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Merit vs. Wokeness: Universities Must Choose.  human 

Alec Baldwin's Teary Excuse That He Didn't Pull The Trigger Is Irrelevant   thegreggjarrett 

CIA Covered Up Staff Sex Crimes Committed Against Minors   caller 

Videos: Man with shotgun surrenders after police standoff outside UN in NYC 

DEBUNKING false claims about Trump's flight on Epstein's jet ⬇️   rsbnetwork 

Australian man arrested for escaping quarantine camp   oann 

Cleveland Clinic Healthcare System Suspends Vaccine Mandate - The Last Refuge   treehouse 

Andrew Cuomo is under federal investigation over sexually harassing 11 women    dailymail 

UK: Another Muslim rape gang busted, 39 men plus three women who allowed premises to be used   jihad 

Cruz Grills Biden Judicial Nominee On Previous Comments Targeting Conservatives   thejeffreylord 

Doctor Slams Sotomayor: "To Compare an Unborn Child to a Brain-Dead Person is Wholly Ignorant" -   lifenews 

(READ) CDC releases an alarming increase in U.S. autism numbers: 1 in 44 8-year-olds   sharylattkisson 

10 Airmen Investigated for Trespassing at Capitol Riot, New Military Extremism Report Shows   military 

PLUNGING JOE: New Poll Shows Biden’s Approval Plummeting to 36%   hannity 

The story of the No. 10 Christmas Party last December. In 4 mins. Produced Michael Cox.   bbc 

Biden Announces COVID Treatment Plan That Mirrors Action Plan of Governor Ron DeSantis - The Last Refuge   treehouse 

Jeffrey Epstein visited Bill Clinton at the White House at least 17 times, visitor logs reveal   dailymail 

John Eastman's Lawyers Just Destroyed the Jan 6 Committee and Its 'Subpoenas'.   thenationalpulse 

Montgomery Academy vs Piedmont High School   stream 

A Microchip Containing Your Vaccine Passport Information Can Now Be Embedded In Your Hand   zh 

Jan. 6 Defendant Fingers 4 Possible Undercover Agents   theepochtimes 

Pfizer Documents Reveal Over 1,200 Vaccine Deaths Over 90-Day Trial Period - National File   nationalfile 

Poll: 80% of Democrat voters afraid of Omicron, only 35% of Republicans are concerned   oann 

Record of Waukesha massacre suspect's $1,000 bail hearing missing due to 'technical issues'   thepostmillennial 

Pro-Life Advocates Outnumber Abortion Supporters in Protests Outside Supreme Court -   lifenews 

Vaccine inventor: 'Fundamentally evil' COVID policies harming children   wnd 

Justice Sotomayor is Wrong: Science Confirms Unborn Babies Feel Pain -   lifenews 

New book reveals Hunter Biden joked with therapist about father having dementia   thepostmillennial 

Democrats were counting on Hillary to win. Oops. I guess they should have had a better candidate   rcp 

Exclusive: Trump Already Sold 100,000 Copies of Book, 50 Times More than Chris Christie Book   breitbart 

Tucker Carlson dominates cable news ratings, scores highest rated week of 2021   thepostmillennial 

Jen Psaki Makes False Claim That Trump Told Americans To ‘Inject Bleach’ - The Political Insider   thepoliticalinsider 

DEVELOPING: Man Pacing with Shotgun Outside UN Forces Shutdown of NYC Streets   saraacarter 

LIGHTFOOT’S CHICAGO: Cook County, IL Records 1000+ Homicides in 2021, Most Since 1994   hannity 

The Supreme Court Finally Appears Ready to Overturn Roe v. Wade -   lifenews 

Campus Reform the #1 Source for College News   campusreform 

Great piece by @SVPhillimore on disgraced suspended misogynist GP Harrop   thecritic 

Germany Announces National Lockdown for Unvaccinated   theepochtimes 

Mum's horror as gang of men offer her cash to buy her daughter as she walks her to primary school   thesun 

Loading 3rd party ad content   smh-au 

Russia says military action in Ukraine highly likely — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union   rt 

Justice Samuel Alito Appears Ready to Overturn Roe: Okay to Overturn Cases That are Egregiously Wrong   lifenews 

The targeting of Jewish teenagers on Oxford Street is a wake-up call   specuk 

China Prepared to Launch Hostilities Against India Along Disputed Himalayan Border   gatestone 

'Lot of concern' over Russian military activity near Ukraine, top U.S. general says   reuters 

9-Year-Old Afghan Girl Sold Into Marriage Rescued   mediaite 

Turkey: One in three women has been a victim of domestic violence   jihad 

AstraZeneca uncovers 'trigger' of blood clots after its jab   dailymail 

Judge orders pro-Trump election lawyers to pay $175,000 in sanctions   thehill 

Tesla officially moves its headquarters to Austin, Texas   nypost 

Vaccines and Power   gatestone 

Why punish a scientist for defending science?   specuk 

TikTok suspends account of critic of Islam who has been inundated with death threats: she criticized Islam   jihad 

China’s pursuit of hypersonic weapons raises regional tensions   oann 

2021 saw the most police officers shot and killed in US history, according to Fraternal Order of Police   blaze 

How is this not racism? Black Lives Matter calls for boycott of all "white companies"   notthebee 

We must stand with the Jewish people in the fight against the world's oldest bigotry: anti-Semitism   jpost 

GOP Reps. question intentions of Democrat ‘Administrative Procedure Act’   oann 

Left Media Panic Over Bannon 'Blowing Up the Whole System' With Legal Fight.   thenationalpulse 

Senator John Kennedy: There's No Right to Abortion in the Constitution -   lifenews 

Russia deploys coastal missile system on island chain near Japan   reuters 

Current global financial system is a 'dance with death'   euobserver 

Actually the Iranian scientists came to us   jpost 

Third omicron case in the United States detected in Colorado   fox 

Trump's effort to subvert our democracy is ongoing in states around the country   wapo 

McCallie School vs Montgomery Bell Academy   stream 

Senate Dems Blocking Measure to Prohibit Imports Made with Chinese Slave Labor   beacon 

The Frogs Have Begun Fleeing the Government's Boiling Pot   thinker 

A new poll shows the next generation of Americans hate their own country: Hegseth   fox 

Manchin to vote to nix Biden's vaccine mandate for larger businesses   thehill 

Chicago Public Schools eliminating sex-specific restrooms to 'increase gender equity'   fox 

Murder suspect arrested in shooting of Jacqueline Avant   oann 

Manchin won't rule out backing GOP effort to defund Biden vaccine mandate   thehill 

Rand Paul Says Congressional Democrats And Biden Regime 'Couldn't Run A 7-Eleven, Much Less The Government' - National File   nationalfile 

Cuomo Scandal Gets Even Slimier and Drags CNN in Even Deeper – RedState   redstate 

When Biden met Golda: New details emerge of storied encounter on the eve of war   timesofisrael 

DHS to restart Trump's 'Remain in Mexico' border policy after Mexico agrees to conditions - Washington Times   times 

Gordon Chang: It is paramount that the US decouples from China now - Center for Security Policy   centerforsecuritypolicy 

America's battle for remote work is just beginning   sfgate 

Boycott the New York Times -- Read the Real News at Larwyn's Linx

Rabobank: The NecronOmicron Has Been Opened, And The Results Will Be Terrible #zerohedge   zh 

Top 20 Tweets from BadBlue Tonight, 12.01.21: "Sotomayor Detects A Stench"   directorblue 

Exclusive — Nancy Mace’s Chief of Staff Resigns amid SC Congresswoman’s Feud with Conservatives   breitbart 

Soulless Joy, sidekick Mystal become unglued over SCOTUS abortion case, sneer at giving unborn children rights   nwsbstrs 

Man with gun outside UN in New York surrenders to police   reuters 

Yikes: Overtly Political CIA and DOJ Covered up Deep State Child Sex Crimes – RedState   redstate 

Supreme Court Should Allow Bad Abortion Law To Die By Its Own Hand   thefederalist 

Did failure to adequately treat HIV patients give rise to the Omicron variant?   latimes 

Germany to launch nationwide lockdown for the unvaccinated   thehill 

COVID-19: Most Americans Won’t Let It Affect Holiday Plans - Rasmussen Reports®   rasmussen 

Christmas may be at risk, but things could be worse – just look at the EU   telegrph 

Nancy Pelosi: Supreme Court Will Lose "Legitimacy" if It Overturns Roe v. Wade -   lifenews 

BREAKING: Germany locks down its unvaccinated population   thepostmillennial 

Superb!   specuk 

Yet Another Big Wheel Falls off the Kamala Express – RedState   redstate 

'We Draw The Lines' Caught Coloring Outside of Them – RedState   redstate 

Horowitz: Pfizer vaccine injury data ordered released by judge shows shocking risk level - TheBlaze   blaze 

UN holds pro-Palestinian conference on anniversary of recognizing Israeli statehood   jihad 

Gov. Greg Abbott's social media censorship law struck down in federal court   chron 

Hero teen killed while rushing to stop school shooter, witnesses say 

Larry Elder: The Kamala Conundrum -- Why Dems Are Stuck With Her, by Larry Elder    creators 

Jews dance on Chanukah, Arab media reports "Settlers perform provocative dances"   elderofziyon 

Priti Patel to give go-ahead for RNLI boats to rescue migrants, days after Channel tragedy   express 

j&k: Tourist inflow in J&K hit 7-year high in November: Govt   intimes 

Oh look, the world is still seeking to sever the Jews from Judaism and Jerusalem   jpost 

Ghislaine Maxwell trial: Housekeeper found sex toys, leather costume after Epstein's massages   fox 

New U.S. COVID-19 international travel testing rules take effect Monday   reuters 

Judge says Trump 'stoked' crowd on Jan. 6, then stroked his little Donnie as the violence broke out   thehill 

Germany Is Medically Segregating The Unvaccinated From Public Life   thefederalist 

Washington Post's Philip Bump publishes Media Matters disinformation   sharylattkisson 

Alec Baldwin: The trigger wasn’t pulled, I didn’t pull the trigger   oann 

19th Democrat Abandons Pelosi-Led Party Ahead of Coming 2022 Midterms Bloodbath - Becker News   beckernews 

Teens Who Put Up Fake KKK Flyers at Florida State U. Will Face No Charges   legalins 

Dr. Harvey Risch: Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, and Other Therapeutics Highly Effective in Early COVID Treatment   theepochtimes 

BJP Arunachal: BJP Arunachal MP claims Chinese army intrusion   intimes 

Child sex abusers at CIA avoiding prosecution: What we know — RT USA News   rt 

United Airlines to move operations staff to Arlington Heights from Chicago   chibiz 

DeSantis Calls out Biden for Lying to the People About Trump's Responsibility for COVID – RedState   redstate 

Joy Behar: Conservatives ‘Do Not Understand The Reality Of What Happens When You Have Sex’   caller 

Mark Cuban just lassoed the entire town of Mustang south of Dallas   dallas 

Rubio Blasts NYT For Hiding Xi Jinping's Role In Uyghur Genocide   thefederalist 

Pennsylvania Unions Ignore SCOTUS To Force Teachers To Pay Dues   thefederalist 

Immigration's Impact on Black Americans: A 200-Year Chronology Ricochet   ricochet 

Dogbert's Driving School - Dilbert Comic Strip on 2021-12-02   dilbert 

The sinister nature of electric cars   thinker 

It sure looks like Kamala Harris is rearranging the deck chairs on her proverbial Titanic   twitchy 

Russia to unveil security pact proposals in bid to restrain NATO   reuters 

Peter DeFazio to retire, becomes 19th Democrat exiting from Pelosi majority - Washington Times   times 


Hanukkah menorahs vandalized in at least 3 Ukrainian cities   timesofisrael 

John Schneider rails against Alec Baldwin for claiming he 'didn’t pull the trigger'   fox 

‘You Are Saying Something That Is False’: Reporter Simon Ateba Explodes On Psaki In Tense Exchange   caller 

Report: CIA staff committed sex crimes against minors and weren't prosecuted 

Whoopi Goldberg Just Came up With the Dumbest Pro-Abortion Argument Yet – RedState   redstate 

Technology is cool but I want to destroy whatever this is with fire   notthebee 

New Jersey Republicans defy COVID mandate: 'You have no right to stop us' - Washington Times   times 

Watch: Abortion Advocates Take Abortion Pills And Scream 'Abortion' At Protest Outside Supreme Court - The Political Insider   thepoliticalinsider 

DOJ investigating sexual harassment allegations against Andrew Cuomo   thehill 

Coverage of Waukesha, Kenosha Shows Media Never Learns Lesson   dailysignal 

Ron DeSantis Blasts Biden for Stricter Travel Restrictions for US Citizens But Not Illegal Immigrants   townhall 

Pfizer CEO says Booster shots could be required annually   oann 


Muggers throw brick at man's head, pick pockets in disturbing video   nypost 

Former judge investigating 2020 election calls out mayors for 'coverup'   wnd 

Darryl Brooks Who Killed Six People With His SUV, Says He Feels 'Dehumanized,' Treated Like a 'Monster'   louderwithcrowder 

Exclusive: Texas Law Enforcement Reports Reveal Scope of the Border Crisis   theepochtimes 

Kamala Harris In Disarray: Another Key VP Staffer Ditches White House   thefederalist 

Columbia University and New York-Presbyterian Hospital Announce Settlement With Alleged Victims of Former Gynecologist – NBC New York   nbcnewyork 

Using the Memory Hole to Create an ADHD Consensus > Peter Hitchens   newenglishreview 

Alec Baldwin's claim he didn't pull trigger on 'Rust' questioned by sheriff: 'Guns don't just go off'   fox 

Dr. Richard Fleming: Pfizer Vaccine Causes Blood Clots Under Microscope   rumble 

Meghan wins ruling in Mail on Sunday privacy fight I am pleased the court voted in her favour. It was obvious that   bbc 

Call a child rapist a “child rapist”   thecritic 

WHO calls Omicron 'super mild variant', no spikes in COVID death rates   rumble 


Unhinged rant on Roe v. Wade   rumble 

NYC opens two overdose prevention centers, driving businesses away   lawenforcementtoday 

CIA claims briefing President Trump 'most difficult' in decades, but …   wnd 

Archaeological Remains of Jihadist Massacre of Christians Unearthed – PJ Media   pjmedia 

UN Passes Resolution Disavowing Jewish Ties To Temple Mount, Call It Solely Muslim…   wz 

Keir Starmer enjoys beer with Labour workers despite lockdown rules banning indoor social gatherings   thesun 

Biden 'Kids' That Anthony Fauci is the Real President   mediaite 

european union: US, EU concerned by China's 'problematic and unilateral actions' at sea - Times of India   intimes 

Taxpayers Paid Big Money for Dem Attempt to Overturn Election Results - Washington Free Beacon   beacon 

Galloway attacks BBC for 'toxic mixture of achingly woke politically correct' coverage @georgegalloway   express 

At UN, 129 Countries Erase Jewish Ties to Jerusalem   unitedwithisrael 

After CNN Exposé, At Least 4 Kamala Harris Aides Headed For The Exit - The Political Insider   thepoliticalinsider 


Gross Overreaction To Omicron   rumble 

GOP Senators Intro Bill to Stop Biden's Plan to Pay Illegals   townhall 

What is Ursula von der Leyen playing at? - spiked   spiked-online 

Youngkin: Va. will be most military friendly state in U.S.   oann 

Whitlock: Keith Olbermann’s Barstool insanity shows the danger of living a life based on defending political lies - TheBlaze   blaze 

Fully vaccinated Dana White contracts COVID-19, takes same treatment as Joe Rogan, 'feeling like a million bucks' i   blaze 

AOC Attacks Brett Kavanaugh but Gets Laid out by Tara Reade – RedState   redstate 

Mitch McConnell Shoots Down Call to Shut Down Government   mediaite 

DOJ & FBI Target Biden Political Opponents   judicial 

Florida Dem candidate's lawsuit alleges universal income promise amounts to bribing voters   bizpacreview 

A Microchip Containing Your Vaccine Passport Information Can Now Be Embedded In Your Hand - Activist Post   activistpost 

Afghanistan evacuation price tag rises by $7 billion - Washington Times   times 


'There's a problem with Carr's joke: it's simply not funny.'   specuk 

MSNBC Analyst's Defense of Fauci Should Hang in the Louvre of Bad Takes – RedState   redstate 

Republican senators introduce bill to block settlement payments to separated illegal immigrants   fox 

World Health Organization Says No Evidence Booster Jabs Would Offer Greater Protection to the Healthy Summit   summit 

Austria's Kurz quits party and parliament, stunning national politics   reuters 

AstraZeneca vaccine's blood clot 'trigger' uncovered by experts in huge step forward   express 

Breaking: U.S. District Judge STRIKES DOWN Biden's vax mandate for federal contractors   newstarget 

Amid Iran tensions, Gantz to head to Washington to meet with US counterpart   timesofisrael 

Democrats' Lust for Baby Killing Is Really Creepy – PJ Media   pjmedia 

War: What Israel talks about when it talks about striking Iran's nuclear program   timesofisrael 

Biden reveals plan to ‘vaccinate the world’ — RT USA News   rt 

DCCC gets hammered on Twitter for trying and failing to save Biden on gas prices - TheBlaze   blaze 


Joe Biden 'Jokes' About Not Really Being President but No One Is Laughing – RedState   redstate 

Democratic pollster: 'We’ve got a national branding problem that is probably deeper than a lot of people suspect' – HotAir   hotair 

Waukesha Christmas Parade Massacre Suspect Complains He Is Being 'Dehumanized' - The Political Insider   thepoliticalinsider 

Posobiec: Victim Takes Stand In Lady Epstein Case!   rumble 

Lisa Boothe on the Greater Threat than Covid ⋆ 🔔 The Liberty Daily   thelibertydaily 

Exclusive: Toyota turns to Chinese tech to reach its electric holy grail   reuters 

Ilhan Omar plays audio of death threat she claims she received on her voicemail   jihad 

Pelosi denounces faith-based attacks on Omar as 'indecent' and 'dangerous'   abc 

UCLA's game against Washington jeopardized by seven positive tests within Huskies' program   latimes 

Ted Cruz says 'Women's Tennis Association has bigger balls than the NBA' on China   fox 

AP: Missing military explosives turned up with kids, at homes, scrap yards and more 

U.S. Reaches Deal to Restart ‘Remain in Mexico’ Program for Asylum Seekers - WSJ   wsj 

Sen. Kennedy Catches Biden's Radical Judicial Nominee in Lie, Asks Him If He Will Pull His Own Nomination - Becker News   beckernews 

Artists in Cuba expose the repression of the communist state – Babalú Blog   babalu 

Biden's contradictory COVID policies are getting even worse   washexam 

Biden's World: UN Might Admit the Taliban into the Organization   townhall 

Fox's Doocy Asks Fauci If Illegal Immigrants Will Face Same New Travel Restrictions - The Political Insider   thepoliticalinsider 

Peter Doocy Turns the Tables on Jen Psaki in Epic Gotcha Moment!   rumble 

Austrian Chancellor Schallenberg stepping down — RT World News   rt 

Anime NYC Attendee Is 2nd US Omicron Variant Case – NBC New York   nbcnewyork 

Extinction Rebellions threatens to blow up pipelines, kill politicians – HotAir   hotair 

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