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House passes bill to fight voter ID laws across the United States - Conservative Review  conservativereview 

House Democrats Pass Bill to Fight Voter ID Laws Nationwide   pjmedia 

American academic Xiyue Wang released from Iranian custody   oann 

Forget The War On Christmas, The War On Advent Is Worse   thefederalist 

2,400 Americans died at Pearl Harbor 78 years ago today 

Trump tells pro-Israel conference that some US Jews don't love Israel enough   timesofisrael 

First Muslim Pennsylvania state rep. RESIGNS after being CAUGHT stealing money from charity! – The Right Scoop   scoop 

Rep. Devin Nunes Files $435 Million Defamation Lawsuit Against CNN over Ukraine Report   hannity 

CNN's Baldwin: The Most Trusted Name in Pro-Pelosi Views   beacon 

Devin Nunes: "My phone records don't match what Schiff, Dems put in report"...   treehouse 

It's Historic! Impeachment Flops in the Ratings   sentinel 

Breaking: Houston police officer dead after east Houston shooting   chron 

D’Abrosca On Tucker Carlson: Is Immigration Moratorium Concept Finally Breaking Through?   vdare 

Sweden: Muslim screams, We Arabs are here to take over your country, Swede who insults him gets fined   jihad 


Was Turkey’s Genocide of the Assyrians an Islamist Crime? – Tablet Magazine   tabletmag 

Steve Bannon warns that women are going to 'take charge of society'   insider 

On Trump impeachment, Democrats pivot back to Russia   washexam 

VIDEO: President Trump tells large crowd that Jesus Christ is the true meaning of Christmas - TheBlaze   blaze 

America remembers Dec. 7, 1941 on the 78th anniversary of Pearl Harbor raid   oann 

Officials: Pensacola shooter held mass shooting ‘watch party’ before attack   oann 

A Pearl Harbor Reminiscence   washexam 

Andrew Yang visits Dallas as critical deadline for presidential primary debate nears   dallas 

44 Sitting Members of Congress Have Accepted Donations From Trump   rollcall 

CNN's Primetime Town Hall With Nancy Pelosi Was A Ratings Flop   clash 

President Trump meets with police officers union at the White House   oann 

`Really?' Charles Payne drops a reality nuke after `Trudeau & Macron found time to snicker at Trump'   twitchy 

This is absolutely wrong. The confederate flag has and always will symbolize inherent racism   axios 

Trump tells large crowd Jesus Christ is true meaning of Christmas - WND   wnd 

ANALYSIS: As FISA Report Draws Near, A Review Of The FBI’s Flimsy Claims About Carter Page   caller 

President Trump hopes to flush away even more EPA regulations   legalins 

90 Miles From Tyranny : How A #Mexican Drug #Cartel Nearly Triggered War Between The U.S. And Iran: @NinetyMiles1   90miles 

Judicial Watch Sues State Department for Documents on Ambassador Yovanovitch’s ‘Untouchables’ List   theepochtimes 

News Forum - `People have real questions about this': Hunter-Ukraine questions cloud<BR   lucianne 

Devin Nunes promises swift action after Adam Schiff releases personal phone records - TheBlaze   blaze 

WATCH: Sen. Elizabeth Warren Addresses Question About Native American Ancestry   clash 

Pensacola jihadi hosted dinner party night before his massacre to watch videos of mass shootings   jihad 

The Second Sunday Of Advent   treehouse 

Medicare chief asked taxpayers to cover stolen jewelry - POLITICO   politico 

Ruth Bader Ginsburg blocks release of Trump's financial records   nypost 

Calif. ‘jungle primary’ system gives Democrats veto-proof, one-party state   oann 

Schiff, AOC Lambasted for Misrepresenting Trump Admin's New Food Stamp Rules   legalins 

Canada Loses 71,000 Jobs After Trudeau And Liberals Reelected   caller 

6-Year-Olds Told to Write Gay Love Letters - National File   nationalfile 

High-speed armed drones to complement #Russia's MiG-35 multi-role fighter jets & other aircraft manufacturer   rt 

Immigrant Mass Murder by Pensacola Arab Gunman: Maybe the Saudis Aren't Really Our Best Friends Forever?   vdare 

UK Media investigates Clintons & Epstein. Virginia Giuffre exposes Andrew & Maxwell (Video)   theduran 

Erdogan: A Muslim cannot be a terrorist; Islam does not produce terrorists   jihad 

Chairman Nadler Announces House Presenters for Monday Impeachment Inquisition…   treehouse 

Americans see & understand what DemocRATS have planned for them.   thinker 

The Michael Bloomberg Speech He Doesn't Want You To Hear   bearingarms 

Software Already Done - Dilbert Comic Strip on 2019-12-08   dilbert 

Saturday Night Live Mocks Trump, Foreign Leaders at NATO   mediaite 

Kind of explains how on June 15, a mere week after was created   dcleaks 

Fox Covers Iran Killing Protesters More Than Other Nets   nwsbstrs 

U.S. Envoy Says Iranian Regime May Have Killed Over 1,000 Protesters   legalins 

FIREWORKS: Gaetz Confronts Professor Karlan Over Donations, Use of Barron Trump to Attack the President   hannity 

Hong Kong AmCham president denied entry to Macau - Reuters   reuters 

New ATF Study: 423 MILLION Guns In Hands Of Americans, by Steve Watson   straightlinelogic 

Pope Francis compares Trump to King Herod who tried to kill baby Jesus   sentinel 

FLORIDA CHARTER SCHOOL dumps (Qatari-funded) Common Core and skyrockets to the number 1 school   barenakedislam 

Saudi national Pensacola Navy base shooter hosted party to watch mass shootings video 

Great news: The Peloton wife is safe, she's leaving her husband, and she's drunk as hell   hotair 

At the National Tree Lighting, Trump Hails a Different Symbol - the Cross, 'a Powerful Reminder of the Meaning of Christmas'   redstate 

Former Obama Campaign Aide: GOP ‘Should Be Burnt To The Ground’   wz 

This week federal judiciary became one-fifth Trump-appointed, while media focused on Jerry Nadler   legalins 

MSNBC and CNN use a well-known deceptively edited video to discredit Trump   thebl 

‘It’s Going To Be An Exposé And A Cover-Up’: Tom Fitton Gives His IG Report Predictions   caller 

WATCH: Trump Science Advisor Will Happer Calls Global Warming a 'Scam'   breitbart 

Pensacola Shooting Suspect Reportedly Loathed US As ‘Nation Of Evil,’ Hosted Dinner To Watch Mass Shooting Videos   caller 

In 2017 Donald Trump Gave Sergei Lavrov Classified Information, Now Russian Foreign Minister Is Coming Back   inquisitr 

This was an act of terrorism   fox 

World’s largest printer of money is running out of cash — RT Business News   rt 

Pence's office says it doesn't know what Schiff wants declassified   usa 

How Clinton And Obama Disarmed And Abandoned Ukraine   loudon 

Disgruntled Minority Massacre(s)? New Shooting At NAS Pensacola, As Navy STILL Hasn’t Revealed Name Of (Hispanic) Pearl Harbor Shooter   vdare 

Thousands of protesters throng streets of Hong Kong as government urges calm - Reuters   reuters 

Media Give a Pass to Schiff Investigating a Reporter’s Phone Logs   nwsbstrs 

Pennsylvania admits to 11,000 noncitizens registered to vote - Washington Times   times 

The Left-Right Divide Is About Reality Itself Voters   prager 

Andrew Yang Says Society Has ‘Confused Economic Value With Human Value’   inquisitr 

Factbox - What people in Hong Kong are saying after six months of demonstrations - Reuters   reuters 

Clinton Foundation whistleblowers have come forward with hundreds of pages of evidence, Meadows says   fox 

Varying Expectations For IG Horowitz Report – The Convenient Application of “intent”……   treehouse 

Israeli aircraft bomb Hamas positions in Gaza after rocket attack   timesofisrael 

HK Police Commissioner: Officers will be ‘flexible’ in handling protesters   oann 

NYC: Hizballah sleeper agent gets 40 years for jihad terror activity, New York Times sheds bitter tears   jihad 

How Paris Created a Cycling Boom   ozy 

Traffic cops pour WHISKEY in patrol car instead of antifreeze in viral VIDEO... then insist it’s a Christmas prank — RT Russia News   rt 

Our Tax Code Treats Corporations Better Than Families   caller 

Devin Nunes 'definitely' taking legal action after phone records appear in impeachment report - Washington Times   times 

Nunes Says His Phone Records Do Not Match What Rep. Adam Schiff Put Into His Report   wz 

Math Is Hard: AOC Busted for Taking 'Victory Lap' Over Amazon NYC Jobs News After People Read the Fine Print   redstate 

Anti-Trump CNN Drops to Three-Year Low in Ratings   lifezette 

Pearl Harbor: Hawaii Was Surprised; FDR Was Not   newam 

Adam Schiff Causes Massive Uproar Over Phone Records He Obtained   lifezette 

When Omar remains silent   power 

The Week in Pictures: Narwhal Tusk Edition   power 

Twitter Adds Language into New Terms of Service Confirming That They 'Shadowban' Users - Big League Politics   bigleaguepolitics 

"See You After Jail Guys": Art World Stunned After Man Eats $120,000 Banana Duct Taped To Wall   zh 

Military bases across the US are put on high alert as FBI hunt missing Saudi servicemen   dailymail 

Portland considers "mandatory rest spaces" for the homeless on private property   hotair 

Pensacola Jihad Massacre Proves We've Learned Nothing Since the Fort Hood Attack   pjmedia 

Protesters in Haiti are demanding the country’s president step down   oann 

Canada Just Lost the Equivalent of 650,000 Jobs as Trump's Economy Roars   warroom 

Possibility of All-White Debate Stage Has Democratic Candidates Squirming   townhall 

Devils chase children in Czech village's eerie Christmas custom - Reuters   reuters 

Two Christmas Parades are Cancelled in North Carolina Because of Potential for ANTIFA Violence - Big League Politics   bigleaguepolitics 

Branco Cartoon – Wishful Thinking   legalins 

Greta Thunberg says she’s be striking for over a year ‘and still basically nothing has happened’ –   twitchy 

Rush Limbaugh: Despite Pelosi's denial, Democrats DO hate Trump - WND   wnd 

Devin Nunes on phone record release: 'We're definitely going to take legal action' #FoxNews   fox 

N.J. college tells white students to think about their 'racial privilege'   campusreform 

France’s doomed socialist project should make Corbyn voters think twice   specuk 

Trump Welcomes Pardoned Soldiers as Special Guests at Florida Fundraiser   dailybeast 

Chinese Man is Interrogated for Talking Trash About Chinese Police on Social Media - Big League Politics   bigleaguepolitics 

Rep. Al Green: Impeachment Needed “To Deal With Slavery”   wz 

Red Yellow Journalism – Tablet Magazine   tabletmag 

Univision, Telemundo Still Salty Over Trump's Hispanic Jobs Numbers   nwsbstrs 

Projection-Palooza! Jerrold Nadler says America’s living in ‘the Framers worst nightmare’ –   twitchy 

On Pearl Harbor Anniversary, Just 3 Survivors of USS Arizona Remain   military 

Navy, Pentagon to Review Base Security Following 3 Deadly Incidents in a Week   military 

Befuddled Biden Makes a False Statement About Obamacare   sentinel 

At least 43 killed as massive blaze rips through factory building in New Delhi — RT World News   rt 

Biden: ‘Nobody warned me’ about Hunter and Ukraine because Beau was dying   washexam 

Annals of Government Medicine   power 

John Lennon murder: Killer’s bizarre act after shooting Beatles star   newsau 


Bomb threat report briefly shuts down Patrick Air Force base in Florida — RT USA News   rt 

9/11 Report’s 28 Pages on Saudi Arabia’s Terrorism Connections Should Be Released   nro 

TWITTER WARNS: “Katie Hopkins’ content might be offensive to you”   barenakedislam 

Black Friday Tesla Fail: Half a Mile Queue to Recharge   wuwt 

Joe Biden redux: Michael Bloomberg apologizes for calling fellow candidate Cory Booker ‘well-spoken’ –   twitchy 

Velvet Revolutionaries – Iran and U.S. Exchange Assets…   treehouse 

Election 2020 - 2020 Democratic Presidential Nomination   rcp 

Pearl Harbor’s survivors are dying. But not the salutes – Orange County Register   ocregister 

Southlake Carroll Dragons vs. Duncanville Panthers: Football Game   dallas 

There is no climate emergency, say 500 experts in letter to the United Nations   aei 

Trump admin. secures the release of US student jailed in Iran for three years on phony espionage charges @TheBlaze   blaze 

Saudi student watched mass shooting videos during dinner party before Florida naval base attack #FoxNews   fox 


General election 2019: Labour 'beats other parties on climate change' - BBC News   bbc 

Iran Frees American Student Xiyue Wang After 3 Years in Detention   theepochtimes 

Warren suggests she'll slash defense budget to pay for other promises   hotair 

Thousands of Hongkongers Take to the Streets to Mark Human Rights Day   theepochtimes 

‘A Determined Effort to Undermine Russia’ – Consortiumnews   consortiumnews 

If we don’t stand with the Kurds, who should stand with us?   jpost 

Climate Messiah Greta Thunberg: “They try so desperately to silence us”   wuwt 

Co-inventor of New Orleans 'hand grenade' cocktail dies   sfgate 

‘We can make a deal together’: Trump thanks Iran for ‘very fair negotiation’ that led to prisoner swap — RT USA News   rt 

Iran frees hostage in prisoner exchange: 'Another American coming home' thanks to Trump admin   bizpacreview 

Beloved Disneyland draft horses retire after decade of pulling Main Street U.S.A. trolleys – Orange County Register   ocregister 

Collins demands minority hearing day in writing, reminds Nadler it is not optional   bizpacreview 


UK: Woman Who Transitioned Into Man Now Transitioning Back To Woman - National File   nationalfile 

Why this Boom Could Keep Going Well Beyond 2019   mises 

More Texas Children Now Leaving Foster Care Than Entering; Adoptions Hit Record Number – CBS Dallas / Fort Worth   cbslocal 

Remembering Pearl Harbor   military 

Consider Polyamory - Dilbert Comic Strip on 2019-12-07   dilbert 

Nancy Pelosi, Tom Steyer’s Hedge Fund, and a Billion Taxpayer Dollars   beacon 

Rep. Rashida Tlaib gives keynote address at conference of anti-Semitic group dedicated to destroying Israel   jihad 

The Incredible Story Of How Climate Change Became Apocalyptic   wuwt 

Storm drops heavy rain, snow across Northern California   sfgate 

Jewish communities return to their origins in Budapest’s quiet western district   timesofisrael 

Calendars and Emails - Immediate Disclosure Request (SF Parks) • MuckRock   muckrock 

Michael Bloomberg Admits Bloomberg News is Liberal Propaganda - Big League Politics   bigleaguepolitics 


Japan Is Again Forced To Stimulate Its Troubled Economy   zh 

Horowitz report expected to clear FBI of misdeeds in Russia probe   thehill 

The Great International Ponzi scheme: unfunded pension liabilities >3x GDP in Germany, UK, Spain, France, Italy   scotusblog 

'Retract!' — President Donald Trump slams CNN in a tweet demanding they take down 'totally false' report - TheBlaze   blaze 

Ocasio-Cortez takes 'victory lap' over Amazon jobs news — but the math doesn't add up - TheBlaze   blaze 

Editorial: We've seen enough. Trump should be impeached   latimes 

Ron Saunders: Former Aston Villa manager dies aged 87 - BBC Sport   bbc 

Boris Johnson cancels election event as angry protesters storm market - area on lockdown   express 

Unexpectedly, Justice Ginsburg rules in Trump's favor, halts order for financial records   bizpacreview 

Trump Gets Another American Home: American Held In Iran Now Free   wz 

What?! Trevor Noah Tells Anti-Trump Actor: 'Many Performers Keep Politics to Themselves'   nwsbstrs 

Texas: Their Mothers Were Murdered! – Frauds, Crooks and Criminals   fraudscrookscriminals 


Fusion GPS Chiefs Spin Hard Before the Horowitz Report – American Greatness   amgreatness 

CNN’s Ana Navarro Praises Biden’s Attack On Voter   wz 

Second Jeffrey Epstein victim claims she had sex with Prince Andrew   thesun 

American graduate student held in Iran on spy charges since 2016 released   fox 

Massive leak debunks UK Labour's claim it is dealing with anti-Semitism   timesofisrael 

No Santas allowed: SF bars and restaurants explain why they're such Grinches   sfgate 

Nunes: ‘We're Definitely Going to Take Legal Action’ on Phone Record Exposure   breitbart 

Saudi shooter held a mass shooting video party, plus an online rant pointing to terrorism   hotair 

Cody Rhodes on the importance of AEW Dynamite, show’s upcoming episode in Garland   dallas 

Joy Reid Warns: Don't You Dare Approach Pelosi Unless She 'Calls for You'   nwsbstrs 

Hundreds to Sleep Out in Times Square to Fight Homelessness - NBC New York   nbcnewyork 

Calendars and Emails - Immediate Disclosure Request (SF Elections) • MuckRock   muckrock 


Warren’s Electoral Warpath – Grrr Graphics - Ben Garrison Cartoon - Conservative Daily News   cdn 

North Shore takes down Atascocita to claim regional title   chron 

Shadow Creek dominates Manor for return to state semifinals   chron 

Schiff's going to be sued over phone records   sentinel 

LGBTQ activists send funeral directors to pastor's home - WND   wnd 

Pensacola NAS Shooting Victim ‘Saved Countless Lives With His Own’   wz 

Labour head Corbyn sat on panel alongside Hamas terror leaders in 2012   timesofisrael 

A Gay Journalist Slams Hillary Clinton Over Her Lesbianism Denial   redstate 

Clyburn Admits More Democrats Will Likely Defect, Vote Against Impeachment Like Van Drew   wz 

Kazakhstan holds doctor over Israel-linked organ harvesting scheme   timesofisrael 

Trump Impeachment: `Fanatic' Adam Schiff abused his power by `trampling' on the law, investigator says   thebl 

Learning the Lessons of Pearl Harbor Today   realcleardefense 

Giuliani Calls for Joint US, Ukraine Investigation #Newsmax   max 

WaPo Media Writer: How Can Journalists Get More People to Support Impeachment?   legalins 

Greta Thunberg scolds in Madrid: "We have achieved nothing"   hotair 

Hillary identifies another Russian asset: Bernie Sanders - WND   wnd 

Police subjected to pronoun police. (Will liberalism soon collapse from the sheer weight of its stupidity?)   power 

Dems Panic as Rudy Giuliani Previews His "Doomsday" Files: $5.3 Billion in US Aid During Obama Crime Spree - DC Clothesline   dcclothesline 

Epstein Was A Mossad Agent Used To Blackmail American Politicians, Former Israeli Spy Claims   zh 

The role of weather on December 7th, 1941 and a little known important indirect benefit   wuwt 

Dems' Impeachment Report Puts Devin Nunes in Middle of Trump's Ukraine Scandal - VICE   vice 

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