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You Can't Be Free Without This  prageru 

LEE CAMP: Keep Calm & Just Die – Consortiumnews   consortiumnews 

Marines Rush to Help Woman Pinned Under Car in Washington, DC   military 

Mark Levin educates on civil litigation for the ignorant talking heads - Jen Kuznicki   kuznicki 

‘CALL LAW ENFORCEMENT’: Oregon Gov Asks Citizens to Report Neighbors Who Violate CoVID Rules   hannity 

The idea of a "freedom pass" raises a great many questions. My blog on Boris Johnson's new idea   specuk 

LATEST POLL: Majority of Americans Want Republican Party to Control the Senate   hannity 

Biden received thousands of non-citizen, illegal votes from non-citizens, study   justthenews 

Not one soul on Planet Earth has any clue what Joe Biden was trying to say in this clip   notthebee 

George Soros-linked election software company lies about ties with Dominion   oann 

King of Jordan becomes first Arab leader to speak with President-elect Biden   thehill 

Biden picks first Latino to lead Homeland Security   thehill 

People Going Hungry = Record High Stock Prices   zh 

Here’s What Your Part Of America Eats On Thanksgiving   538 

The Birther Myth Stuck Around For Years. The Election Fraud Myth Might Too.   538 

The Colorado Secretary of State disappeared a Dominion document and I have questions.   notthebee 

TRANSITION LATEST: MI, PA officials set to meet to certify votes despite last-ditch efforts by Pres. Tr   abc 

China Now Has Instructions For ‘Incoming Biden Administration’ - The Political Insider   thepoliticalinsider 

University Of Hypocrisy: Elite U.S. Institutions Receive Billions From ‘Nations That Abuse Human Rights On A Massive Scale’   thegreggjarrett 

How Wokeness Undermines The Constitution - New Discourses   newdiscourses 

Janet Yellen Is Biden’s Pick for Treasury Secretary - WSJ   wsj 

RNC Chair: GOP will continue investigation into election fraud   oann 

Biden names John Kerry as 'climate czar' in new administration   thehill 

James Corbett Explains The Great Reset on The Highwire with Del Bigtree - Activist Post   activistpost 

JUST IN: Gavin Newsom and Family in ‘Self-Isolation’ After ‘Exposure’ to CoVID-19   hannity 

Carl Bernstein Names 21 GOP Senators Who Privately Hate Trump   mediaite 

About That ‘Broken Algorithm’   nro 

Rush Limbaugh Pans Rudy Giuliani's Trump Press Conference   mediaite 

‘PRESS PAUSE’: Nevada Governor Imposes 3 Week Statewide ‘Pause’ as CoVID Rates Soar to 16.5%   hannity 

Yellen Confirmed As Biden's Treasury Secretary Pick   zh 

CDC Advises Family Households To Ostracize College Students Returning Home For Thanksgiving   thefederalist 

Fight Words - the language we must use to win the war   frontpagemag 

Nevada Democrat Governor Calls New Mandates ‘Statewide Pause’   thegreggjarrett 

Democrats Like One-Party Rule More Than Others - Rasmussen Reports®   rasmussen 

Flashback: HBO's John Oliver called electronic voting machines 'completely insane' in 2019   wnd 

Here's what a few notable communists would look like with bangs   notthebee 

Fauci calls on New York to accept FDA approval of vaccine   nypost 

Today's Dilbert Comic   dilbert 

TSA Says More People Flew Sunday Than On Any Other Day Since March 16   dailywire 

Trump campaign appeals Pa. voter fraud case   oann 

Stadiums will be allowed to re-open from December 2 with 4,000 fans allowed in Tier 1 areas   dailymail 

Propaganda, Election Fraud and the Death of Journalism   rcp 

US election: Georgia ‘burst pipe’ story called into question   newsau 

South Dakota governor refuses to mandate masks despite record-breaking coronavirus spike   thehill 

Oregon Governor: Snitch On Your Neighbors For Violating Thanksgiving COVID Orders   thefederalist 

Sidney Powell: Wasn't Part of Trump's Legal Team   max 

Dosing error turns into lucky punch for AstraZeneca and Oxford   reuters 

BREAKING: Team Trump’s appeal of Pennsylvania case granted expedited review   newsthud 

Kerry: Air Conditioners Are Worse Than ISIS   beacon 

WATCH: Fulton County Poll Manager Susan Voyles Recounts Election Improprieties in Georgia Recount - Big League Politics   bigleaguepolitics 

The Schools Have Been Taken Hostage - Noah Rothman, Commentary Magazine   cmmntry 

Republicans rally in support of party candidates in Ga., runoffs set for January   oann 

Dual Loyalty: Did Tlaib Accuse Jewish Biden Appointee of Allegiance to Israel?   unitedwithisrael 

Blue Ribbon Panel Predicted Election Madness 15 Years Ago - The Rush Limbaugh Show   eib 

GM flips to California’s side in pollution fight with Trump – Orange County Register   ocregister 

Facebook Plans To Promote COVID Vaccines To Curry Favor With Biden White House   zh 

Union Bosses Sink Bernie Sanders as Labor Secretary   max 

Third Major COVID-19 Vaccine Up To 90% Effective, Trial Results Show   dailywire 

Breaking Down the Greatest Electoral Heist In American History   cnsnews 

War Room Pandemic LIVE   warroom 

Netanyahu, Pompeo, and Crown Prince Reportedly Hold Secret Meeting in Saudi Arabia   legalins 

Cigar-smoking Florida hero describes courageously wresting his puppy from jaws of an alligator - TheBlaze   blaze 

Meet the women leading the Oxford vaccine team - and about to make history   telegrph 

13 people shot across NYC during bloody Sunday   nypost 

Twitter Censors Trump and Campaign 262 Times, Biden Still at Zero   nwsbstrs 

In threat to Iran, US sends heavy bombers to Middle East via Israel   timesofisrael 

New Restrictions Start Wednesday for NY Clusters; COVID Field Hospital Opening in NYC – NBC New York   nbcnewyork 

Trump campaign takes Pennsylvania election fight to federal appeals court - Washington Times   times 

Texas family urges others to avoid gathering: 'Don't be like my family'   thehill 

Chinese gov’t spending millions on ads in U.S. newspapers   oann 

Oregon's governor would like you to snitch on your neighbors' Thanksgiving feasts   hotair 

Here's a List of Republicans Who Have Turned Their Backs on Trump, Calling for Him to Concede   theredelephants 

Fraud Evidence Piles Up   thejeffreylord 

Mute points and the bitter taste of tiers: my SKETCH of Today In Lockdown   thecritic 

GM reverses on Trump, exits suit challenging California's tougher emissions standards   thehill 

Qatar airport police officers charged over invasive searches of women   reuters 

Trump campaign adviser calls Frank Luntz a 'coward' for declining a 'man-to-man' debate   bizpacreview 

WATCH: New Jerseyans catch their Democrat governor eating out with his family – The Right Scoop   scoop 

China vows 'legitimate' response to US admiral's visit to Taiwan   thehill 

Boycott the New York Times -- Read the Real News at Larwyn's Linx

Horowitz: A severely symptomatic lie about asymptomatic spread - TheBlaze   blaze 

Through an Israeli Lens: Biden and Iran   thecipherbrief 

NY Dems Busted at Packed Indoor Birthday Party Without Masks, Their Reaction to Being Caught Tells Us Everything   redstate 

Insanity Wrap #93: Former Pfizer VP Says Lockdowns Were a Mistake, YouTube Forcibly Removes His Video   pjmedia 

Two convicted terrorists who made bombs and supported ISIS released early   express 

Utah drops restrictions on gatherings ahead of Thanksgiving   thehill 

New Yorkers are hiring line-waiters to sit in COVID-19 test lines   nypost 

Report: Netanyahu Met Saudi Crown Prince, Pompeo in Saudi Arabia   max 

First Soldiers Graduate Basic Training in WWII Throwback Uniform   military 

California officials improperly allowed cannabis billboards along highways, court rules   latimes 

Supreme Court ignores Trump lawsuit that would disqualify mail-in votes in Pennsylvania — RT USA News   rt 

Biden Taps John Kerry to Serve as Climate Czar, Announces Key Cabinet Picks LIVESHOT WANTS HIS O   nro 

The White House says it's still planning to host holiday parties despite dire warnings from health experts   abc 

Benjamin Watson, former NFL star, blasts Raphael Warnock's 'reproductive justice' platform - Washington Times   times 

100 times President Trump supported Israel   timesofisrael 

'The Queen's Gambit' causes chess set sales to surge   nypost 

Ethereum Surges Above $600 As Crypto Momentum Accelerates   zh 

Egyptian singer to face charges over photos with Israelis   timesofisrael 

Dominion Is A Distraction; Mail-Ballots Is Where The Focus Needs To Be   redstate 

Rush criticizes Trump legal team, says they better deliver the bombshell evidence FAST   newsthud 

Brexit news: EU panics over no deal Brexit as dire forecasts published   express 

SICKENING: Cuomo accepts international emmy award for handling of COVID-19 pandemic – The Right Scoop   scoop 

Ian Blackford polices the border   specuk 

Biden appoints John Kerry for new climate envoy role - Sara A. Carter   saraacarter 

Trump Supporter Arrested for Breathing 'Forcefully’ On Anti-Trump Women – OutKick   outkick 

Christie Attacks Trump Again: 'National Embarrassment'   max 

How to Revive Real Diplomacy Between Armenia and Azerbaijan   nationalinterest 

Ilhan Omar denies being 'Qatari asset,' witness confirms 'Post' report   jpost 

Trump looks to tie up loose ends, 'wants to END birthright citizenship before he leaves office,' report says   bizpacreview 

Own an AR-15? Biden wants to charge you $200 to keep it – The Right Scoop   scoop 

Majority say they want GOP in control of Senate: poll   thehill 

Donald Trump dumps Sidney Powell from legal team after bizarre remarks   newsau 

Wilfried Zaha: Crystal Palace forward tests positive for coronavirus - BBC Sport   bbc 

Holocaust Museum opens exhibition about the killing of George Floyd   timesofisrael 

Qantas to require coronavirus vaccine before travel, Alan Joyce confirms   newsau 

New Jersey Dem. Gov. Confronted At Restaurant for Not Wearing Mask, Not Distancing   lidblog 

After Russian Breaches, Trump Takes US Out of Open Skies Treaty; Menendez Urges Biden to Rejoin   cnsnews 

CDC Urges Americans Not to Travel for Thanksgiving - WSJ   wsj 

I Know Sidney Powell. She Is Telling the Truth   stream 

China launches robotic spacecraft to retrieve rocks from the moon   oann 

Kids are the best. Check out this little guy's perfect hiding spot.   notthebee 

Mark Ingram, J.K. Dobbins Among Ravens Who Tested Positive For COVID – CBS Baltimore   cbslocal 

Michigan Certifies Biden Victory As Republican Canvasser Folds   zh 

Ilhan Omar Slammed By Georgia GOP Women - 'You Married Your Brother' - The Political Insider   thepoliticalinsider 

'Biff is president': Michael J. Fox says Trump has played on 'every worst instinct in mankind'   thehill 

Warning Comes True, NY Times Admits That AI-Generated Faces Are A Game Changer   shoebat 

Appeals Court Grants Expedited Review of Trump Campaign’s Pennsylvania Lawsuit   ntd 

WHISTLEBLOWERS: Biden Implicated In Dominion Voting Scam Connected To Serbia - National File   nationalfile 


Why Ketamine Could Be the All-in-One Solution to Curb Veteran Suicide Rates   military 


Cuomo Accepts Emmy as Pandemic Surges   beacon 

Every Day, The Chiefs Write The Book (On Epic Comebacks)   538 

Coronavirus: Hungarian foreign minister says country will test Russian vaccine   euronews 

Shooting Looters Isn't Fascism, But Looting And Rioting Is   bearingarms 

Alan Dershowitz says 'legal, constitutional paths' to 2020 presidential election exist for Trump - TheBlaze   blaze 

I always said it would end in t̴e̴a̴r̴s̴ tiers   specuk 

Pilot Error Led to Fatal F-15 Crash in North Sea, Air Force Report Says   military 

‘False Results’: Trump Campaign Calls For Another Recount In Georgia   dailywire 

No joke, MSNBC senior producer asks why Trump is golfing while his son was just diagnosed with COVID   bizpacreview 

Facebook Helps Launch New Tech Industry Lobbying Group To Battle Anti-Monopoly Push   zh 



Dominion CEO Admits In Testimony: Machines Rely On Chinese Parts From 'Screen Interface Down To Chip Level'   thenationalpulse 

IP Dispute May Slow Canada’s Plans to Procure New Frigates – The Diplomat   thediplomat 

Many Studies Find That Cloth Masks Do Not Stop Viruses Like COVID   thefederalist 

Lockdown restrictions to last until the end of March with 'many more places in higher tiers,' PM warns   telegrph 

Today's Headlines: California coronavirus cases surge   latimes 

Oxford’s 2020 Word of the Year? Well, It’s Unprecedented - Times of India   intimes 

Boris Johnson says MPs should NOT get a £3,000 pay rise   dailymail 

BIA Decision Demonstrates Weaknesses in Removal Process   cis 

Just the News AM   americasvoice 

'It Will Never Be Licensed In The US' - Analyst Warns AstraZeneca Vaccine Efficacy "Embellished"   zh 

Israeli Researchers Kill Cancer Cells with Genetic Editing Technology   unitedwithisrael 


Rams claim former Patriots DE Derek Rivers off waivers   usa 

Trump Supporting Actor Scott Baio Threatens to Move to Utah to 'Unseat' Mitt Romney - The Political Insider   thepoliticalinsider 

Inflation shake-up set to hit incomes for 10m private pensions   telegrph 

Boris Johnson facing fresh Tory rebellion over new Covid restrictions   telegrph 

Biden to spotlight CDC officials shunned by Trump - POLITICO   politico 

Michigan certifies Biden's win as Trump efforts to challenge election slip - POLITICO   politico 

Biden’s Proposed Gun Tax Unconstitutional, Expert Says   ntd 

Pennsylvania governor halts alcohol sales day before Thanksgiving   nypost 

Biden Picks John Kerry for Climate Change Role   max 

Michigan Certifies Election Results, Joe Biden Winner   mediaite 

IIPR Stock Offers Multiple Entries As Marijuana Stocks Shape Up| Investor's Business Daily   ibd 

UPDATE: Rand Paul Says DC Attorneys Not Pursing Action Against Financiers of Mob that Attacked Him   hannity 


The Definitive Analysis Of ‘Love Actually,’ The Greatest Christmas Movie Of Our Time   538 

More than 17,000 workers quarantined at Shanghai airport after 2 contract COVID-19   disrn 

Pennsylvania Bans Sale Of Alcohol At Bars, Restaurants Ahead Of Thanksgiving   dailywire 

Will Biden Turn the Education Department over to the Teachers Unions?   catoinstitute 

Report: On day 1, Biden plans rejoin WHO, Paris climate accord, restart DACA and end 'muslim bans' 

Tennessee Democrat Jim Cooper Attacks People With Down Syndrome To Mock Republican Voters   thefederalist 

No-deal Brexit would have a more lasting effect on UK than COVID - BoE's Bailey   reuters 

U.S. infectious disease group backs Gilead's remdesivir for COVID-19 treatment   reuters 

Retracting a Controversial Paper Won’t Help Female Scientists – Quillette   quillette 

Amazon reportedly hired Pinkerton spies to monitor unionization efforts   nypost 

What Chile’s Vote to Change Its Constitution Means for Its Future   mises 

New California lockdown measures met with skepticism, but they could offer the best hope   latimes 


U.N. Fears Ethiopia May Be Purging Tigrayans From Peacekeeping Contingents   forpol 

Rep.-Elect Lauren Boebert May Carry Glock At Capitol – CBS Denver   cbslocal 

Police Union to scared NYC subway riders: You are on your own - go thank the politicians   bizpacreview 

'It is a place where his spirit and legacy will live on forever:' Fort Bragg Gold Star family receives new home 

Saudis constantly weighing normalization with Israel, visiting US official says   timesofisrael 

Ethiopia says Tigray capital encircled after surrender ultimatum   reuters 

Melania Trump celebrates arrival of White House Christmas tree   nypost 

The Joe Biden Conspiracy Theory That Could Cost the Senate   nro 

Judicial Watch Sues Seven Federal Agencies for Flynn Unmasking Records   judicial 

Senior State Dept. official says Saudis enthusiastic about Israel ties   jpost 

El Salvador's Odd Military Deployment to Stop Drugs at Honduras Border   insightcrime 

New Supreme Court Circuit Assignments Have Been Reassigned Look Who's In Charge Of Swing States   dcclothesline 


TURKEY: Another example of horrific Muslim dog abuse   barenakedislam 

Solid Demand For Today's Record Big 2Y Treasury Auction   zh 

Deshaun Watson puts Texans coaching candidates on notice in Week 11   usa 

Willie Brown wants a say in who gets to fill Kamala Harris’ Senate seat –   twitchy 

Iraq arrests IS 'administrative chief' at Baghdad airport   timesofisrael 

Despite confirmation by Saudi advisers, Riyadh FM denies prince met Netanyahu   timesofisrael 

Kayleigh McEnany Says Trump Can Still Win Election Through Supreme Court   thepoliticalinsider 

Census Bureau Denies Census Workers Were Instructed To Falsify Information   thejeffreylord 

Economists call for more stimulus checks   thehill 

The DiAngelo factor   power 

Experts Wanted Hillary to Challenge 2016 Election Results, Alleged Hacking   pjmedia 

Sony CEO on PlayStation 5: 'Absolutely everything is sold'   nypost 

It’s Not the Economy, Stupid   natljrnl 

Team Trump: Wisconsin must toss all absentee ballots delivered in person; Update: The law says ...   hotair 

PRAGERU: You Can’t Be Free Without This   dailywire 

Seahawks place tight end Greg Olsen and 2 others on injured reserve   usa 

Zionism is not racism BDS isn't always anti-Semitism   timesofisrael 

Rapper 21 Savage's brother stabbed to death 'while taking shopping to his gran'   thesun 

[Ilya Somin] Group Statement on the 2020 Election   reason 

A Commentary By Ted Rall (@TedRall): Why Democrats Lost and Will Keep Losing Elections...   rasmussen 

Today's Biden Blunder   power 

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