews 

The original Russia collusion story: Uranium   datechguy 

Coolidge: Slow down immigration in order to assimilate huge group of immigrants that had come over previous 25 yrs   madisonproject 

Chinese National Caught Spraying Feces On Produce At South Carolina Grocery Store – United States Illegal Alien Crime Report   illegalaliencrimereport 

Illegal Alien Charged With California Wildfire That Killed 40 People – United States Illegal Alien Crime Report   illegalaliencrimereport 

Now in Effect: California Law Bans Participation in a Federal Registry Based on Religion or Ethnicity   clibertyc 

Paul Ryan comes out against Alexander-Murray health care bill - Axios   axios 

The opioid story 60 Minutes won't tell you is coming from the Mexican drug cartels .@realDonaldTrump   netright 

MISSING NO MORE: Mandalay Bay security guard Jesus Campos gives interview to Ellen DeGeneres –   twitchy 

Somalis defy police to protest against deadly truck bombings • The Foreign Desk   foreigndesknews 

Billionaire Branson targeted in $5 million scam 'straight out of le Carre'   reuters 

Will The Alexander-Murray Health Care "Deal" to Salvage Obamacare Also Fund Abortions?   lifenews 

Shapiro: 'Raising awareness' isn't helping much   conservativereview 

The New York Times' 'Red Century' Project Burnishes Totalitarianism   cmmntry 

Big Rumor in Mississippi: Thad Cochran to Step Down   theresurgent 

Michael Reagan: Trump Is Right About NBC and Comcast — The Patriot Post   patriotpost 

CLINTON COLLUSION: Sen. Grassley Probes ‘Conflicts of Interest’ with Russia   hannity 

Trump Says ‘I Can’t Support Bailing Out’ Insurance Companies Profiting From Obamacare   caller 

FBI Found 2,800 Government Documents on Anthony Weiner's Laptop - The Political Insider   thepoliticalinsider 

He Body Slammed Her At A Pool Party - Watch What She Did To Him In Court!   clash 

Gold-Star Mom: Yes, Trump Disrespected My Son in Phone Call - The Daily Beast   dailybeast 

WATCH LIVE: Jeff Sessions testifies before Senate Judiciary Committee – The Right Scoop   scoop 

Outrage! NFL execs just SPIT in America’s face - The Horn News   thehornnews 

Bias Response Team at Evergreen State Banned Criticism of Black Lives Matter   legalins 

Malkin: Beware the Rape Allegation Bandwagon   truthrevolt 

Blunt Force Truth Joy Behar Begs GOP to Stop Attacking ‘Important Comedians’   bluntforcetruth 

Political argument in Britain has stopped when we need it most   specuk 

Lawyer files to have ex-FBI chief James Comey disbarred after Clinton scandal - Washington Times   times 

Latest violence by illegal immigrant on judges’ hands   howiecarrshow 

Is the Iran Deal fixable? Listen now on @radiogaffney with @bhweingarten   centerforsecuritypolicy 

The FBI's Forgotten Criminal Record   fff 

Center for Security Policy   centerforsecuritypolicy 

The #RAISEAct would potentially reduce legal immigration by 50% over 10 years.   nusa 

After Syria strike, PM says, ‘We will hit anyone who hits us’ – Israel Hayom   hayom 

‘Feminist as f*ck’: Joss Whedon gets ROASTED after calling Ivanka Trump ‘sweetie’ –   twitchy 

REALLY!? Calif. state senator’s plan for ‘children’s pumpkin carving’ event sends heads to desks –   twitchy 

Good News! The Bipartisan Obamacare "Fix" Doesn't Actually Fix Anything!   redstate 

Rand Paul EXPOSES the DC Swamp budget tricks for what they are   conservativereview 

Mark Levin: We should take a knee to protest THIS liberal insanity   conservativereview 


Independent observers: No referendum took place in Catalonia EurActiv   euractiv 

Father, Son Seriously Injured, Toddler Wounded In Makeshift Fire Pit Explosion - Breaking911   breaking911 

Arson Suspect in Wine Country Wildfires is Arrested   legalins 

Why the U.S. Needs a 355-Ship Navy Now   realcleardefense 

McKayla Maroney alleges past abuses by Larry Nassar as early as 13   abc 

Guess who just erased his black running mate from campaign material in Virginia –   twitchy 

Alexander-Murray Health ‘Deal’ Sends Tax Dollars To Abortion Coverage   thefederalist 

Trump's alternative reality, part two   axios 

Fears Grow FBI Using New ‘Black Identity Extremist’ Classification as Guise to Profile   lawnewz 

TOP 10: Quebec ponders burqa ban again - The Rebel   therebel 

Michelle Obama Public Library invites 'Satan approved' drag queen to read to young children   theduran 

Defense Secy Mattis Asks Congress For New Round of Military Base Closures   oann 


15 Ways to Detect a False Flag Operation   activistpost 

NFL Ratings Down 13% As They Move to Become an Openly Leftist Mouthpiece   sentinel 

Students Answer the Question, “Where Is God in All the Tragedy in the World” Without Saying a Word   sentinel 

Norway and Poland reach deal on €809m aid scheme   euobserver 

Even in Left-Wing European Circles, BDS Is Being Linked to Anti-Semitism   cmmntry 

Excellent: Trump Looking To Build More Jails For Illegals   pircove 

FBI knew about Russia’s bribery scheme to control US uranium before deal was approved: report 

New Residential Construction: Housing Starts, Building Permits Strong in September   peoplespunditdaily 

Trump: “Freedom is a Gift From God”   dossier 

Nir East - by Lee Smith   hudson 

NFL cash cow dries up   donsurber 

Britain broke its promise to the Palestinian people - on Balfour's centenary it should make amends   middleeasteye 


CNN Reporter: Trump Uses Culture Wars to Unify 'Largely White' Base - The Rebel   therebel 

Mark Latham's Outsiders: Sam Kekovich - The Rebel   therebel 

Attorney: DoJ blocked FBI undercover testimony on Russia bribery-extortion probe - Hot Air Hot Air   hotair 

Five unsettling FBI surveillance tips from the '40s   muckrock 

Juncker dinner to warm up relations with eastern EU   euobserver 

Court hearing in MEPs 'private' expenses battle   euobserver 


Does the World Need a Universal Language?   thetrumpet 

'Journalism': Farrow's truth in demand; O'Keefe's truth ignored   conservativereview 

Liberals Push New Fantasy to Install Hillary as President   legalins 

Brexit and the breaking of environmental promises #Brexit50   euractiv 

Bauerlein on Horowitz: The Left in the Universities   truthrevolt 


Clinton Criticizes Trump’s North Korea Tweets But Not Policies   voanews 

Debunking Liberal claims about RCMP "refugee" screening questionnaire - The Rebel   therebel 

WATCH: McCain TORCHES Fox News reporter for “stupid” question! – The Right Scoop   scoop 

Gigantic Asshole Convicted For Vile Assault   tsg 

University of Montana J-school disinvites speaker due to 'risk of offending students' - The College Fix   thecollegefix 

Gov. Bruce Rauner long has argued that one of the state's best economic bets would be to somehow bridge   chibiz 

Dear Jamie Oliver: Canada doesn’t need a fruitless tax on sugary drinks - The Rebel   therebel 

I'm not kidding ? get ready for FLYING BURRITOS!   scoop 

Syrian general who threatened refugees killed in Deir Ezzor   middleeasteye 

Krugman and the "Heroic" Fed - Western Free Press   westernfreepress 

College tells people what not to wear on Halloween   marathon 

Articles - TfL bans ads displaying Palestinian objections to Balfour declaration (Ian Black)   humanrightsvoices 


Kenyan election head: No guarantee vote will be free and fair • The Foreign Desk   foreigndesknews 

'Russia's version of Paris Hilton' announces presidential bid   reuters 

US children, being taught to be human capital,   magnote 

The Proper Role of Government — GraniteGrok   granitegrok 

Egged off: EU summit venue switched after noxious fumes • The Foreign Desk   foreigndesknews 

Northern Ireland political talks stall as time runs out • The Foreign Desk   foreigndesknews 

Liberated From #ISIS Dogs!   battleswarmblog 

That WILL be DONE...WATCH   netright 

Austria's far-right stakes claim to interior ministry ahead of coalition talks • The Foreign Desk   foreigndesknews 

Vote may have put independence out of reach for Iraqi Kurds   reuters 

Scope Of Russian Troll Operation Explained #g8m   noisyrm 

Illegal in the US: Washington State – 25K Girls Face Female Genital Mutilation   magnote 


U.S.-backed campaign against IS in eastern Syria to speed up: SDF militia • The Foreign Desk   foreigndesknews 

Why the China-Korea Currency Swap Doesn’t Mean the THAAD Dispute Is Over   thediplomat 

Mom Jokes '3-Year-Old For Sale, $12 or Best Offer,' Is Investigated for Child Slavery   reason 

NFL Players Kneeling for Social Justice Only Hurt Causes they Claim to Stand For   redstate 

Satanists Are Trying to Force Christian Bakers to Make Satanic Cakes   redstate 

The Real Problem with Christian Support for Donald Trump   redstate 

Support for Weinstein's victims is undermined by talk of "toxic masculinity" - Hot Air Hot Air   hotair 

Hacker codenamed in honour of 'Alf' from Home and Away stole sensitive data about Australian military projects   smh-au 

The Transgender Cult: Parents Speak Out About ‘Rapid-Onset Gender Dysphoria’   rsm 

Thaler's Bias via @LawLiberty   libertylawsite 

How Non-State Actors Export Kleptocratic Norms to the West - by Ilya Zaslavskiy   hudson 

Russia tables turn, roping Clinton, Obama, Holder, not Trump - Washington Times   times 

This Young Boy's Patriotism Is REFRESHING - Someone Forward It To The Ungrateful NFL Whiners   clash 

Trump Flip-Flops on Senate Health Care Deal   rollcall 

India hunts for woman 'tortured and enslaved' by Saudi employers   middleeasteye 

You are being redirected...   jihad 

Dear CNN: Obama's FBI Hid Hillary's 'Russia Connection'   clash 

Dartmouth's 'Gender Research Institute' shuttered - The College Fix   thecollegefix 

Somalia Bomb Attack Was 'Revenge' for Children Killed in US Raid: Report   theantimedia 

The Purge: Scott Yenor and the Witch Hunt at Boise State   wklystd 

Fiji to Issue 100% Clean Energy Climate Change Bond   wuwt