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DEPT OF JUSTICE: FISA Warrants Against Trump Campaign Insider ‘Lacked Probable Cause,’ Likely Invalid  hannity 

History – President Trump Delivers Remarks During March for Life 2020 – 12:15pm ET Livestream…   treehouse 

Sen. Ernst blasts Democrats over double standards when it comes to Ukraine aid   oann 

On VIDEO: Stephanopoulos shuts down Sekulow with throat-cutting sign - WND   wnd 

Esper: China’s Communist Party stealing technology, building surveillance state   oann 

Virginia Senate Passes Transgender Educational Mandates for Children and Other Pro-LGBT Measures - Big League Politics   bigleaguepolitics 

Trump Impeachment Attorney: 'It's Not a Rebuttal,' We're Going to 'Attack'   cnsnews 

Michael Atkinson testimony concealed by Adam Schiff - Washington Times   times 

OPCW Investigator Testifies at UN That No Chemical Attack Took Place in Douma, Syria — Strategic Culture   strategic-culture 

Trump reveals new US Space Force logo – here it is 

Three al-Qaeda jihadis caught trying to enter the US with Colombian passports   jihad 

Team Trump deploys House GOP to hijack Capitol impeachment sideshow   nypost 

POCAHONTAS TO SCREW HARD WORKING FAMILIES ! - Conservative Choice Campaign   conservativechoicecampaign 

Tom Phillips for Congress NJ (R) - Conservative Choice Campaign   conservativechoicecampaign 

Two Convicted Pedophiles Beaten to Death by Inmate with Cane - National File   nationalfile 

Greek islanders protest against mass migration: “We want our islands back, we want our lives back”   jihad 

US warns new Iranian general will 'meet same fate as Soleimani' if he kills Americans 

Twitter Puts Warning on Trump Team's Pro-Life Video Featuring Smiling Babies   pjmedia 

Coincidence? A U.S. Patent For ‘An Attenuated Coronavirus’ Was Filed In 2015 And Granted In 2018 - DC Clothesline   dcclothesline 

Chinese authorities announce first CURED coronavirus patient discharged from hospital in Shanghai — RT World News   rt 

Schiff now openly claiming Trump 2020 victory could be illegitimate - WND   wnd 

REPORT: Pro-Migrant Woman Brutally Murdered by Migrant Boyfriend - National File   nationalfile 

Anecdote about Socialism - Conservative Choice Campaign   conservativechoicecampaign 

HAMMER: Abortion Is A Grave Injustice. We Must Treat Roe Just Like Dred Scott.   dailywire 

WATCH LIVE: March for Life rallies in Washington DC! – The Right Scoop   scoop 

#YangSurge Trends After Andrew Yang Passes Pete Buttigieg In National Poll   inquisitr 

Trump Defense to Call Democrats Bluff - UncoverDC   uncoverdc 

Prince Charles in Bethlehem: 'It breaks my heart' to see Palestinian suffering   timesofisrael 

Political Editors: Trump Becomes First President to Attend March for Life — The Patriot Post   patriotpost 

Trump Set to Reveal Middle East Peace Plan   peoplespunditdaily 

CBSN refuses to air Trump’s March for Life speech, but does air softball interview with Planned Parenthood – The Right Scoop   scoop 

Trump Revealed the Logo for Space Force and It's Just the Star Trek Logo - VICE   vice 

NYTimes Quashed Story About 2016 WH Meeting With 'Whistleblower' & Ukrainians On Burisma: Report   zh 

Migrant melee in Mexico: Caravaners clash with national guard - Blunt Force Truth   bluntforcetruth 

Pentagon confirms 34 US troops suffered traumatic brain injuries from Iran's missile attack 

HS2 is becoming increasingly difficult to justify   specuk 

Senator Demands Answer To Obama DOD Using Taxpayer Funds To Illegally Spy On Trump - Conservative Daily Post   conservativedailypost 

Trey Gowdy makes the case why Joe Biden is relevant as a potential witness, 'so too is Obama'   bizpacreview 

Boris rattles EU with plan to strike phase one of huge US trade deal with Trump in WEEKS   express 

LIVE: March for Life 2020 – Black Community News   blackcommunitynews 

Whole Neighborhoods Destroyed In Houston Plant Explosion: Multiple Fatalities, 1 Still Missing   zh 

Second US Case of Coronavirus Confirmed   theepochtimes 

France confirms first three cases of coronavirus in Europe   jpost 

President Trump to host N.H. rally day before primary   oann 

US slaps sanctions on four energy firms for aiding Iran's Quds Force 

'The Pro-Life Movement Is Led by Strong Women:' President Trump Makes History By Addressing March for Life   townhall 

Lopez-Obrador Under Globalist Fire For Blocking Central American Migrants…   treehouse 

Trump Attorney: Not Simply Going on Defense, We're Going to Attack the Democrats - The Political Insider   thepoliticalinsider 

Clarence Thomas is the Answer to the 1619 Project   nationalinterest 

Trump Administration Set To Ease Gun Export Restrictions   bearingarms 

Pa. mom charged after 16-year-old son weighed only 26 pounds   oann 

The 4th anniversary of National Review's suicide   donsurber 

GOP Leaders Hit Nadler For Holding Up A Ban On Fentanyl During Impeachment Trial   caller 

Joe Rogan Podcast Gets Heated Talking About The Seth Rich Murder   caller 

If the Birth Certificate is a Forgery, Didn't Obama Cheat in Elections? During an initial press conference on Mar   thepostemail 

President Trump Unveils New Space Force Seal on Twitter   military 

Texas Governor Has Message For Californians Fleeing To Texas   dailywire 

Thousands cheer as Trump promises to defend the unborn   onenewsnow 

George Soros launches a new network, will partner with colleges to 'transform higher education'   bizpacreview 

Egypt Ushers New Year with Murderous Assaults on Christian Copts - Raymond Ibrahim   raymondibrahim 

ABC/WaPo: Trump climbs to highest job approval rating of his presidency amid impeachment trial   hotair 

Father Confront Warren on Free College: The People Who Did the Right Thing Get Screwed   beacon 

WRONG Again [and again] : 50 Years of Failed Eco-pocalyptic Predictions   cei 

Clear and Present Danger? NATO Secretary Gen. Admits Trump ‘Making NATO Stronger'   warroom 

FISA Court Admits Carter Page Warrants Were Fraudulent - The Rush Limbaugh Show   eib 

George Soros to spend $1 billion to fund global network of liberal universities   disrn 

George Soros partners with colleges to 'transform higher education'   campusreform 

Three Al-Qaeda Syrians Arrested in Dallas With Fake Colombian Passports - The Lid   lidblog 

Tom Homan: Trump is 'greatest president of my lifetime' on border security   fox 

Germany shooting leaves six dead, including suspect's parents   euronews 

What Are Democrats Really Doing? - The Rush Limbaugh Show   eib 

Biden argues illegal immigrants convicted of DUI should not be arrested in pandering rant   bizpacreview 

WA State Gun Control Bills Win Committee Approval   bearingarms 

Tens of Thousands Turn Out in Baghdad for Anti-US Protest   voanews 

Trey Gowdy Unloads On Adam Schiff's 'Wildly Stupid' Trial Strategy - The Political Insider   thepoliticalinsider 

Cops Shoot 3yo Girl in the Back While Raiding Her Home to Arrest Her Brother for Drugs   thefreethoughtproject 

CAN'T HIDE THIS: Times Square Billboard Runs Joe Biden Clip Threatening Ukraine (VIDEO)   gateway 

State Forces Citizens to Pay for 'Stargazing Permit' to View Night Sky in Public Parks—Yes, Really   thefreethoughtproject 

President Trump unveils new Space Force logo - Washington Times   times 

Rudy Giuliani: “I Won’t Stand By and Watch”….   treehouse 

Twitter put a 'sensitive content' warning on a pro-life video tweeted by the Trump campaign - TheBlaze   blaze 

Sen. Susan Collins: I asked chief justice to reprimand Nadler - WND   wnd 

What Now? MSNBC: Schiff Is Like Atticus Finch, Billy Joel, Prince, AND Springsteen!   nwsbstrs 

WATCH: President Trump delivers historic speech at the March for Life rally in Washington DC – The Right Scoop   scoop 

Free Speech? Not In France   power 

Virginia Bill HB 1627--Threats and Harassment of Dems Now A Crime? ⋆ Conservative Firing Line   conservativefiringline 

Death Toll from Storm in Spain Reaches 12, More Missing   voanews 

George Kittle gives Super Bowl tickets to family of NorCal soldier killed in Iraq   sfgate 

Fox News’ Sean Hannity To Interview Trump During Super Bowl Pregame Show   caller 

Seems like a no-brainer!   axios 

Trump Tells Pro-Lifers At March For Life: 'They're Coming After Me Because I'm Fighting For You'   thefederalist 

Economics: The "Other Side" of Politics   mises 

Howie Carr: We’ve all had just about enough of this Schiff – Howie Carr Show   howiecarrshow 

LEAK: EU charts 6G future in ambitious industrial plan   euractiv 

The Schiff Show – Grrr Graphics - Ben Garrison Cartoon - Conservative Daily News   cdn 

Adam Schiff, April 2019: Obama Had a Duty to Investigate Candidate Trump   breitbart 

'Fauda' Writer Works on New TV Series About Mossad Agents Hunting Down Munich Massacre Perpetrators   algemeiner 

Navy Honors Sailor Killed at Fort Story who Chased After Gate Runner   military 

CNN Silent on Contributor's False Viral Tweet   beacon 

CA-25 Special Election Moves From Lean to Likely Democratic   cookpolitical 

Virologist Who Visited Wuhan Says Coronavirus is “Out of Control” – Summit News   summit 

Americans Show More Hope About Race Relations - Rasmussen Reports®   rasmussen 

FISA Court Admits Page Warrants “Invalid” Before Mueller Investigation Began - Conservative Daily Post   conservativedailypost 

President Trump becomes first president to speak at ‘March for Life’ rally in D.C.   oann 

Prof who said white people 'take up space' now says whites can't decide what's racist   campusreform 

Adam Schiff: Exhibit A?   zh 

Donald J. Trump: The First President to Attend the March for Life - The Rush Limbaugh Show   eib 

Deported Iranian Student Linked To IRGC And Hezbollah, DHS Says   dailywire 

34 US Troops Treated for Brain Injuries Following Iran Missile Attack   voanews 

‘The housing crisis is storing up huge political anger’ - spiked   spiked-online 

First Treatment for Pain Using Human Stem Cells is a Success; Now Moving Towards Human Trials   goodnewsnetwork 

The latest: 2 killed, 200 homes damaged in massive west Houston explosion   chron 

Sekulow Accuses Schiff Of Taking Hamilton Quote Out Of Context In Trump Impeachment Trial   wz 

Hillary Clinton's email archives lost in the mail during back-up: FBI - Washington Times   times 

Warren pledges to release Trump records if elected   thehill 

France Confirms Two Cases of Coronavirus, the First in Europe   theepochtimes 

Trump Tells Anti-Abortion Rally He's Strong Defender of Unborn   max 

The upcoming DJ Screw TV series 'is for the city of Houston'   chron 

Police: 2 Dead After Warehouse Explosion Shakes Houston   voanews 

Wyden calls on NSA to examine White House cybersecurity following Bezos hack   thehill 

Saturn’s mysterious moon could support alien life thanks to this new discovery   nypost 

Trump: Even Biden Agrees Acquittal Makes Me Stronger   max 

FBI: Saudi Gov't Helps Citizens 'Disappear' to Escape US Justice   clarionproject 

Accused Russian troll farm loses bid to quash subpoena in case brought by Mueller - Washington Times   times 

Adam Schiff stuns Senate, reveals Russia set to attack U.S. mainland (Video)   theduran 

Joanna Cherry: Whatever Boris says, there could be a legal route to IndyRef2   specuk 

Video: Joe Biden Says DACA Recipients ‘More American Than Most Americans’ - The Lid   lidblog 


Stray Cat With No Ears Finally Adopted After Shelter Worker Crochets Her a Pair of Purple Ones   goodnewsnetwork 

Trump Administration Strikes at California’s Abortion-Coverage Mandate - WSJ   wsj 

Large Satellite Owned By DirecTV May Explode In Orbit…   wz 

Pro-Choicers Might Have the Power, But We Have the Upper Hand   stream 

'Red flag' gun proposal heading toward passage in Democratic-controlled Virginia legislature - Kerry Picket   kerrypicket 

Nadler calls Trump a 'dictator' as Dems wrap opening arguments in Senate impeachment trial   fox 

Jewish and Muslim leaders in joint visit to Nazi death camp Auschwitz   euronews 

Give Medicare the power to negotiate drug prices   axios 

Swastikas painted on synagogue in New Zealand   timesofisrael 

The plot to assassinate Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch   threadreaderapp 

Access to this page has been denied.   gop 

Islamic State child soldier executes Nigerian Christian on video   disrn 


Missing Pa. Man Last Seen In Cecil County, Police Say – CBS Baltimore   cbslocal 

White House Takes Aim At California Law Forcing Insurers To Pay For Abortions…   wz 

49er star Richard Sherman 'doubts' he would visit White House   sfgate 

Elizabeth Warren Confronted Over Student Loan Forgiveness - The Rush Limbaugh Show   eib 

The World Is Watching More Babies Die of Starvation, Malnutrition, and Hunger   forpol 

Devin Nunes: ‘The Clip the Dem/Socialists Don’t Want You to See’ – Spread It ‘Far and Wide’   cnsnews 

‘Take her out’: New recording said to capture Trump calling for Yovanovitch’s firing, WH responds   bizpacreview 

Spy Court Admits FISA Warrants Against Carter Page Were ‘Not Valid’   warroom 

Police to roll out live facial recognition cameras in London - Reuters   reuters 

Four in New York Under Investigation for Possible Coronavirus Infection – NBC New York   nbcnewyork 

Watch: President Trump's speech at March for Life   disrn 

Climate Soothsayer Greta Mimics UN Sustainability   cfp 


U.S. Shale Patch Sees Huge Jump In Bankruptcies   zh 

Dem. Adam Schiff's 7 Biggest Lies During Impeachment Proceedings ⋆ The Washington Sentinel   thewashingtonsentinel 

Ted Cruz lowers the BOOM on “obnoxious” CNN reporter… – The Right Scoop   scoop 

Cop Arrested for Pulling Woman Over, Raping Her to Deliberately Infect Her With HIV   thefreethoughtproject 

FISA Court Smacks FBI FISA Abuse Again, Declares Warrants Against Page Invalid for 'Material Misstatements'   redstate 

UCLA loses 14th football player to transfer portal and a top verbal commit – Orange County Register   ocregister 

NPR Host Says Mike Pompeo Shouted At Her After Interview   mediaite 

Watergate was Child’s play compared to Crossfire Hurricane   cfp 

NYC Bar Association demands Congress investigate AG William Barr - Washington Times   times 

Proposed rule would 'ban' federal judges from membership in top conservative legal group - TheBlaze   blaze 

The Cambridge spy ring and the myth of an upper-class cover up   specuk 

Johns Hopkins Builds Tracking Map Of Coronavirus: Currently 939 Infected, 26 Deaths Globally - Sara A. Carter   saraacarter 


Coronavirus outbreak closes Shanghai Disneyland and other China tourist destinations – Orange County Register   ocregister 

Andrew Yang Criticizes DNC for Rejecting Fox News Debate   mediaite 

TDS Fatigue Continues: Impeachment Ratings Not Strong, Dropping Each Day   legalins 

Cy-Fair football coach Ed Pustejovsky announces retirement   chron 

African-American Racial Genetics And The Great Migration   vdare 

Canadian Billionaire Frank Giustra at the centre of Clinton Uranium One Scandal - The Rebel   therebel 

Life Comes From God Alone, And Humans Owe It Reverence   thefederalist 

Julian Assange Moved Out of Solitary Confinement After Fellow Prisoners Revolt Against His Mistreatment   gateway 

Brexit day: what happens after January 31?   telegrph 

Science panel’s fight for survival   reuters 

A meaningless tape recording of Trump   power 

Biden Still in Denial, Says 'No One Has Suggested My Son Did Anything Wrong'   pjmedia 


NYPD Cop, Fiancee Charged With Murder in Mystery Death of 8-Year-Old Long Island Boy – NBC New York   nbcnewyork 

NFL Teams Are Hiring And Firing Coaches More Quickly. The Results Are … Not Great.   538 

Boris Johnson declares monumental 'new chapter in UK history' as he signs-off Brexit deal   express 

Pacific Northwest crab larvae suffering shell damage from ocean acidification   sfgate 

La Habra cornerback Bryce Phillips transfers to Orange Lutheran – Orange County Register   ocregister 

34 U.S. troops had traumatic brain injuries from Iranian missile strike, Pentagon says   latimes 

WATCH: Jim Jordan Eviscerates Adam Schiff’s Credibility In Under A Minute   dailywire 

"Take her out."   abc 

Dem Representative Jerry Nadler's Impeachment Hypocrisy Exposed   thepoliticalinsider 

New poll proves Americans agree, Trump should've killed Soleimani - The Horn News   thehornnews 

With impeachment, Elizabeth Warren is in deep trouble - The Horn News   thehornnews 

Pentagon: 34 U.S. service members diagnosed with brain injures from Iran missile strike   oann 


Time-lapse video shows huge March for Life turnout   disrn 

44 of the Best Signs From the 2020 March for Life   dailysignal 

Absurdistan: MO Librarians Face Year In Jail For Not Banning "Prurient" Books   zh 

Lindsey Graham Says Republicans Will Question House Impeachment Democrats About Whistleblower Coordination   wz 

Joseph Dunford, former Joint Chiefs chair, joins Lockheed Martin board of directors - Washington Times   times 

Biden Declares He Wants ‘No Part’ in Any Witness Swap in Senate Impeachment Trial – True Pundit   truepundit 

Questions surface over Biden, Warren family finances - The Horn News   thehornnews 

I hope you are prepared to have this partisan POS called before the Senate by @JaySekulow   realclearinvestigations 

How the Electoral College is supposed to work   onenewsnow 

President Trump Unites Pro-Life Supporters as Movement Surges at March for Life 2020   lifezette 

Syria vows to recover Golan Heights in light of Trump's words   jpost 

New Hampshire To Revisit Vetoed Gun Control Bills   bearingarms 

The Big (Senate) Sleep: "Please God, Hurl A Lightning Bolt At The Podium..."   zh 

Impeachment Needs Witnesses on Both Sides - WSJ   wsj 

Trump hits new approval high as impeachment support dips - Washington Times   times 

Italy: Anti-Semitic Scrawl on Nazi Camp Survivor's Door   voanews 

Under Trump deal, Israel said to retain security control over Palestinian state   timesofisrael 

Brand new @pewresearch site w/ resources & data tool on news during election campaigns   pewresearch 

20 homes in Northern Calif. evacuated after hundreds of bombs discovered in deceased man’s home   oann 

Millions Can Already Cast Primary Ballot With Early Voting   max 

2020 assembly polls will give another Sheila Dikshit to Delhi: Alka Lamba   intimes 

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