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THE #SPYGATE COUP: 6 Questions Adam Schiff Must Answer Under Oath  directorblue 

BOMBSHELL: Rep. Gohmert Says Rosenstein Offered To Wear Wire Two Different Times - The Lid   lidblog 

Illegal Receives 3 LIVERS Ahead of American Citizens   theblacksphere 

Arizona: Bodycam footage shows ISIS suspect attacking police officer, then shot (VIDEO)   creeping 

BOOM! Irate Veteran Steps In After Muslim Leads Prayer Against ‘Infidels’ In The Senate – Daily Headlines   dailyheadlines 

CONFUSION: Pelosi wishes 'Happy Thanksgiving' - on Valentine's Day! - The American MirrorThe American Mirror   theamericanmirror 

More 2018 Election Fraud: Audit Finds Signs of Fraud in New Mexico House Race   dcclothesline 

Documents Reveal FBI Cover Up Of Clinton Crime ‘Chart’ - Conservative Daily Post   conservativedailypost 

Rep. Gohmert: Rosenstein Offered To Wear Wire TWICE to `Take Down The President'   bigleaguepolitics 

Shall We Defend Our Common History? - Imprimis   imprimis 

More evidence of Clinton election meddling, as calls for investigation grow louder (Video)   theduran 

Sweden Prosecuting Pensioners, Welcoming ISIS   gatestone 

On This Date in History: Fidel Castro declares himself King of Cuba on February 16, 1959 https   babalu 

Did Democrats Remove Monthly Terror Reports from Committee on Homeland Security Website?   creeping 

Ocasio-Cortez Living in Luxury Navy Yard Apartment Building   beacon 

Political Clown Parade: Elected To Office To Deceive Infidels In The Furtherance Of Islam   politicalclownparade 

When Will the News Media and Liberal Establishment Admit They Got Duped by Jussie Smollett?   mediaite 

After Twitter disables "Everybody Hurts" satire video, Trump reposts to "God Bless The U.S.A."   legalins 

President Trump is Slowly Stopping The Exfiltration of American Wealth…   treehouse 

Nigerian brothers COOPERATING with Chicago police; Smollett PAID them to FAKE attack! – The Right Scoop   scoop 

Legal Immigrants Need to SPEAK OUT Against ILLEGAL Immigration   sooper 

McCabe’s Recent Statements Contradict McCabe’s Prior Testimony…   treehouse 

Report: Those two Nigerian brothers purchased the rope found around Jussie Smollett’s neck –   twitchy 

SCOTUS Accepts ‘Census’ Question After Obama Appointed Judge Rules - Conservative Daily Post   conservativedailypost 

Wars We Were Never Meant to Win   cfp 

There are Trillions at Stake…   treehouse 

Rep. Elijah Cummings could go to prison for 5 years - American Journal Online   amjrnl 

'You Lie, You Die': Cops Admit to Lying About Raid that Left Innocent Couple Murdered   thefreethoughtproject 

Hate Hoax Update: Police Now Believe Jussie Smollett Paid Two Men to Stage Attack…   treehouse 

Explaining Trump’s National Emergency Executive Action – Godfather Politics   godfatherpolitics 

Just In Time For 2020: Dumb Democrats Disintegrate   clash 

GUN WATCH: Mass Murderer in Aurora Illinois was Prohibited Possessor   gunwatch 

Tony Stark not invited to Big Tent Festival   commentator 

Gender Politics and the Sinking of the KNM Helge Ingstad   strategic-culture 


Occasional-Cortex Gives Her BOYFRIEND A Congressional Email Account   clash 

Too Woke Too Soon   steyn 

Healthcare administrator took on the insurance companies and made insurance affordable. PBM   fullmeasure 

Rep. Jerry Nadler Hints He Can CONFISCATE Our Guns   sentinel 

Nigerian Brothers In Smollett Investigation Paid $7,000 To Stage "MAGA Country" Attack: Report   zh 

THIS IS CNN: Reporter helps Kamala Harris try on clothes during campaign stop - The American MirrorThe American Mirror   theamericanmirror 

Alan Dershowitz: Yes, Using the 25th Amendment to Oust Trump is an Attempted Coup   legalins 

Collusion: The Criminalization of Policy Disputes   nro 

Smollett's Done! Nigerian Brothers Purchased the Noose   sentinel 

When People Claim There's No Media Bias Against Guns, Show This   bearingarms 

Media Hypes Roger Stone ‘Revelation’ That Has Been Public For A Year   caller 

Germany deports jihad terrorist to Turkey, refuses US request to extradite him to US   jihad 

NewsGuard’s Investor Has Partnered with George Soros on Several Occasions - Freedom Outpost   freedomoutpost 

Americans that Tolerate Corrupt Politicians to Sow Seeds-The Nation Will Reap - Freedom Outpost   freedomoutpost 

The Catholic Church's Problem is Homosexuality   stream 

Know-Nothing Know-It-All AOC Wants to Spend Amazon's $3 Billion   sentinel 

Reaction to the wall amuses me   donsurber 

SOCIALIST VS. SOCIALIST: NYC Mayor DeBlasio Furious With Ocasio-Cortez Over 25,000 LOST Amazon Jobs *   100percentfedup 

Is Tulsi Gabbard for Real? America Is Ready for a Genuine Peace Candidate   strategic-culture 

Twitter Ads Rejects Tweets for "Hateful Content"   cis 

4 Industries Anxious to Hire Military Vets Right Now   military 

‘SERIOUSLY??’ Journos fawning over Kamala Harris trying on a jacket is ‘just embarrassing’ [video] – twitchy.c   twitchy 

Some GOP lawmakers are thawing on climate change   rollcall 

Legal Experts Accuse New York Climate Crusaders Of Overstepping The Law – True Pundit   truepundit 

Kentucky Sheriff Warns Residents To 'Load Guns' As Services Suspended   bearingarms 

Nigeria: Elections postponed after Islamic State murders 42 in attack on governor's election convoy   jihad 

Pennsylvania college newspaper demands that white male students not be allowed to speak in class DC Clothesline   dcclothesline 

John Legend: For Too Long It’s Been Out of Bounds To Speak Up For Rights of Palestinians   israellycool 

Canada: Judge gives Syrian Muslim terrorist, who still supports ISIS, significantly lighter sentence due to "unspec   creeping 

Here it is: CNN co-host reminds us of the REAL tragedy if the Jussie Smollet attack was a hoax –   twitchy 

'Build the Wall' Campaign Ships Nearly 22,000 Bricks to Nancy Pelosi's Offices   lifezette 

Omar calls for defunding Homeland Security - WND   wnd 

Ellen Page Blames Mike Pence for Jussie Smollett's Attack: 'Connect the Dots'   mediaite 

Islamic State down to its last square mile in eastern Syria   jihad 

Amazon’s abandonment of NYC is a break in its alliance with the Left.   cityjrnl 

Bill de Blasio is just BAFFLED as to why Amazon grew weary of NY progressive politicians –   twitchy 

MOTUS A.D.: Slay the Beast, Bring the Bird Home   motus 

Facebook Hypocrisy: Social Media Giant Donated Big Bucks To Scandal-Plagued Virginia Dems While Policing Conserva   clash 

BREAKING: Actor Jussie Smollett LIED About Racial Attack.   redstate 

Over 85 rescued after several floors collapse at university in St. Petersburg (VIDEOS) — RT Russia News   rt 

via @terresamonroe This should be distributed widely. From Carter thru Obama all have decla   noisyrm 

gets his with only a few limitations   constitutionalrights 

Consumer Spending Update: Economic Confidence Rebounds to 2018 Highs   rasmussen 

WATCH LIVE: American Patriots Hold `MAGA HAT RALLY' Outside CNN Headquarters in Atlanta   bigleaguepolitics 

WATCH: Acosta Refers to Children of Angel Moms as ‘Allegedly Killed by Undocumented Immigrants’ – True Pundit   truepundit 

The Rawlsian Diagnosis of Donald Trump   bosrev 

Yellow Vest: Protestors injured after car ploughs through crowd   express 

Shapiro: The Republican pouncing problem - Conservative Review   conservativereview 

WATCH: MSNBC PANEL PANICS Over Socialist Ocasio-Cortez: Going to get Trump reelected [Video] *   100percentfedup 

Chuck Schumer wants this BANNED from the internet - The Horn News   thehornnews 

Are they reporters or the cast of Sex and the City?   patriotretort 

Dallas City Council Is Voting To Shred History, Deface Monuments Again   bigleaguepolitics 

UH OH! 'Attackers' Free, No Charges, Smollett Hires Top Defense Attorney   sentinel 

Record number of reports criticizing Israel said to be released by UN next month   timesofisrael 

There Is Hope: One Woman's Journey From Liberal Democrat To Constitutionalist - Freedom Outpost   freedomoutpost 

House GOP Leader McCarthy Calls For Adam Schiff To Recuse Himself From Russia Probe #g8m   joeforamerica 

Japan’s PM nominated Trump for Nobel Peace Prize on U.S. request: Asahi   oann 

Canada’s Freeland pushes end of steel, aluminum tariffs in meeting with Pelosi   oann 

New Global Declaration of Democratic Principles - Lawfare   lawfareblog 

What Is and Isn’t a Big Deal in Trump’s Executive Actions Related to the Border - Lawfare   lawfareblog 

India Vows Revenge After Deadly Islamist Terror Attack   legalins 

World's largest Islamic charity, Islamic Relief, implicated in Tunisian terror probe   jihad 

Douma chemical weapons hoax exposed by BBC producer   theduran 

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez accused of ethics violation after Twitter user makes unusual discovery - TheBlaze   blaze 

BREAKING: New Evidence Suggests Jussie Smollett Orchestrated Attack On Himself, Police Say   dailywire 

Is Emmanuel Macron about to call Theresa May’s bluff on the Brexit backstop?   specuk 

State Department Denies Trump's Top Iran Envoy Met with Kerry   beacon 

New Study Outlines Fallacies of So-Called `Sustainable' Investments   wuwt 

UK regional airline Flybmi ceases operations - BBC News   bbc 

Report Smollett Paid Brothers $4000 for Maga Attack He Planned   sentinel 

A New Google Finance Hub   p&f 

FINALLY...New York City Mayor Bill deBlasio does something right for a change [WARNING: Graphic Images]   barenakedislam 

FBI data shows Ilhan Omar's district is terrorist recruitment capital of the US ! No surprise here!   bizpacreview 

Trump urges Europe to 'take back' hundreds of captured IS fighters   jpost 

Reports: Police believe Jussie Smollett paid Nigerian men to stage "MAGA" attack   legalins 

Campus Reform's Emma Meshell: Yale fraternity lawsuit could have 'adverse effect' (VIDEO)   campusreform 

Angel Mom In Pelosi’s Office: Why Are Illegal Immigrants ‘Placed In Front Of Us?’ – Godfather Politics   godfatherpolitics 

Trump Wants To Raid an Asset Forfeiture Black-Box Fund To Build His Border Wall   reason 

Vatican defrocks former US cardinal McCarrick over sex abuse   nypost 

Flashback: 1965 Life Magazine showed life begins at conception - WND   wnd 

"Snow too thick to plow keeps skiers from California resorts"   donsurber 

In India, World’s First Solar Powered Airport Keeps Expanding   voanews 

Medical emergency triggers stampede at San Francisco theater   ap 

Roger Stone Promises to Place Congressman Adam Schiff Under Oath During Upcoming Trial   gateway 

At 82, Army Veteran & Country Legend Kris Kristofferson Isn't Done Yet   military 

Hizballah’s missile precision crash project slowed. 250 upgraded out of 14,000 - DEBKAfile   debka 

The US and Israel drill Iranian missile attack scenario in joint military exercise DEBKA   debka 

Jussie Smollett Lashes Out at Assault Story Doubters   mediaite 

Swiss actor Bruno Ganz dead at 77: agent - Breitbart   breitbart 

Pelosi Saluted Victory by Wishing Everyone a Happy Thanksgiving   sentinel 

Illegal Aliens Made Up 66% of Criminal Alien Convictions in Texas in 6 Years   nusa 

Big Brother or Eugenics? Both! - Freedom Outpost   freedomoutpost 


Deep State Behind the Deep State: CFR, Trilaterals, Bilderbergs   newam 

White House hopeful Kirsten Gillibrand: `I could support' Beto's call to tear down existing border wall   dcclothesline 

‘Vegan’ Parents Charged For Starving Their Child Near Death - Conservative Daily Post   conservativedailypost 

Antifa tries to blockade Ottawa-bound pro-pipeline convoy outside Winnipeg - The Rebel   therebel 

Rockslide Causes Car to Flip   newsau 

Jussie Smollett: "45 and his white-hooded cohorts are a national disgrace"   hotair 

"I've never seen anything like this": NYC Dem Carolyn Maloney slams opposition to Amazon deal   hotair 

Iran urges Pakistan to crack down on militants in border area after 27 Iranian soldiers were killed   middleeasteye 

Political Corruption and Ballot Harvesting: MTRA   politicalpistachio 

Huma Abedin Tried To Have Him Killed! – Daily Headlines   dailyheadlines 

Daily Market Comment – Daily Pundit   dailyp 

Frontloading HQ: Amendment to Arkansas Bill Eyes March for Presidential Primary Move   frontloading 


Had Enough Therapy?: Andrew Sullivan Tergiversates   stuartschneiderman 

Smelling Smollett – Daily Pundit   dailyp 

Pence says time has come for EU to withdraw from Iran nuclear deal   reuters 

Read Justin Amash's Spot-On Constitutional Explanation of 'National Emergencies'   redstate 

Ignored by Media: Trump Is Using Obama's National Emergency on Mexican Cartels to Build the Border Wall   gateway 

Report: Chicago Police Believe Jussie Smollett Paid Two Men to Stage Attack   breitbart 

NFL Paid Kaepernick $60 To $80 Million To Settle: Report   zh 

Bezos learns Democrats hate him   donsurber 

Karl Marx to resign, ditch legacy due to sexual misconduct   thepeoplescube 

Japan nominates Trump for Nobel   donsurber 

The State Expands its Responsibilities In Order to Expand Its Power   mises 

This guy can really tear it up on the fiddle, and he's only 9 years old   circa 


A President Fit for Hollywood   steyn 

LOL! NANCY PELOSI WISHES Everyone A HAPPY THANKSGIVING During Victory Lap Speech Over Spending Bill [VIDEO]   100percentfedup 

Morning Joe worried Ocasio-Cortez's economic ignorance could hand Trump a 2020 win   legalins 

Report: Bipartisan Spending Now Worse Than Under Bush & Obama - Freedom Outpost   freedomoutpost 

Just a brilliant essay. Read it. An Independent America   amgreatness 

Democrats WANT Your Daughters To Be Raped   ticker 

Republicans & Conservatives Both Spamming and Scamming Public At Large   cfp 

National Media Blackout: Government vaccine expert witness turns whistleblower, tells truth about vaccines causing    dcclothesline 

Washington D.C. Worst Grades in Citizenship Test, Only ONE State Passes – Godfather Politics   godfatherpolitics 

Despite Budget Crisis, Oakland Teachers Demand 12 Percent Raise - California Political Review   capoliticalreview 

Bankrupt Cali City Goes Full Commie with Universal Basic Income   sentinel 

Acting Pentagon chief not decided yet on funding border wall   reuters 


Iran asks Pakistan to move against attackers, warns Saudi   jpost 

Far-right activists stage torchlit march in Bulgarian capital   oann 

Angel Moms Confront Jim Acosta At Trump Border Security Presser   legalins 

Congressman Walter Jones, Who Wrote 12,000 Letters to Fallen Soldiers' Families, Dies on His 76th Birthday   thepoliticalinsider 

Pass. Repeal. Repeat: The GOP Cycle of Defying Voters on Medicaid Expansion   governing 

Australia: Muslim woman convicted of arranging to have her daughters' genitals mutilated in Somalia   jihad 

U.S. Doesn't Know What to Do With 1,000 ISIS Detainees   realcleardefense 

Nancy Pelosi wishes everyone a ‘Happy Thanksgiving’ on Valentine’s Day Conservative News Today   bizpacreview 

Chicago Police Now Think ‘Empire’ Star Jussie Smollett Paid the Osundairo Brothers to Orchestrate a Hoax   pjmedia 

Target Liberty: The Brains Behind Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez   targetliberty 

California Republicans’ Munchausen By Proxy Problem – American Greatness   amgreatness 

Washington state House committee passes bill to ban personal, philosophical vaccine exemptions https:/   thehill 


Sissi: Israeli-Palestinian conflict is main source of instability in Middle East   timesofisrael 

"Hollywood Stars Mostly Mum on Northam, Fairfax, and Omar" #tcot   nwsbstrs 

Twitter Just Purged 2,000 Accounts for Challenging Official Narrative on Coup in Venezuela   thefreethoughtproject 

Without Knowing a Thing, Chelsea Clinton Blames Guns for Aurora Killings   sentinel 

NEW: Jussie Smollett 'angered and devastated' at suggestions he was involved in his attack.   abc 

Believe it or not, the Amazon pullout wasn't even the worst economic news for NY Dems this week   hotair 

Mueller: Search Warrants on GRU Reveal Stone ‘Directly’ Interacted With Guccifer 2.0   dailybeast 

Maxine Waters: We're Gonna Get Trump's Taxes   theblacksphere 

Pence Chastises EU, Rejects Merkel's Call to Work with Russia   max 

Chicago Police Now View Jussie Smollett as 'Active Participant' in Alleged Assault   gateway 

French Jewish intellectual attacked by anti-Semites during yellow vest protest   timesofisrael 

How Minneapolis' Somali community became the terrorist recruitment capital of the US #FoxNews Shocking! @IlhanMN   fox 


BREAKING: Chicago Police Sources Reveal New Details Suggesting Jussie Smollett Hate Hoax *   100percentfedup 

California pounces: State to sue Trump administration over national emergency declaration   legalins 

President Obama's Border Patrol Chief Mark Morgan Agrees with Trump on the Wall   thepoliticalinsider 

Uruguay legalized weed 6 years ago and experts say it's made the country better than ever   circa 

New Mexico County Becomes Gun 'Sanctuary County'   bearingarms 

If It’s OK to Kill Unborn Babies, How Can Killing and Eating an Ex-Girlfriend be Morally Wrong? – Godfather Politics   godfatherpolitics 

Don’t Expect a US-China Trade Breakthrough By March 1   thediplomat 

FRANCE - 14th week of protests -videos   vladtepesblog 

The Ten WORST U.S. Colleges for Free Speech — Parents DO NOT Send Your Kids Here – Godfather Politics   godfatherpolitics 

Pelosi: ‘Let’s Roll’ – Godfather Politics   godfatherpolitics 

THUD: Joe Biden trips all over himself (AND Obama) in rush to slam Trump for Russia threat –   twitchy 

Americans, Germans differ in their views of their nations’ relationship   pewresearch 

Why is Trump, and not Obama, the so-called 'dictator'?   thinker 

Trump Should Just Let the Democrats Self-Destruct   thinker 

Breaking the Left's Deception of Black Americans   thinker 

Kamala Harris Packed California Prisons With Pot Peddlers   beacon 

Strangers, 500 Strong, Pay Last Respects to D-Day Veteran   military 

Dumb Questions by Scott Adams   dilbert 

Researchers unlock the mystery of Polish diplomats who rescued Jews   timesofisrael 

WATCH: Boris Johnson's Sister Strips on UK's Sky TV to Protest Brexit   mediaite 

Democrats Can't Hide Crazy   townhall 

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