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THE #SPYGATE COUP: 6 Questions Adam Schiff Must Answer Under Oath  directorblue 

BOMBSHELL: Rep. Gohmert Says Rosenstein Offered To Wear Wire Two Different Times - The Lid   lidblog 

Illegal Receives 3 LIVERS Ahead of American Citizens   theblacksphere 

Documents Reveal FBI Cover Up Of Clinton Crime ‘Chart’ - Conservative Daily Post   conservativedailypost 

Did Democrats Remove Monthly Terror Reports from Committee on Homeland Security Website?   creeping 

After Twitter disables "Everybody Hurts" satire video, Trump reposts to "God Bless The U.S.A."   legalins 

President Trump is Slowly Stopping The Exfiltration of American Wealth…   treehouse 

Nigerian brothers COOPERATING with Chicago police; Smollett PAID them to FAKE attack! – The Right Scoop   scoop 

Report: Those two Nigerian brothers purchased the rope found around Jussie Smollett’s neck –   twitchy 

There are Trillions at Stake…   treehouse 

Rep. Elijah Cummings could go to prison for 5 years - American Journal Online   amjrnl 

Hate Hoax Update: Police Now Believe Jussie Smollett Paid Two Men to Stage Attack…   treehouse 

Explaining Trump’s National Emergency Executive Action – Godfather Politics   godfatherpolitics 

Gender Politics and the Sinking of the KNM Helge Ingstad   strategic-culture 

THIS IS CNN: Reporter helps Kamala Harris try on clothes during campaign stop - The American MirrorThe American Mirror   theamericanmirror 

Smollett's Done! Nigerian Brothers Purchased the Noose   sentinel 

GUN WATCH: Mass Murderer in Aurora Illinois was Prohibited Possessor   gunwatch 

Some GOP lawmakers are thawing on climate change   rollcall 

Here it is: CNN co-host reminds us of the REAL tragedy if the Jussie Smollet attack was a hoax –   twitchy 

Omar calls for defunding Homeland Security - WND   wnd 

Ellen Page Blames Mike Pence for Jussie Smollett's Attack: 'Connect the Dots'   mediaite 

BREAKING: Actor Jussie Smollett LIED About Racial Attack.   redstate 

Yellow Vest: Protestors injured after car ploughs through crowd   express 

Are they reporters or the cast of Sex and the City?   patriotretort 

There Is Hope: One Woman's Journey From Liberal Democrat To Constitutionalist - Freedom Outpost   freedomoutpost 

Canada’s Freeland pushes end of steel, aluminum tariffs in meeting with Pelosi   oann 

India Vows Revenge After Deadly Islamist Terror Attack   legalins 

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez accused of ethics violation after Twitter user makes unusual discovery - TheBlaze   blaze 

BREAKING: New Evidence Suggests Jussie Smollett Orchestrated Attack On Himself, Police Say   dailywire 

Campus Reform's Emma Meshell: Yale fraternity lawsuit could have 'adverse effect' (VIDEO)   campusreform 

Angel Mom In Pelosi’s Office: Why Are Illegal Immigrants ‘Placed In Front Of Us?’ – Godfather Politics   godfatherpolitics 

Flashback: 1965 Life Magazine showed life begins at conception - WND   wnd 

"Snow too thick to plow keeps skiers from California resorts"   donsurber 

Roger Stone Promises to Place Congressman Adam Schiff Under Oath During Upcoming Trial   gateway 

At 82, Army Veteran & Country Legend Kris Kristofferson Isn't Done Yet   military 

Jussie Smollett Lashes Out at Assault Story Doubters   mediaite 

Pelosi Saluted Victory by Wishing Everyone a Happy Thanksgiving   sentinel 

Jussie Smollett: "45 and his white-hooded cohorts are a national disgrace"   hotair 

"I've never seen anything like this": NYC Dem Carolyn Maloney slams opposition to Amazon deal   hotair 

Political Corruption and Ballot Harvesting: MTRA   politicalpistachio 

Report: Chicago Police Believe Jussie Smollett Paid Two Men to Stage Attack   breitbart 

NFL Paid Kaepernick $60 To $80 Million To Settle: Report   zh 

Reports: Police believe Jussie Smollett paid Nigerian men to stage "MAGA" attack   legalins 

This guy can really tear it up on the fiddle, and he's only 9 years old   circa 

A President Fit for Hollywood   steyn 

Report: Bipartisan Spending Now Worse Than Under Bush & Obama - Freedom Outpost   freedomoutpost 

Report Smollett Paid Brothers $4000 for Maga Attack He Planned   sentinel 

Acting Pentagon chief not decided yet on funding border wall   reuters 

Far-right activists stage torchlit march in Bulgarian capital   oann 

Angel Moms Confront Jim Acosta At Trump Border Security Presser   legalins 

Chicago Police Now Think ‘Empire’ Star Jussie Smollett Paid the Osundairo Brothers to Orchestrate a Hoax   pjmedia 

Sissi: Israeli-Palestinian conflict is main source of instability in Middle East   timesofisrael 

Pence Chastises EU, Rejects Merkel's Call to Work with Russia   max 

Medical emergency triggers stampede at San Francisco theater   ap 

Chicago Police Now View Jussie Smollett as 'Active Participant' in Alleged Assault   gateway 

French Jewish intellectual attacked by anti-Semites during yellow vest protest   timesofisrael 

BREAKING: Chicago Police Sources Reveal New Details Suggesting Jussie Smollett Hate Hoax *   100percentfedup 

Amazon’s abandonment of NYC is a break in its alliance with the Left.   cityjrnl 

President Obama's Border Patrol Chief Mark Morgan Agrees with Trump on the Wall   thepoliticalinsider 

Don’t Expect a US-China Trade Breakthrough By March 1   thediplomat 

Read Justin Amash's Spot-On Constitutional Explanation of 'National Emergencies'   redstate 

Believe it or not, the Amazon pullout wasn't even the worst economic news for NY Dems this week   hotair 

4 Industries Anxious to Hire Military Vets Right Now   military 

Strangers, 500 Strong, Pay Last Respects to D-Day Veteran   military 

Bill would honor Rep. Walter Jones by repealing AUMF   rollcall 

Democrats will push back on national emergency in Congress and courts   rollcall 

Report: U.S.-Backed SDF Close to Defeating Last ISIS Stronghold   oann 

Argentina Settles Export Deal With Paraguay Using Bitcoin   zh 

TV Star Repeatedly Calls Caitlyn Jenner a Man on 'The Tonight Show.' Why Wasn't She Ben Shapiro'd?   redstate 

Bankrupt Cali City Goes Full Commie with Universal Basic Income   sentinel 

VIDEO: Big Chief Liz Warren gets RATTLED by heckler at her rally! – The Right Scoop   scoop 

Analysis: The Invention of 'Palestinians'   unitedwithisrael 

CYBERCOM Chief: 133 Cyber Teams Will Be Insufficient   realcleardefense 

California pounces: State to sue Trump administration over national emergency declaration   legalins 

5 insane provisions in the amnesty omnibus bill - Conservative Review   conservativereview 

Report: Illinois Third Most Corrupt State, Chicago the Most Corrupt City in America   legalins 

Iran to unveil submarine equipped with guided cruise missile system   timesofisrael 

What Is and Isn’t a Big Deal in Trump’s Executive Actions Related to the Border - Lawfare   lawfareblog 

The Birth of a Monster   mises 

Haley Tried to Block Appointment of Chinese Diplomat to Key U.N. Post. He Got the Job Anyway. – Foreign Policy   forpol 

The last honorable Democrat: Patrick Caddell, 1950 2019 #Trending   pjmedia 

Two NEW Men Now Admit to Attacking Smollett   theblacksphere 

Top Amazon official name-checks Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in decision not to locate in Queens –   twitchy 

GERMANY: Violent crime statistics from police obfuscate Muslim/migrant crimes by leaving out identifying details   barenakedislam 

The Democratic Party: A History of Anarchy - Part 2 - Freedom Outpost   freedomoutpost 

Incoming Congresswoman Ilhan Omar Caught Yet In Another Lie - Freedom Outpost   freedomoutpost 

BOOM! Irate Veteran Steps In After Muslim Leads Prayer Against ‘Infidels’ In The Senate – Daily Headlines   dailyheadlines 

Bernie Sanders made video announcing 2020 presidential run   timesofisrael 

Smollett: Now It All Comes Out – Daily Pundit   dailyp 

IT IS ABOUT TIME: President Trump JUST Pulled Federal Funds From California – Daily Headlines   dailyheadlines 

Heather Nauert Has Withdrawn Herself From Consideration For US Ambassador to the UN   mediaite 

Meet Claire, A Hillary Clinton Supporter « Intellectual Conservative   intellectualconservative 

Frontloading HQ: The 2020 Presidential Primary Calendar   frontloading 

HERE IS THE PROOF: Muslim Rep Omar Voted To Force Life Insurance Companies To Pay Jihadist’s Families – Daily Headlines   dailyheadlines 

Ammunitioning Ship (1988) - Bring The HEAT   xbradtc 

Obama Waives Ban On Arming Terrorists Allowing Aid To Syrian Opposition « Tammy Bruce   bruce 

NEW: Jussie Smollett 'angered and devastated' at suggestions he was involved in his attack.   abc 

.💥Can the Department of Defense Build the Border Wall?   fas 

Paid summer internship offers students `intellectual boot camp' on conservatism   thecollegefix 

How a Cat Helped South Asia's Bikini Killer Escape Prison   ozy 

Israeli director Nadav Lapid's film "Synonyms" wins Golden Bear   jpost 

Douma chemical weapons hoax exposed by BBC producer   theduran 

Torch-wielding nationalists march through Sofia to honor pro-Nazi general   timesofisrael 

Mueller Wants To Send Paul Manafort To Prison For Life and It Is Time President Trump To Step Up   redstate 

Week 91: Muellers Case for Collusion Comes Into View - POLITICO Magazine   politico 

Cory ‘Spartacus’ Booker Says ‘I Am Vegan’ to Fight Climate Change – Godfather Politics   godfatherpolitics 

Pollster Pat Caddell Dies at 68   max 

CNN Panel Gets Heated Over Trump Declaring National Emergency: 'What a Joke You Are!'   mediaite 

If It’s OK to Kill Unborn Babies, How Can Killing and Eating an Ex-Girlfriend be Morally Wrong? – Godfather Politics   godfatherpolitics 

Israeli film wins top prize at Berlinale   jpost 

How Stupid Is AOC? Well, Check This Out!   sentinel 

MSM Political Reporters Go Shopping with BFF Kamala Harris   sentinel 

Anti-Semite Rep. Omar's District Is the Terror Recruitment Capital of USA   sentinel 

Man Jailed After Police Find 3D Printed Gun And US Lawmaker Kill List   zh 

Brexit latest: Brexiteers praise Donald Trump’s UK trade announcement   express 

Mom gives birth, then claims she's actually father - WND   wnd 

Fact-checking Pres. Trump's case for a national emergency at the border:   abc 

Campaign Reporters Criticized for 'Going Shopping' with Kamala Harris to Put 'Out Glowing Tweets'   mediaite 

Netanyahu’s ‘fake’ war, leaked video, broken plane and diplomatic snafu   jpost 

This Civil War - My South Carolina Tea Party Convention Speech   knish 

"No Art for ApARTheid’s Sake" vs the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra   westernfreepress 

The Origins of Political Correctness   academia 

Republicans & Conservatives Both Spamming and Scamming Public At Large   cfp 

Millions in Tax Dollars Stolen Via Welfare and Sent to Terrorist Group   newam 

Brexit news: Chief economist TEARS APART Brexit fear-mongers in STEP-BY-STEP tirade    express 

DHILLON: Microsoft Wants To Pick The News You Read   caller 

Some Trumpenfreude from CNN   donsurber 


News headlines for February 16   illinoispolicy 

Liberals Trying To Kill Electoral College Without Constitutional Amendment - The Lid   lidblog 

Catholic Charities placing Somalis from Uganda refugee camp in Minnesota – Refugee Resettlement Watch   refugeeresettlementwatch 

The Progressive Civil War   nysun 

Roger Waters At Unhinged, Antisemitic Best In Latest Interview   israellycool 

Another Fake Hate Crime? Of Course It Is   power 

The dead earmarks society   rollcall 

Brexit ‘airbags’ being tested by business with 40 days to exit day: KPMG   oann 

Heather Nauert, Trump's nominee for U.N. ambassador withdraws   jpost 

Sam Ervin took down Nixon. We’re still waiting for his heir   rollcall 

The Man on the Operating Table – Foreign Policy   forpol 

Timeline of the alleged Jussie Smollett attack investigation.   abc 


Twelve of my noteworthy tweets from this past week (I was very busy)   elderofziyon 

Jim Clyburn And The Divine Right Of Succession – FITSNews   fitsnews 

Heather Nauert withdraws from consideration for UN ambassador nomination, State Department says   fox 

Marx tombstone vandalized for second time in weeks   timesofisrael 

Wait, CBS Decided To Cut Away From Trump’s National Emergency Presser…Because of This   townhall 

China's Antics in South China Sea Could Change Deployments for US Troops   military 

Trump to receive China trade talks update at Florida retreat   jpost 

Push on Last Islamic State Enclave Blunted by Discovery of Civilians   military 

News anchor: Soldiers suspected of beating Palestinians 'human animals'   jpost 

The networks that produce and trafick them absolutely come in between points of entry   conservativereview 

Katy Perry's Shoe Line Is Pulled After Blackface Accusations   thepoliticalinsider 

Furious Jussie Smollett DENIES he PAID two Nigerian brothers $3,500 to attack him   dailymail 


Democrats Come Out in Support of Taking Down Existing Border Barriers   legalins 

Women who smoked weed daily had more sex than the rest, according to this study   circa 

‘Embarrassing’ – Brit Hume CALLS out journalists for FAWNING over Kamala Harris – The Right Scoop   scoop 

Dem. Nadler says Republicans are TERRIFIED about emergency declaration and can STOP it – The Right Scoop   scoop 

Wikileaks Just Responded To the Stone Controversy and It’s BIG   redstatewatcher 

JUST IN: Democratic Presidential Candidate Just Said Tear Down the Existing Border Wall   redstatewatcher 

All US Citizens Ordered Out Of Haiti Amidst Mass Unrest And Chaos   zh 

Nigerian Brothers In Smollett Investigation Paid $7,000 To Stage "MAGA Country" Attack: Report   zh 

Far Right to Get Seats in Spanish Parliament, Polls Indicate   voanews 

UK Airline Ceases Operations, Blames Brexit   voanews 

French Police Fire Tear Gas Amid More 'Yellow Vest' Violence   voanews 

Twitter Silences Trump After R.E.M. Rips ‘President A**hole’ over ‘Everybody Hurts’ Meme   breitbart 


US crypto-Jews race to reclaim heritage before Spanish citizenship offer ends   timesofisrael 

Heather Nauert withdraws bid to be Washington's UN envoy   timesofisrael 

VIDEO: US troops drink cobra blood, learn jungle survival in Thailand during Cobra Gold 

Not woke! MSNBC’s list of ‘2020 Democrats to Watch’ are all — WHITE MEN –   twitchy 

7 or 8 Days in May   redstate 

VERB Announces the Release of Tagg Video Real Estate Sales Mobile App - OTC Observer Inc   observer 

GOP Sen. Ron Johnson Says He's Undecided on Whether to Support Trump's Emergency Declaration   mediaite 

Elon Musk-Backed Software Can Churn Fake News Stories And Is "Too Dangerous To Release"   zh 

Payless ShoeSource to start liquidation sales at stores   reuters 

Rep. Jerry Nadler Hints He Can CONFISCATE Our Guns   sentinel 

Egypt lawmakers approve possible 3-decade rule by president   hayom 

Senators Overlooked Radical Record of Ruth Bader Ginsburg   human 


The Elephant on the Border  |  Ricochet   ricochet 

Haitian Protesters Plan to Return to Streets Sunday     voanews 

Nauert Withdraws From Consideration for UN Post   voanews 

Nauert withdraws from consideration to become UN ambassador - POLITICO   politico 

Chicago Police Have Just Demanded Jussie Smollett Come In As New Evidence Unfolds   thefederalistpapers 

Can This Quantum-Computing Genius Beat Out IBM and Google?   ozy 

Pritzker blames Rauner for Illinois government woes but misses the mark   chibiz 

Trump: I believe Obama would have gone to war with North Korea – True Pundit   truepundit 

Shark attack Australia: Beaches close as shark attacks surfer at Belongil Beach on NSW north coast   newsau 

The Left’s Collusion Delusion: Life Imitates Snark – American Greatness   amgreatness 

Europe on the Brink of Collapse?   journal-neo 

Althouse: At the Staring Bug-Eyed Café...   althouse 


The Slow-Moving Crisis of Comfortable Christianity — The Damage It Does, and How You Can Help   stream 

What Is Vladimir Putin Really Threatening?   journal-neo 

Climate-change Narrative Challenged by Unusual Weather & Scientific Studies   newam 

Nigerians Bought the Rope Found On Smollett at Ace Hardware – IOTW Report   iotwreport 

Green New Dealers are Lying Liars – IOTW Report   iotwreport 

Report: Jussie Smollett 'Staged' Attack With Help Of Extra From 'Empire,' Home Raided   informationliberation 

David Hogg: 'Improve Ambulance Response Time' Instead Of Arming Teachers   informationliberation 

READ AND HEAD 👇👇👇   cis 

Obama Administration Cooperates with the UN on Open Borders   cfp 

'Her gallery was considered by many to be at, or near, the white hot center of the '80s art boom. The works she dis   althouse 

was dead right about #lobbyists for #Israel   strategic-culture 

All-female Norwegian crew crash and sink Norwegian warship during NATO exercises   strategic-culture 

Obama, ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood | New Eastern Outlook ISIS and the Muslim B   journal-neo 

US Accidentally Arming Al Qaeda   journal-neo 

Excellent news resisters.   538 

Citi May Liquidate Over $1 Billion In Venezuela Gold Within Weeks   zh 

Former Maverick Dennis Smith Jr. falls in dunk contest to Thunder's Hamidou Diallo @LopezSelby31   dallas 

Critical new evidence busts Jussie Smollett assault case wide open as he lawyers up   blaze 

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