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No Bregrets: Brexit More Popular Than Ever.  human 

Media, Dems Shift From 'Manufactured Crisis' to 'Crisis' at Border   beacon 

ISIS's Second Comeback: Assessing the Next ISIS Insurgency   understandingwar 

Rating President Trump on the Issues - Rasmussen Reports®   rasmussen 

Wray Allows Drunk & Armed FBI Agents to Party On The Job at Counterterrorism HQ – True Pundit   truepundit 

Why AOC Refused Auschwitz Visit with Holocaust Survivor   clarionproject 

On eve of tonight's Dem debate, Elizabeth Warren calls for decriminalizing border violations   thinker 

Pakistan Presses U.N. to Ban Islam Criticism.   human 

ICYMI: Hollywood Celebs Do Dramatic Reading of Mueller Report Because Why Not?   bruce 


Fed Economist Explains Why Ultra-Low Unemployment Rate Is Misleading   observer 

Taliban kills 2 US soldiers in eastern Afghanistan   longwarjournal 

Koch-Funded Swamp Creature Robby Soave Covers for Google By Smearing O'Keefe   bigleaguepolitics 

Allen West: "My Army Has Just Emboldened and Encouraged the Enemy, and They Are Laughing at Us"   raymondibrahim 

Nepotism Benefited Jerry Falwell, Jr., Who Now Attacks A Man Without Daddy Issues or a Pool Boy   theresurgent 

Leftist group picks Spanish deputy for EU Parliament presidency –   euractiv 

Elizabeth Warren Chokes Up Trump Migrant Detention Facility   mediaite 

What Now, For Those Who Denied A 'Crisis' At The Border?   townhall 

AOC And Co. Vote No On Humanitarian Aid For Border Children - The Resurgent   theresurgent 

Laws must be applied equally or they don’t matter – Howie Carr Show   howiecarrshow 

Why Indian-Turkish Embrace of Russia’s S-400 Is So Important for Global Affairs — Strategic Culture   strategic-culture 

Eric Trump Describes 'Disgusting' Incident That Happened To Him While at a Chicago Lounge   townhall 

Dershowitz: Democrats Will Regret Mueller Testimony, "Shooting Themselves In The Foot"   rcp 

Larry J. Sabato's Crystal Ball   centerforpolitics 

Progressives Attack Wayfair to Make Migrants Sleep on Concrete Floors - The Resurgent   theresurgent 

Republicans and Reporters Should Treat WinRed With Caution - The Resurgent   theresurgent 

A Century of Critical Theory   bosrev 

Africa: Alarming Rise of Christian Persecution please ⁦@jacindaardern⁩ ⁦@simonjbridges⁩ can New Zealand help these   gatestone 

How Noah Carl is fighting back against Cambridge   specuk 

Vimeo Bans Project Veritas Over Google Video   legalins 

Exposed: Google's Plan to Stop Trump in 2020 - National Legal & Policy Center   nlpc 

Rise Up, O Saints, and Plant Gardens   frontporchrepublic 

Arrests Show Jihadists Infiltrating Syrian Refugees   ipt 

Why we published a border deaths photo. On our blog   ap 

Elizabeth Warren Fully Backs Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All   observer 

The Iranian Crisis! 24 JUN 19 Interview of LTC Sargis Sangari on the Conservative Commandos Radio Show - Western Free Press   westernfreepress 

Trump Defends Conscience Rights for Pro-Life Doctors, Little Sisters of the Poor. We're With Them   lifenews 

Media Flummoxed on Why Trump Rape Accusation Not Being Taken Seriously - Accuracy in Media   aim 

Democrat 2020 Platform: Everything is Free!   human 

Kushner to Palestinians: Stop blaming others for your misfortunes -   hayom 

Eric Trump Says He Was Spit on by Restaurant Employee in Chicago   dailybeast 

President Trump speaks out on situation at southern border, calls on Dems for change   oann 

Joy Reid: Racial Resentment a Key to Trump's Electoral Success   beacon 

Gibson's Bakery v. Oberlin College – Defense wants damages reduced to $14.3 million under Ohio tort reform caps   legalins 

13-Year-old Opened a Bakery So He Could Give Pastries Away to the Homeless   goodnewsnetwork 

Media rolls out "without evidence" meme — without evidence   donsurber 

Brilliant Play – President Trump Invites U.S. Women’s Soccer Team to White House “Win or Lose”…   treehouse 

Star Parker: Watch Ilhan Omar Unload on Pastors Who Oppose Big Government Black Community News   blackcommunitynews 

Coinbase Offline As Cryptos Collapse, Bitcoin Loses $1500 In Minutes   zh 

According To Julián Castro, 'Trans Women' (Also Called Men) Have The Right To Abortion   thefederalist 

WATCH: Trump puts the blame for two dead migrants SQUARELY on Democrats… – The Right Scoop   scoop 

Black SUNY prof considers kicking begging white boy in the face   campusreform 

Alabama car dealership offers free shotgun, Bible and American flag to customers #FoxNews https:/   fox 

Beto plays to empty front row seats at Miami union event - Blunt Force Truth   bluntforcetruth 

WATCH: Ocasio-Cortez: It's Easier To Become A Member Of Congress Than To Pay My Student Loans   townhall 

New Jersey school lets Muslims interrupt classes to "convert students   jihad 

Corporate Confession: Gangs Ran This Private Prison: What happened in Mississippi when no one wanted dangerous, low   themarshallproject 

We Shouldn’t Be Doing Business with Communist China   redstate 

Trump responds to Google admitting they want to keep Trump from winning in 2020 – The Right Scoop   scoop 

Leftists Wake Up To The Reality At The Border That Conservatives Have Been Warning About For Years   townhall 

All 2020 Senate Dems Absent for Vote to Send Humanitarian Relief to Border   beacon 

Flynn Attorney Suggests Special Counsel Withheld Info From His Defense   thefederalist 

Australian teenager forced to leave his school because of violent Muslim student jihadis   barenakedislam 

Bring back the Crusades, or at least the 21st Century version of the Crusades   barenakedislam 

(PragerU) The Best Book to Read to Your Kids   marathon 

A Christian Response to Taylor Swift’s LGBT-Promoting Video - The Resurgent   theresurgent 

Levin to the media: 'You're destroying your own so-called profession' - Conservative Review   conservativereview 

WATCH Reporter Asks Ilhan Omar, `Did You Marry Your Brother?'   bigleaguepolitics 

The Visegrad 4 and Russian pipelines: An imaginary unity –   euractiv 

Video: American MB Supporters Make Morsi's Memorial About Israel   ipt 

My Boris Johnson story   specuk 

Oregon farmers, truckers, loggers and senators rebel against Dems   cfp 

Climate Alarmists Caught Manipulating Temperature Data Yet Again   newam 

Round One of First Democrat Debates – 9:00pm Tonight on NBC – Open Discussion Thread   treehouse 

Is 2018 Really ‘Deadlier For Schoolchildren Than Service Members’? –   reason 

Tim Ryan: The Democratic Party Has a 'Perception Problem' as 'Coastal, Elitist'   pjmedia 

New Jersey Passes Latest Smart Gun Measure   bearingarms 

BOMBSHELL! Footage shows Ocasio-Cortez DESTROYED by Barack Obama - The Horn News   thehornnews 

EPP source: Georgieva is backed by Orban, cannot be next EU Commission chief –   euractiv 

In Absurd Fiasco, Entire Market Spike Was Due To A CNBC Grammatical Mistake   zh 

Hollywood boycotting Georgia. Clint Eastwood doesn't care   hotair 

On the Democratic Debate  |  Ricochet   ricochet 

A Soros DA Pulled Off the Biggest Islamophobia Hoax   knish 

The Secret To A Trump Landslide   conhq 

Trumps pick for ICE director: I can tell which migrant children will become gang members by looking into their eyes - POLITICO   politico 

Political Clown Parade: Pie-In-The-Sky Promises   politicalclownparade 

Bahrain FM to Times of Israel: Israel is here to stay, and we want peace with it   timesofisrael 

On Anthony Bourdain's Birthday, a Mental Health Program for Chefs Spreads to 22 More Restaurants   goodnewsnetwork 

Mainstream Media Already Has Headlines Written: Elizabeth Warren is Big Winner in First Debates   legalins 

Canada is Moving to Ban Dozens of ‘Harmful’ Single-Use Plastics as Soon as 2021   goodnewsnetwork 

Newsom Considers Expanding Failed Law After Officer's Shooting   bearingarms 

Facebook to Hand Over Users' Info to French Govt For `Hate Speech' Prosecutions   prisonplanet 

The Globalists of Left & Right   theduran 

Virginia's General Assembly Could Flip Blue This Fall. Where Are the Republicans? - The Resurgent   theresurgent 

Rep. Hunter: Supporting Trump, not alleged campaign finance violations, led to charges   rollcall 

Rosemont mayor Brad Stephens poised to become Illinois state rep   chibiz 


Chinese Cyber-Operatives Boosted Taiwan's Insurgent Candidate   forpol 

Just A Sweet Pic Of The Grandpa President Who Is Saving The World -   dcwhispers 

No, Economists Don’t Agree a 70 Percent Top Marginal Tax Rate Is a Good Idea –   reason 

Roy Moore Trailing in Latest Alabama Senate Poll   beacon 

Senator Ted Cruz, Rep. Louie Gohmert Push for Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation   bigleaguepolitics 

Climate Crusaders Defeated in Oregon—For Now – American Greatness   amgreatness 

Nearly Two-thirds of College Graduates Have Regrets About Their Degree   newam 

Ann Coulter - June 26, 2019 - THE SWAMP IN ACTION   coulter 

25 Questions for Robert Mueller – American Greatness   amgreatness 

Bauer: Trump will benefit from Dems' sameness   onenewsnow 

Freedom From Consequences Isn't Freedom   townhall 

20 Times Breitbart Reported on Migrant Deaths During Obama-Biden Years and No One Cared   breitbart 

Illegal alien rapist released by sanctuary city allegedly attacks same disabled victim three days later - Conservative Review   conservativereview 

Northam Admits Latest Gun Grab Wouldn't Prevent VA Beach   bearingarms 

Historic Jewish prayer in Bahrain Synagogue at US-led Mideast Economic Conference   unitedwithisrael 

Europe looks for its ‘formula’ to create industrial champions –   euractiv 

How Czech media reported about the largest protest since 1989 –   euractiv 

Old Zenith factory to be transformed into $25 million food incubator   chibiz 

EPA rule lets political officials block FOIA document requests   rollcall 

Woman Saved by Trump's Right to Try Law Gives Amazing Speech; Calls Trump Good Samaritan for Forgotten   freelight 

Here's What Democrats Won't Mention in Tonight's Debate   blackcommunitynews 

Benjamin Wittes and witless logic about Trump - Bookworm Room   bookworm 

IRS Complaint Filed Against Wife of Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) - National Legal & Policy Center   nlpc 

In From the Cold: What Happened at Minot--an In From the Cold Special Report   formspoo 

Had Enough Therapy?: The Apps That Read Minds   stuartschneiderman 

How 2020 Democrats are preparing for the first debate   legitgov 

Julian Castro just said transwomen should have the right to an abortion –   twitchy 

Julian Castro calls for federal funding for transgender female abortions and 'reproductive justice' - TheBlaze   blaze 

Border drowning: Father and daughter went into the Rio Grande in desperation   wapo 

A Convenient Crisis - The Resurgent   theresurgent 


Police Union Accuses Pete Buttigieg Of Using Shooting For Political Gain   americanlookout 

U.S., China agree tentative trade truce ahead of G20 summit: SCMP   oann 

Secretary Mnuchin: Trade deal with China is about 90% complete   oann 

Rep. Ilhan Omar's Ideological Attacks on 2 Christian Pastors   dailysignal 

Obama’s Last Minute Procedures Paved Way For ‘Shadow Government’ - Conservative Daily Post   conservativedailypost 

Iran's Most Dangerous "Waiver" Game   legalins 

U.S. Lawmakers to Germany: Russia's Nord Stream Pipeline a "Bad Deal"   legalins 

Robert Spencer in Human Events: Trump Didn't Start the Fire: Iran Has Craved War for Decades.   jihad 

EXCLUSIVE: UC spends MILLIONS on diversity salaries as Sanders proposes 'free' college   campusreform 

Sefcovic points to trade as next priority for EU climate diplomacy –   euractiv 

Further Evidence US Attacked Syria Based on False Flag   journal-neo 

This is a good book review.   amint 


Justice DEMOCRAT AOC Denying Immigrant Children Their Beds   cfp 

US "Color Revolution" Struggles in Hong Kong   journal-neo 

Dan Crenshaw Puts Google Reps Through the Wringer Over Calling People Like Ben Shapiro Nazis   redstate 

Dallas Cowboys: Still America's team: Study shows Dallas Cowboys have the best fans in the NFL   dallas 

Mike Pence - Save Nigeria's Persecuted Christians - Center for Security Policy   centerforsecuritypolicy 

The Disgusting Lie Hiding Behind the Left's Circulation of the Viral Photo of a Dead Migrant Child   redstate 

Graves of 30 US Servicemen Found on Pacific WWII Battlefield   military 

Dossier 2․0 -- Mueller's 'Black Cash' Ledger via @AmericanThinker   thinker 

People Like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Don't Want Detained Immigrant Children To Have Beds   redstate 

Anti-Zionism is antisemitism (Guest post)   elderofziyon 

White House to Hold Social Media Summit   wsj 

Just For You — The Patriot Post   patriotpost 


Here's how many Wayfair employees actually walked out of work over migrant bed protest - TheBlaze   blaze 

Max Hastings vs Boris Johnson: I know who I’d trust more   specuk 

Brandon Darby asks Joe Biden why he said nothing when the bodies of 61 migrants were found –   twitchy 

Clint Eastwood Defies Film Boycott Of Georgia (Because Of Course He Does)   redstate 

There is a word Karma in India:))))   gatestone 

Secretary Ross Discusses China Issues Ahead of G20 Summit…   treehouse 

With Tehran set to upgrade uranium enrichment, the USS Boxer strike force with Marines reaches Iranian shore - DEBKAfile   debka 

Black Markets Show How Socialists Can't Overturn Economic Laws   mises 

Trump Communicated a Powerful Message That Will Be Remembered for Years   lifezette 

CNN Sneers, 'Triggered' Trump Won't 'Take Personal Responsibility' for Drowned Immigrants v   nwsbstrs 

Four years after Obergefell, "marriage equality" is not a compelling argument.   dailysignal 

Trump tweets 'BORING!' as Democrats discuss migrants who died at the border   theweek 


Winner of #DemDebate Night One: John Delaney, whoever he is   legalins 

WATCH: Saudi Activist Shocks Reporter with Fluent Hebrew Plea for Peace!   unitedwithisrael 

Gun-Toting Grandma Holds Wanted Man Until Police Arrive   bearingarms 

Legendary conservative newsman dead at 81 - The Horn News   thehornnews 

James Comey Never Searched Email Back Up Device After Hiding “Clinton Emails” In Office - Conservative Daily Post   conservativedailypost 

Military's mission doesn't include enforcement, so smugglers cross Rio Grande right in front of them   conservativereview 

Stop Rewarding Human Trafficking and Children Won't Drown in Illegal Crossings   frontpagemag 

I see they're going with a little bit nutty and a little bit slutty.   meme 

Country Time Lemonade Will Pay Permits, Fines for Kiddos' Lemonade Stands   legalins 

Clint Eastwood Ignores Alyssa Milano, Set To Start Filming In Georgia Despite Boycott   dailywire 

Democrat Debate: The Largest Gathering Of Liberals Since Woodstock   conhq 

Target Liberty: WHAT TO WATCH FOR: The First Democratic Presidential Debates   targetliberty 


Target Liberty: Ludwig von Mises vs. Bernie Sanders on "Rights"   targetliberty 

MOTUS A.D.: Save Yourself America   motus 

Ron DeSantis is What the Trump Movement Should Be – American Greatness   amgreatness 

Mexico Sending Mixed Messages About Detaining Migrants Trying to Enter U.S.   newam 

Report: Smollett Googled Himself After Hoax, Video Shows Actor Wearing Noose at Home   newam 

Get Outraged and Stay Outraged   stream 

Men Can't Stay Silent As Our Children Get Aborted   stream 

Trump Slams Mueller For 'Illegally Deleting Evidence' On Wiped Phones   zh 

Like Much of Her Policy, AOC's Emotional Border Photos Are Deceptive   redstate 

Chris Williamson’s return to Labour branded a ‘disgrace’   specuk 

AOC and the Fresh Face Caucus Vote Against Aid for the Border After Grandstanding About It   redstate 

Moscow Sends Warships to Havana in Message to US   beacon 


Voters Get First Up-Close Look at 2020 Democratic Contenders   voanews 

BREAKING: Democrat Nancy Pelosi Rejects Bipartisan Border Bill Amid Crisis   dailywire 

Forget the debates. Read what Trump said today   donsurber 

The Three Most Important Takeaways from CBO’s New Long-Run Fiscal Forecast   danieljmitchell 

National Rifle Association Shutters NRATV As Ackerman Split Becomes Official   cdn 

The planned electricity shortages begin and duped Australians say “thanks”   joannenova 

Obama's trillion dollar heist   donsurber 

More Proof That #Google Is Manipulating Our Elections   cdn 

Ban Suppressors - Democrats Again Lie to Get Gun Bill via @co_firing_line   conservativefiringline 

WATCH: Saudi Interviewed by Israeli Journalist in Bahrain. In Hebrew   israellycool 

Chaos Reigns Ahead Of Supreme Court Ruling On Citizenship Question   caller 

New Videos Suggest Trump Rape Accuser E. Jean Carroll May Suffer from Rape Fantasies ⋆ Conservative Firing Line   conservativefiringline 

Open Borders Killed El Salvadoran Man and His Daughter   sentinel 

Louis DeBroux: Tax Withholding Allows Politicians' Theft to Go Unnoticed — The Patriot Post   patriotpost 

Democrats Finally Acknowledge America's Border Crisis (What Took Them So Long?)   lifezette 

GOP Rep Calls on Congress to Divert Billions of `El Chapo's' Drug Funds to Help Construct Border Wall   truepundit 

Your Guide to the Democratic Debates (& Drinking Game Rules)   power 

Oman announces plans to open embassy in Palestine   middleeasteye 

Top NRA executive Chris Cox resigns amid tumultuous time for the gun group   abc 

Living in the Shadow of the Next War (Vic Rosenthal)   elderofziyon 

REPORT: Epic Trade Deal With China Is Now "90% Complete"   dcwhispers 

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