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Gen. Milley's Alleged Treachery and Betrayal Merit A Court Martial  thegreggjarrett 

Loading 3rd party ad content   smh-au 

PARTY FOUL: AOC Hit with Ethics Complaint for Free Tickets to NYC’s Ultra-Elite Met Gala   hannity 

BORDER CHAOS: Migrant Encounters Surge to 200,000+ in August, Up 317% Compared to Last Year   hannity 

A Glaring Hole in the Alfa Bank/Trump Server Story Could Unravel the Russia Hoax › American Greatness   amgreatness 

Vindman: We can't have Milley 'acting without any oversight, exceeding his authority' - Sara A. Carter   saraacarter 

California voters get what they deserve   washexam 

Sen. Paul calls for Gen. Milley to be court martialed   oann 

Biden Has Never Been Honest About the 'Trump Vaccines'   rcp 

New Hampshire Votes to Defund Planned Parenthood Abortion Business -   lifenews 

New Hampshire Votes to Defund Planned Parenthood Abortion Business   lifenews 

'Ethics' panel clearing Cuomo exposes Hochul as part of Albany corruption problem   nypost 

Lawmakers threaten subpoena after Defense Secy. Austin’s absence from hearing   oann 

Durham reportedly seeking indictment against Clinton campaign lawyer who gave FBI Russia dirt   justthenews 

Taliban discovers cache of Soviet-made BALLISTIC MISSILES in Panjshir Valley   rt 

Does God Exist? 4 New Arguments   prageru 

The Problem With the Met Gala Wasn’t AOC’s Dress, It Was Pandemic Hypocrisy –   reason 

L.A. County plans to require proof of vaccination at indoor bars, nightclubs, breweries, wineries   latimes 

Biden Was Warned By General In Charge Of U.S. Forces In Afghanistan That Intel Was Bad, Report Says   dailywire 

In New Zealand, There Have Been More People Killed by the 'Vaccines' Than by Covid-19   thelibertydaily 

Taliban lionizes Haqqani commander who celebrated ties to Al Qaeda, held American hostage   longwarjournal 

Gymnasts testify on FBI’s mishandling of Nassar probe   oann 

REPORT: ‘The Ivermectin Deworming Hoax’   hannity 

Calif. ruling Democrats seek to make it harder to trigger a future recall election   oann 

‘FOR REAL!’ Biden Says ‘We Don’t Have Much More Than 10 Years’ to Stop Climate Change   hannity 

BIDEN: Massive $3.5T Spending Package Will ‘Save the Planet’ and ‘Reduce Inflation’   hannity 

‘Tax The Rich’ AOC Wore $450 Earrings, $600 Shoes To Met Gala: Report   dailywire 

Report, with a hefty dash of opinion, on yesterday's #cantheplan protest at the senedd   thecritic 

Blinken Admits Biden Admin Doesn't Know If Man Killed In U.S. Drone Strike Was Aid Worker Or Terrorist   thegreggjarrett 

FOR THE PEOPLE? Watch AOC at Elite Gala with Masked Helpers Carrying Her ‘Tax the Rich’ Gown   hannity 

Pope Francis Condemns Abortion: "Abortion is Murder. Human Life Has to be Respected" -   lifenews 

President Trump: Milley committed treason if secretly talked to China   oann 

Biden’s Pentagon defends Milley’s secret talks with China   oann 

UK: Church of England bishops urge government not to ‘turn back’ illegal Muslim boat migrants   jihad 

PERMANENT PANDEMIC? AOC to Introduce Bill to Extend COVID Unemployment Benefits   hannity 

REPORT: NBA Players Exempted From Vaccine Mandates — But Not Referees Or Team Personnel   caller 

WATCH: 351,000 "Yes" Votes Disappear from Totals in Newsom Recall Election LIVE ON CNN (VIDEO)   gateway 

Another COVID ‘Fact’ Turns Out To Be A Wild Exaggeration – Issues & Insights   issuesinsights 

Other States Need to Ban Abortions and Protect Unborn Children Like Texas Has -   lifenews 

Candace Owens: The Left thinks 'Nicki Minaj and all rappers are very stupid' - Sara A. Carter   saraacarter 

Widow of Marine killed in Kabul gives birth to the most loved baby in the whole wide world   notthebee 

Declining Anglo-Saxon Powers Intensify Alliance – Consortiumnews   consortiumnews 

2046715Glenn Greenwald remembers when `liberal media stars' denied there was a deep state   twitchy 

Lock 'Em Up: Same FBI That Chased Russia Collusion Hoax for Years Covered Up Sexual Abuse of USA Gymnasts   pjmedia 

Judge Blocks Vaccine Mandate For Health Workers In New York    dailywire 

Inflation fear sinks in on Twitter users after consumer price index rises yet again - Sara A. Carter   saraacarter 

Milley Responds, Claims Usurping Presidential Power To Give Enemy Advance Notice Just Part Of 'Regular Communications'   zh 

Bush Completes His Scummy Betrayal   townhall 

Report, Mike Pence Fundraising for 2024 Presidential Campaign - The Last Refuge   treehouse 

Evergrande Suspends Trading In All Bonds   zh 

U.S. doctor reports a '20 times increase' of cancer in vaccinated patients   wnd 

Three Former US Officials Admit to Providing Hacking Technology to UAE   theepochtimes 

America saw 3.2 million new gun owners in the first half of 2021 as record sales continue   notthebee 

UK: Muslim migrant rape gang member complains ‘I have no rights in this country’   jihad 

Americans mourn the dead in Afghanistan, even as the media move on   washexam 

"We Should Be Concerned" - The War On Cash Is A Real Thing   zh 

Weaponized Immunocompromised - The American Mind   americanmind 

What They Really Mean When They Say "Do the Right Thing"   mises 

Mayor Demands School Board Resign or be Charged Over Dissemination of “Child Pornography” Material – Summit News   summit 

Miseducated: The Decline of America's Schools   prageru 

Biden to Send $64,000,000 to Taliban Before Getting All Americans Out   jihad 

How Army 'Task Force Bastard' secured Kabul airport in Afghanistan   taskandpurpose 

`Democracy rebooted with an authoritarian core': Here's a great thread on Gen. Mark Milley and the deep state   twitchy 

Grassley: FBI Refuses To Answer To Elected Representatives About Illegal Leaks And Botched Investigations   thefederalist 

What US Defeat in Afghanistan Means for China – Consortiumnews   consortiumnews 

Secretary Of State Blinken Has Trouble With Rand Paul's Question About Guy Killed In Drone Strike – OutKick   outkick 

Republican Study Committee to fight Biden’s Afghan resettlement program   oann 

BIDEN: ‘I Have Great Confidence in General Milley’   hannity 

Fmr. Trump acting SECDEF says he didn’t authorize Milley's secret China calls and he should resign 

Rand Paul Catches Blinken: They Have No Idea Who They Drone-Bombed After Claiming To Kill Terrorists - The Political Insider   thepoliticalinsider 

Sens. Daines, Warren introduce bill to award 13 slain service members with Congressional Gold Medals   fox 

Robert Spencer video: 9/11 and the Muslim Brotherhood threat within   jihad 

UK: Record Number of Migrants Crossing English Channel   gatestone 

Kasie Hunt speaks honestly about California Democrats - quickly gets ratioed on Twitter – HotAir   hotair 

AOC's Partying At Met Gala Gets Her Ethics Complaint - The Political Insider   thepoliticalinsider 

Officials Say Mark Esper Took Lead on Gen. Milley's Call to China   mediaite 

Uh oh: Genealogist discovers Joe Biden's slave-owning ancestors   notthebee 

France suspends 3,000 health workers for failing to get a COVID vaccine   euronews 

Watch: Biden Makes International Headlines for Embarrassing Reason After Awkward Moment With Aussie PM – RedState   redstate 

Boycott the New York Times -- Read the Real News at Larwyn's Linx

French President Macron announces death of ISIS leader   justthenews 

Sen. Blumenthal Says DOJ ‘Failed To Appear’ At Nassar Hearing, Vows Further Action   caller 

Nicki Minaj says White House 'invited' to her to answer questions about COVID vaccine     dailymail 

Where Is Gabby? Florida Cops Say Fiancé of Missing NY Woman Refuses to Talk, Is Person Of Interest – NBC New York   nbcnewyork 

Somalian Refugee Charged With Shooting Murder of North Dakota Mother - Big League Politics   bigleaguepolitics 

CDC: Asian-Americans are least fat; Blacks are fattest   sharylattkisson 

Voters See Taliban Takeover, Border Crisis Fueling Terrorism Threat - Rasmussen Reports®   rasmussen 

Retired Army Colonel Breaks Down How Bad Milley's Actions Really Were – RedState   redstate 

Newsom’s Anti-Trump Recall Strategy Offers Republicans a Warning for 2022 – DNyuz   dnyuz 

Fuck Business update   bbc 

Forecasters Warn: Storm In Atlantic Basin "Could Form Into Hurricane Over Weekend"   zh 

Report: More than 200k illegal aliens detained at southern border in August   oann 

COVID-19 cluster linked to NYC 'Electric Zoo' music festival   nypost 

AOC: When I Say ‘Tax The Rich,’ I Don’t Mean Me   dailywire 

Teacher Takes Down American Flag In Classroom, Says It Represents ‘Violence And Menace And Intolerance’   caller 

Mark Milley Finally Gives His Denial but Ends up Telling on Himself – RedState   redstate 

Impeach Blinken: The hack at the heart of the Afghanistan betrayal must go   jihad 

About That 'Man Died After Being Turned Away from 43 ICUs' Over COVID Story   townhall 

Jimmy Kimmel Laughs at Conservatives Dying From COVID: Who Cares, They're "Right-Wing Nuts" -   lifenews 

Israel shuts down for Yom Kippur, but forces on high alert   timesofisrael 

Federal Judge: Capitol Hill Rioters' Charges Might Be Unconstitutional   townhall 

FBI Turned Blind Eye On "Largest Case Of Sexual Abuse In The History Of American Sport"   rumble 

Left Loses Its Mind After Nicky Minaj Tweets Tucker's Comments About Her Vaccine Questions – RedState   redstate 

SpaceX launches first all-civilian crew into orbit   justthenews 

WATCH: Joe Biden refers to Australian Prime Minister as 'that fella down under'   thepostmillennial 

Facebook assistance program discriminates against straight white males   lawenforcementtoday 

Raytheon requires U.S. workers get COVID-19 vaccination   reuters 

Democrats Take First Step in Advancing Largest Amnesty in American History   immigrationreform 

Army Lt. Col. Reportedly Steps Down in Protest of Vaccine Mandate   mediaite 

18 Gorillas With Bad Coughs, Runny Noses Test Positive For COVID-19 At Atlanta Zoo   caller 

Pentagon tells reporter Milley `reviewed lawful launch procedures' following call from Nancy Pelosi   bizpacreview 

Pro-Trump PAC blasts Biden on Afghanistan in TV ad   oann 

Investigate General Mark Milley Now   nro 

Norquist: Democrats' planned business taxes higher than communist China's   justthenews 

US Officials Confirm 6 Measles Cases Among Afghan Refugees In Virginia, Wisconsin   caller 

DANIEL: AOC’s Glorious ‘Animal Farm’ Moment At The Met Gala   caller 

First all-civilian crew launched to orbit aboard SpaceX rocket ship   reuters 

Durham Expected To Indict Clinton-Connected Lawyer On Trump-Russia Matters, Report Says   dailywire 

How much money do you need to earn a year to be rich?   yougov 

Former Acting Sec of Defense Busts Milley: 'Unprecedented Act of Insubordination' – RedState   redstate 

3-Month-Old Baby And 2-Year-Old Found Abandoned Near The Border   caller 

Biden announces joint deal with U.K. and Australia to counter China - POLITICO   politico 

Judge denies Trump's request to pause E. Jean Carroll's lawsuit   nypost 

Six unvaccinated members of Florida family die of COVID-19   thehill 

Democrats Come To Milley's Defense After Report He Conspired To Alert China Of Possible Military Attack - The Political Insider   thepoliticalinsider 

Ballot discrepancies sweep California recall election, Elder concedes - Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN)   rsbnetwork 

Memphis Gave IKEA $9.5 Million While Several Smaller Furniture Stores Went Under –   reason 

HANNITY: Joe Biden Has Humiliated America on the World Stage   hannity 


After Giving Up Afghanistan, Is the US Surrendering to Syria?   jihad 

Afghan killed by drone praised by co-workers in US aid group - Washington Times   times 

Occupy Democrats is suddenly supporting evictions in the case of those who don’t provide proof of vaccination –   twitchy 

Nicki Minaj's COVID-19 vaccine 'swollen testicles' claim is false, says Trinidad health minister   reuters 

Biden-Backed General Accused of 'Treason' Releases Stunning Statement Confirming He Made Secret Calls to China - Becker News   beckernews 

New credit card monitors carbon footprint, United Nations teams up with Mastercard   rumble 

Jen Psaki Sinks to a New Low in Defense of Mark Milley – RedState   redstate 

Milley Should Be Investigated and Possibly Removed   nro 

10 Of The Most Hilarious Norm Macdonald Moments   thefederalist 

New Twist to the Milley Story Raises Even More Questions – RedState   redstate 

LA Times: Our recall system needs to be fixed so Republicans can't win – HotAir   hotair 

Joe Scarborough says 'Facebook reminds me of big tobacco' - Sara A. Carter   saraacarter 


STATUS QUO: California Rejects the Recall, Keeps Gavin Newsom as Governor   hannity 

Follow the reshuffle here   specuk 

John Durham Reportedly Preparing a Surprise Indictment – RedState   redstate 

Louisiana DOH Tells Pharmacists to Stop Filling Ivermectin Prescriptions for COVID – RedState   redstate 

No Fluke: 'Gutfeld!' Remains Late Night King - Hollywood in Toto   hollywoodintoto 

Nearly 35,000 women have reported period disruption after getting a Covid vaccine   dailymail 

General Milley: Guilty As Charged   power 

Southwest Airlines rewards vaccinated workers with two days of bonus pay   dallas 

U.S govt research finds African countries using ivermectin have much lower rates of COVID mortality   rumble 

Moderna says new data supports need for booster shot   nypost 

Packers' Aaron Rodgers blames interception on 'double nut shot'   fox 

Vaccinated Texas school counselor who ‘had done everything right’ dies after contracting COVID-19   dallas 


Media increasingly portray patriotism as negative and `right-wing' in decades since 9/11: Analysis   bizpacreview 

'Enough is enough': Lawmaker pushes state to secede from Biden's America   wnd 

(READ) Public health experts: It’s ok to get flu vaccine and Covid vaccine on same day   sharylattkisson 

Faulconer: California is worth fighting for   oann 

VIDEO: 351,000 Votes To Recall Newsom Disappear From Count During CNN's Election Coverage - National File   nationalfile 

Stanford Faculty Smear Professor Who Spoke Accurately On Masks   thefederalist 

The Social Science Monoculture Doubles Down   quillette 

Australia Introduces 'Freedom Pass' to Get Your Freedom Back - Louder With Crowder   louderwithcrowder 

Covid US: BABIES could be given low-dose of Pfizer's jab this winter   dailymail 

Mayor Gives Ohio School Board Choice: Resign or Be Charged - Louder With Crowder   louderwithcrowder 

Trump slams 'dumbass' Gen. Milley, says should be 'tried for treason' for secret calls with China 

A memory: How Morrison won preselection in Cook. It's   smh-au 


McKayla Maroney Shames FBI For Ignoring Heinous Abuse And Falsifying Report   rumble 

What's behind the Boris reshuffle? - UnHerd   unherd 

Another Comedian Takes a Stand Against Vaccine Mandates, Is Willing to 'Sacrifice a Lot of Money' – RedState   redstate 

Brooklyn hate attacker spat at Jewish man, threatened to kill him   nypost 

L.A. fire captain severely burned in downtown explosion sues building owners, vape shops   latimes 

Gen. Milley appears to defend talking to China behind President Trump’s back   oann 

Cyndi Lauper Promotes Killing Babies: "Girls Just Want to Have" Abortions -   lifenews 

‘Treason’: Republicans Demand Investigations, Hearings Into Milley’s Calls With Chinese General   caller 

Gen. Milley denies undermining Trump's command in calls to China; Biden refuses to fire him - TheBlaze   blaze 

In Surprise Move US, UK Agree To Share Nuclear Submarine Tech With Australia Brilliant   breakingdefense 

Air Force Wants to Move Fast on Boat Plane for Special Operators   military 

Biden Gives Aid To The Taliban - You Pay For It   andmagazine 


Stop this moral rehabilitation of Shamima Begum - spiked   spiked-online 

Obituary for Norm Macdonald, The Funniest Man   thefederalist 

CODE RED: The Manchurian Twins, Mark Milley and Tony Fauci – RedState   redstate 

Ret. Marine colonel, team rescue stranded Americans from Afghanistan   rumble 

AOC's Met Gala designer Aurora James 'immigrated ' from Canada   nypost 

Study: Nearly Half 2021 COVID Hospitalizations Weren't For Severe Cases   thefederalist 

Missouri Republicans chart 2022 effort to adopt legal voter photo ID law   justthenews 

News station gets flooded with vaccine horror stories   wnd 

It's Starting to Seem Like the Pandemic Is a Problem the Biden Administration Doesn't Really Want to Solve – PJ Media   pjmedia 

Woodward, Costa Stand by Milley China Reporting   mediaite 

Man behind Pennsylvania billboard of Joe Biden revealed: 'Making the Taliban Great Again'   fox 

COVID-19 Cases Spike in Singapore After Country Reaches 80 Percent Vaccine Threshold - Big League Politics   bigleaguepolitics 


New York Times quietly deletes claim Hunter Biden laptop story was 'unsubstantiated'   washexam 

Sen. Rubio tells Biden to 'fire Milley now' over secret phone call with China 

Me for the @Telegraph on @trussliz appointment   telegrph 

California, You Blew It Again – Issues & Insights   issuesinsights 

Blackburn: It is 'apparent' Biden's Afghanistan withdrawal was inconsistent with military advice   fox 

Facebook Tried to Make Its Platform a Healthier Place. It Got Angrier Instead. - WSJ   wsj 

Rand Paul: Gen. Milley should be removed, court-martialed if secret calls to China are confirmed   fox 

Retired Col. Douglas Macgregor: Washington DC "Occupied Territory" - Big League Politics   bigleaguepolitics 

AP and MLB announce new commercial photo agreement   ap 

Taiwan Battery-Swapping Pioneer Gogoro to Go Public in SPAC Merger - WSJ   wsj 

Major UK Fertilizer Plants Shuttered Due To Skyrocketing Natural Gas Prices   zh 

Thousands of migrants are under a bridge in Del Rio, Texas waiting for Border Patrol to pick them up - TheBlaze   blaze 

Senators call for Gen. Mark Milley to come clean over calls with Chinese counterpart   nypost 

Major nation credits maligned 'horse dewormer' for dramatic victory over COVID   wnd 

5-Minute-Plus Wait-Time For 911 Calls In Portland Amid Staff Shortages, Efforts To Defund Police   zh 

SpaceX Launches First-Ever Private Crew To Space For Three Day Mission   zh 

Joe Biden mocked as POTUS calls Aussie PM 'that fella down under'   express 

Teacher Says ‘Positive Behavior’ Like ‘Sitting Quietly,’ ‘Following Directions’ Is White Supremacy   caller 

It Shouldn't Take A Lawsuit To Exercise A Constitutional Right –   bearingarms 

Report: Fmr. SECDEF Esper ordered secret message to China before Milley's secret call 

Border migrants refuse to wear masks or social distance, inspector general says - Washington Times   times 

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