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HATE HOAX: Native American Activist Approached Chanting Covington Catholic Teens, Got In Their Face  informationliberation 

Media in various Stages of Grief over collapse of Buzzfeed Trump/Cohen story   legalins 

Speaker Nancy Pelosi Rejects President Trump Proposal to End Shutdown….   treehouse 

It's Now Undeniably The #PelosiShutdown...   dcwhispers 

Linda Sarsour gets big cheer at Women’s March calling for boycott of Israel –   twitchy 

Pelosi Rejected Trump's Immigration Compromise BEFORE HE GAVE IT!!!! - The Lid   lidblog 

Pelosi Rejects Trump Plan To Reopen Government – Godfather Politics   godfatherpolitics 

Alabama: Wounded IHOP Employee Shoots & Kills Armed Man Shooting At Employees - Freedom Outpost   freedomoutpost 

Sarah Sanders Reacts to Pelosi Saying White House Leaked Travel Plans   mediaite 

Cheap flights to Bali, USA, Japan, Europe: Best flight deals for 2019   newsau 

Breaking! Details of Mueller's Interactions with BuzzFeed   sentinel 

WATCH: Muslim Congresswoman Defends 'Evil Israel' Tweets, Pushes Wild Conspiracies   unitedwithisrael 

Australian rallies demand safe streets for women after Israeli student murder   oann 

Trump Strikes Out At Mexico For Failing To Stop Caravans – Godfather Politics   godfatherpolitics 

Christian Mercenary: A Better Understanding of Evil   christianmercenary 

President Trump's `Xanatos Gambit' Government Shutdown   boyz 

Mark Levin: Mueller’s Office Released Buzzfeed Report Denial ‘To Cover Their Asses’   caller 

President Trump Offers Deal To End Shutdown - The Resurgent   theresurgent 

Here’s The Perfect Response To Gillette’s ‘Toxic Masculinity’ (Powerful Video) – Godfather Politics   godfatherpolitics 

Diocese apologizes after students mock Native American at D.C. rally - POLITICO   politico 

Trump Plays Shutdown 'Deal or No Deal' in SNL Cold Open   mediaite 

BuzzFeed BEGS for more attention from Mueller with this NEW statement! – The Right Scoop   scoop 

The Man Who Banned Guns in Chicago Had 23 of Them   knish 

Pres.Trump has signed an EO that the border wall will be built with Nancy Pelosi’s family fortune   cfp 

China set to post slowest growth in 28 years in 2018, more stimulus seen   reuters 

NYC's Housing-Market Weakness Spreads From Manhattan To The Outer Boroughs   zh 

Ukrainian president to arrive Sunday for signing of FTA   jpost 

The President’s Immigration Olive Branch   power 

Senator Scott proposes members of Congress go unpaid during shutdown – True Pundit   truepundit 

Oregon Considers Mandating Universal Newborn Home Visits   pjmedia 

Danon calls on U.N. to take action against Iranian ballistic missiles   jpost 

Catholic school teens under fire for mocking a Native American elder   circa 

Gillian Anderson to Play Margaret Thatcher in Season Four of ‘The Crown’   dailybeast 

Malaysian PM says ban of Israeli athletes is not antisemitism   jpost 

VA Finds PTSD Affects Women Differently Than Men   military 

‘Green Book’ boosts Oscar odds with big win at Producers Guild Awards   oann 

School employee removed after yelling 'Build the Wall' at striking teachers - The College Fix   thecollegefix 

Mexico Pipeline Blast Death Toll Climbs to More Than 70   voanews 

Many worldwide oppose more migration – into and out of their countries   pewresearch 

At Women's March, anti-Semitism scandal overshadows anti-Trump effort   timesofisrael 

Trump Team Sets 2020 Plans In Motion. Here's What's Happening.   townhall 

Hamas vs. Abbas on the southern front   hayom 

Single and ready to mingle, zoo captures steamy shower video of Hugo the Tortoise   circa 

ABC News Jonathan Karl: Sources Say Mueller Report Will Be 'Anti-Climactic'   thepoliticalinsider 

Ocasio-Cortez Embraces Anti-Semitic Women's March After DNC, Top Dems Cut Ties   dailywire 

Netanyahu takes off for Chad   jpost 

Paris informs Tokyo it wants Renault and Nissan to integrate: Nikkei   oann 

Congo opposition candidate Fayulu declares himself president   jpost 

Embarrassing Predictions Haunt the Global-Warming Industry   newam 

Google Image Result for   stridentconservative 

Anti-Israel protesters bust onto stage during France Eurovision qualifier   timesofisrael 

Pelosi Appoints Anti-Israel Rep. Ilhan Omar to House Foreign Affairs Committee   bruce 

Magnitude 6.7 quake strikes Chile, no tsunami threat   jpost 

New post: Constitution?   dailyp 

Fake Snooze – Daily Pundit   dailyp 

It’s Amazing. Breathtaking. What I Saw Today at the American Legion Hall in Hanover: It’s a Convention in the 97th!   varight 

From @marklevinshow   noisyrm 

Female Student Infects 324 Men With HIV, Police Are FURIOUS To Hear Her Reason   dailyheadlines 

Strasbourg: Capital of the EU and "The Future of Europe"   gatestone 

WATCH: Women's March Chant: “Five, six, seven, eight, America was never great!” [Video] *   100percentfedup 

In Jerusalem's Old City, conflict means buyer and seller beware   timesofisrael 

Harry Reid Exposes Greatest Liberal Scam of All-Time   townhall 

1000s of police on guard as Yellow Vests hit streets in France for 10th week in a row — RT World News   rt 

Saudi-Led Coalition Launches Airstrikes in Yemen’s Capital   voanews 

FBI testimony confirms Obama DOJ ordered 500,000 fugitives purged from background check database Conservative News Today   bizpacreview 

Who is Ed Buck? The erratic life of the Democratic donor in whose home two dead men have been found   latimes 

70 years young!   jpost 

Are Landmark Workouts Fun Challenges or a Bad Idea?   military 

Riding the Dragon - Israeli aviation tech heads to China   jpost 

Stormy Daniels Rips MAGA Hat Teens Who Mobbed Native Elder   mediaite 

Virginia Senator Openly Carrying Handgun to Deter Violent Protesters   breitbart 

Cleaning things. Cleaning everything. - Bookworm Room   bookworm 

A Provocative Tweet by Axios Writer Dan Primack   p&f 

The DACA Debate. Who are Dreamers...and why can't Congress agree on what to do about them? #D   fullmeasure 

The highs and lows of legal pot. @FullMeasureNews   fullmeasure 

Somalia-Born Candidate for Congress Accused of Immigration/Marriage Fraud   cis 

Obama Created EU Refugee Crisis   cfp 

Investigation alleges that anti-Semitism among Women’s March organizers started at first meeting –   twitchy 

Eric Newman: Man who shot police in Glen Innes was big game hunter   newsau 

How NOT To Refute Charges of Antisemitism At the Women’s March   israellycool 

Wall shutdown drives Hispanics to back Trump   donsurber 

Kremlin official tied to Russian lawyer who took part in Trump Tower meeting killed in chopper crash   dailymail 

Toyota, Panasonic to set up EV battery JV in 2020: source   oann 

Dems Are Cool to Trump's New Wall-DACA Offer   lifezette 

Is Vietnam adopting a tough South China Sea posture? - Asia Times   atimes 

Rep. Dan Crenshaw says 'weird' Beto O'Rourke must never be president after his Constitution remarks – True Pundit   truepundit 

BuzzFeed, Acosta, and the Non-Existence of Journalism   pjmedia 

Juarez: Security alert issued after violence by La Linea and Los Mexicles   borderl 

Israel to demolish homes of Ofra and Givat Assaf terrorists   jpost 

Knesset to celebrate its 70th ‘birthday’ on Tu BiShvat   jpost 

Other Sports: Greg Hardy disqualified in UFC debut after illegal knee strike   dallas 

Error 404 - Page not found   jpost 

Conservative Heavyweights React to President Trump's DACA Offer   townhall 

Catholic Pro-Life Children Now In Fear For Their Lives After Being Doxxed By Far Left Media   gateway 

Daily Presidential Tracking Poll - Rasmussen Reports®   rasmussen 

Who Really Runs the Schools?: Many community school boards are political patronage enterprises more than educational ones. The victims, as a   cityjrnl 

Trump OFFERS DACA amnesty to Dems in exchange for border wall BILLIONS! – The Right Scoop   scoop 

Women's March DC turnout flops after pro-Farrakhan leadership anti-Semitism problems split movement   legalins 

Powerhouse Museum to stay in Ultimo under Labor   smh-au 

6.7-magnitude earthquake hits Chile   nypost 

Downing Street warns MPs not to block Brexit - BBC News   bbc 

Trump attends ceremony for ISIS attack victims   nypost 

Indonesia caves on freeing Islamist cleric who won't denounce extremism   timesofisrael 

The Government Shutdown Won't Cause a Recession   townhall 

L.A.’s New Sheriff Rehires Deputy Fired for Alleged Stalking, Abuse   reason 

The Flush Continues: Women's March Leader Denies Israel's Right to Exist as a Nation   redstate 

SNL's Weekend Update Skewers BuzzFeed: Stick to Your 'Memes and Lists'   mediaite 

PA official apologies for saying Israeli collaborator led social protests   jpost 

Congressional Black Caucus demands Sheila Jackson Lee step down over intern rape allegations - TheBlaze   blaze 

Women's March co-leader Mallory refuses to answer if Israel should exist   timesofisrael 

Democrats reject Trumps bid to negotiate on immigration for his wall - POLITICO   politico 

Prime minister heads to Chad to renew ties after nearly 50 years   timesofisrael 

5G, Huawei, and Us - America Hates Competition   zh 

Cubs To Launch Their Own Sports Network In 2020 – CBS Chicago   cbslocal 

VIRAL VIDEO: Teenagers Wearing MAGA Hats Mock Native American Vietnam Veteran – CBS Denver   cbslocal 

'Good people turned a blind eye'   hayom 

Another Oppressive Obama Rule Is About to Meet Its Demise   sentinel 

Tshisekedi Declared Congo’s President, but Runner-Up Revolts   voanews 

Survivors: Up to 117 Missing From Sunken Boat Off Libya    voanews 

Congo Court Declares Tshisekedi Elected President   voanews 

Clashes Break Out in France in Latest 'Yellow Vest' Protest   voanews 

Boxing: Pacquiao dominates Broner in unanimous decision win   oann 

U.S. spends $116B per year on illegal alien welfare, border wall costs $25B   oann 

China’s Pinduoduo reports theft of online discount vouchers to police   oann 

It’s time for the Senate GOP to go nuclear   power 

Nathan Glazer, RIP   power 

Congo top court declares Tshisekedi presidential-elect   oann 


President Trump Christmas Visit to Recovering Troops at Walter Reed Hospital…   treehouse 

Are you ready for Sunday night’s ‘supermoon’ lunar eclipse?   latimes 

Sen. Durbin Co-Sponsored Plan To Protect Dreamers — Now That Trump Wants It, He’s Against It   caller 

The Muslim Brotherhood's Strategic Plan For America - Court Document   clarionproject 

US Withdrawal from NATO Would Benefit Americans Most of All   journal-neo 

From the Barracks to the Courtroom: US ‘Lawfare’ in Action   strategic-culture 

Europe on the Brink of Collapse?   journal-neo 

The Kerch Bridge Incident Points to Wider Issues   journal-neo 

The Real United Nations   cfp 

Schiff for Brains Misleads Congress – American Greatness   amgreatness 

Visualizing The Snowball Of Global Government Debt   zh 

Mandelblit interview on corruption cases is suspect, Netanyahu says   jpost 


The Press Manipulated the Bernie Sanders Sexual Harassment Story   townhall 

Another Media Bombshell Turns Out To Be A Dud   townhall 

Bayit Yehudi’s future unclear after internal proposal rejection   jpost 

Canada says Israel-bound cocaine shipment intercepted   timesofisrael 

This nanny is taking on cops, prosecutors after finding boss’ spycam in bathroom   nypost 

Best sports photos of the year   nypost 

Democrats Immediately Reject Trump's Offer to End Shutdown   pjmedia 

Trump thanks Mueller for slapping back at Buzzfeed story   hotair 

Met Opera offers free tickets to federal employees   abc 

Major Quake Hits Chile; No Tsunami, Little Damage   voanews 

Watch Company Launches Response To Gillette ‘Toxic Masculinity’ Ad; It Goes Viral   dailywire 

US Doctoral Degrees May Be Losing Their Appeal   voanews 


Georgia TA: 'Some white people may have to die...'   campusreform 

Letter to an Aspiring Theologian by Kevin J. Vanhoozer   frstthng 

Gun Owners Of America To Take NFA Before Supreme Court   bearingarms 

A Christian Strategy by Adrian Vermeule   frstthng 

The Trouble with Ayn Rand by David Bentley Hart   frstthng 

Martin Luther King's Dream for Peace in Israel   unitedwithisrael 

Police raids and stigma: Welcome to life in South Korea's underground tattoo scene   circa 

OR Gun Control Bill Would Ban Most Handguns, Become Worst In Nation   bearingarms 

Vox Popoli: In defense of Milo and me   voxpopoli 

work young man great video   godfatherpolitics 

Jaw-dropping: Women’s March protester criticizes US record on gay rights, then defends Iran –   twitchy 

Joy Villa tops her MAGA dress with a gown decorated with a fetus image   latimes 


FISA Warrant Bombshell: Bruce Ohr Warned DOJ and FBI That Steele Dossier was Unverified and Paid for by Clinton – Godfather Politics   godfatherpolitics 

Leftists Slam Gladys Knight for Singing National Anthem at Super Bowl, Her Response is Classic – Godfather Politics   godfatherpolitics 

Networks Ignore 100,000 Member March For Life, Report on Women’s March Instead – Godfather Politics   godfatherpolitics 

Ten Years Ago Dem. Sen. Chuck Schumer Wanted a Wall, Now Hypocrite Opposes the Same Thing – Godfather Politics   godfatherpolitics 

Marine Vet Actor R. Lee Ermey Buried At Arlington National Cemetery – Godfather Politics   godfatherpolitics 

This list of immigrant founders of tech companies doesn’t do what we think it was supposed to do –   twitchy 

Watch CBS 2 Live Stream - CBS Los Angeles   cbslocal 

Extremely Disturbing Footage Of Deadly Mexico Pipeline Explosion Surfaces   zh 

Economic boom for whom? Keiser Report examines America’s disappearing middle class (VIDEO) — RT Business News   rt 

Churches see rise in donations after introducing contactless collection plates   telegrph 

Brexit news: Tory grassroots send ANGRY letter to Chairman Brandon Lewis 'Party is RUINED'   express 

Report: Explosion heard near Syria’s Damascus   jpost 


Why Yemen's war matters   jpost 

US: Air Strike Kills 52 Militants Who Attacked Somali Base   max 

Erekat: PA won’t allow US to alter Arab Peace Initiative   jpost 

MK warns against slippery slope in vanishing woman ad   jpost 

Government Workers Reluctantly Turn To Pawn Shops Amid Shutdown #SM   inquisitr 

Stars exorcise speed demons in win over Winnipeg to snap rough four-game skid   dallas 

Are You In Favor of the Border Wall? Now There's a Clever Way Make Sure Nancy And Chuck Know It   townhall 

Report: Illegals Get $4B a Year in Cash Refunds From IRS ...   max 

Sen. Steve Daines: Trump Is the 'Most Pro-life President That We Have Seen in the History of Our Country'   townhall 

'BuzzFeed' Report Baited Trump Into Committing Impeachable Offense, Suggests Journalist. #WhiteHouse   inquisitr 

We're one week into the LAUSD teachers' strike. Here's what it's looked like:   latimes 

On Dec. 1, for the first time since 1968, the Song Girls were not at a USC home basketball game   latimes 


NEED TO TALK   openthebooks 

If you're looking at this story with a new light, now look at these pictures and imagine how you would set about cr   israellycool 

Professional victim. We have them here. Shirley Temper is the best example   israellycool 

Tamika Mallory Cements Her Place As A Vile Antisemite   israellycool 

I can posts hundre   prager 

Mueller Lucy (Comey?) to the Left's Charlie Brown   datechguy 

dlvr Conservative Trump's Halfway Mark: Promises Made.Promises Kept trump republicans : vo   cdn 

dlvr AmerLookout Mitch McConnell: Senate Will Vote On Trump's Plan To End Shutdown Next Week   americanlookout 

dlvr AmerLookout Women's March 2019 Flops With Much Smaller Crowd Has The Brand Become Toxic?   americanlookout 

Mitch McConnell: Senate Will Vote On Trump's Plan To End Shutdown Next Week   americanlookout 

Thank God I don't live on the #Libtard Left Coast. But, this crap is spreading like a cancer and is coming to a sta   theresurgent 

Jack Phillips, owner Masterpiece Cake Shop has won the right to pursue his claim against the Colorado Civil Right C   theresurgent 

Pelosi rejected the Trump proposal before he started speaking.   lidblog 

Sandy the bartender from Yorktown spills a drink   lidblog 

Shavuah Tov Rabbi! There is even a bigger anti-Semitic problem, But sadly Most in the conservative mov   lidblog 

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