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Surgeon General: Next Week Will be Our Pearl Harbor Moment - Sara A. Carter  saraacarter 

Infectious Disease Modeling: What’s the Track Record?   power 

Sarah Silverman ‘Hates’ Trump Supporters! ‘Hatred Is What I Feel’ For ‘These People’   nwsbstrs 

BREAKING: Tiger at Bronx Zoo Tests Positive for COVID-19 - Breaking911   breaking911 

AMBER ALERT: 9-Year-Old Girl Abducted By Stranger In Columbus - Breaking911   breaking911 

Tiger at Bronx Zoo Tests Positive for Coronavirus – NBC New York   nbcnewyork 

U.K. Queen Elizabeth Speaks to Nation as Prime Minister Boris Johnson is Admitted to Hospital…   treehouse 

CDC: Centers for Damaged Credibility – World Tribune Life   worldtribune 

Pakistan is leading the way with its welfare state – the world can learn from its innovation   telegrph 

A little reasoned sanity.   mises 

Former Houston-based imam says non-Muslims are “worst of Allah’s creations. Treat them like that.”   jihad 

WATCH: Battling coronavirus in the lab   sharylattkisson 

9 Arizonans Indicted In Undercover Child Sexual Exploitation Crackdown - Breaking911   breaking911 

Fauci says it would be 'false statement' to say we have coronavirus under control   thehill 

Identity Politics Lied. New Yorkers Died   frontpagemag 

A world in crisis was listening to a woman who has weathered her fair few, writes Peter Hunt   specuk 

Coronavirus: PM admitted to hospital over virus symptoms - BBC News   bbc 

Kazakh bodybuilder's 'marriage' to sex doll girlfriend on hold because of coronavirus — RT Sport News   rt 

Italy Gave China PPE To Help With Coronavirus — Then China Made Them Buy It Back   wz 

Pathetic: WHO confirms they ignored Taiwan’s very early warnings about coronavirus – The Right Scoop   scoop 

Communist China Was Always One Lab Accident Away From Becoming a Supervillain   pjmedia 

Here Are All The Funding Landmines Congress Stuffed Into The 3rd Coronavirus Stimulus Bill   caller 

Boris Johnson admitted to hospital for Covid-19 tests after coronavirus symptoms ‘persist’ — RT UK News   rt 

Ireland's premier Leo Varadkar re-registers as doctor during coronavirus pandemic   euronews 

New York Hospital Discharges Outpace New Admissions for 4th Straight Day   theepochtimes 

MLK’s family commemorates 52nd anniversary of his death   oann 

Opinion: The worst president. Ever   wapo 

At-home test uses blood to determine if a person has been exposed to COVID-19   oann 

Exclusive: Foreign Funding of Universities Reveals $1 Billion 'Black Hole'   clarionproject 

Goldman: After The Crash Of 2020, Corporate Earnings Won't Recover Until 2023   zh 

The final interview from China's missing doctor, Ai Fen, who 'provided the whistle' to blow   bizpacreview 

Breaking. British PM Boris Johnson hospitalized due to coronavirus   justthenews 

Ted Cruz fires back at WaPo reporter who tries to use COVID-19 to dunk on President Trump - TheBlaze   blaze 

Hope: Has New York State begun to turn the corner early on coronavirus?   hotair 

Defense Secy. Esper supports decision to dismiss Captain Crozier over leaked letter   oann 

US Troops Will Be Directed to Wear Face Masks, SecDef Says #sovmc   military 

Israeli Medical Volunteers Release Ventilator Blueprints Using Off-the-shelf Parts   unitedwithisrael 

Cuomo says coronavirus death tally in New York dropped for first time   justthenews 

Governor threatens to move emergency medical resources from Dallas County if they aren’t used   dallas 

Gun shop owner openly defies Massachusetts governor's order to close — and business is booming - TheBlaze   blaze 

Ireland: Catholic priest invites Muslims to Mass, Muslim proclaims supremacy of Islam from pulpit   jihad 

Lauder: National Guard must protect Jews from neo-Nazi coronavirus threat   jpost 

North Carolina Pro-Lifers Sue City After Being Arrested for Prayer Outside of Abortion Clinic - Big League Politics   bigleaguepolitics 

Vladimir Putin Sums Up The New World Order In 5 Words   zh 

Germany: Leftist officials push to bring in more Muslim migrants amid coronavirus pandemic   jihad 

Report: Ousted Navy carrier captain Crozier has coronavirus 

CNN’s Acosta Blasted For ‘Mansplaining’ To Coronavirus Expert Dr. Birx   dailywire 

Tiger at NYC's Bronx Zoo tests positive for coronavirus   timesofisrael 

President Trump Notices Joe Biden's Mental Decrepitude Even If the National Media Won't   redstate 

REBELLION: 'This Is Not Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia Where You Are Asked For Your Papers!' Says Maine Sheriff   pjmedia 

The toxic side effects of coronavirus lockdowns – Orange County Register   ocregister 

Corona testing shifts into top gear   intimes 

The Shutdown Crash Arrives - WSJ   wsj 

COVID-19 patients accidentally transferred to USNS Comfort   oann 

FBI gets involved as 'Zoombombing' threatens online classes   campusreform 

Mike Pompeo pushes for war in Iraq (Video)   theduran 

Coronavirus UK: Britain should pursue China for £351bn virus fee - shock report   express 

Woman Who Ingested Fish Tank Cleaner Was Prolific Donor to Democratic Causes   beacon 

Coronavirus exposes the stark digital divide in this country; Let’s commit to closing it   dallas 

Coast Guard Cutter Hamilton Returns Home With MASSIVE LOAD After 80-Day Patrol - Breaking911   breaking911 

Israel Extends Lifesaving Aid to Palestinians, PA Officials 'Sow Division'   unitedwithisrael 

Details on the PM's hospitalisation tonight, from @JGForsyth   specuk 

California is forcing nursing homes to take COVID-19 patients   hotair 

Queen delivers message of hope to UK amid virus outbreak   chron 

Boris Johnson admitted to hospital over coronavirus issues - Washington Times   times 

Biden Suggests We Should Do Things Trump Is Already Doing, Travel Restrictions Don’t Work   wz 

China sees slight increase in coronavirus cases after earlier drop   thehill 

Orange County’s reported coronavirus cases hit 834; still 14 deaths – Orange County Register   ocregister 

Iowa Gov. Reynolds will not order residents to stay at home   oann 

Brian Stelter: Coronavirus Response Is a 9/11-Level Failure   mediaite 

Brett Crozier, fired USS Theodore Roosevelt captain, tests positive for coronavirus: Report - Washington Times   times 

Another Terrible Idea In San Francisco...   zh 

‘Corrected fake news!’ – Trump slaps down WaPo for spreading false ‘piracy’ story – The Right Scoop   scoop 

Trump considering second task force dedicated to reopening economy   washexam 

Queen Elizabeth's addresses the United Kingdom on coronavirus outbreak - Reuters   reuters 

New York's Daily Deaths Toll Falls for First Time: Virus Update   max 

Israel's biological research institute 'makes progress' on treatment for virus   timesofisrael 

Schiff, Pelosi Trash President Trump On Intel IG Firing   thepoliticalinsider 

Russia's Counter-COVID Aid To America Advances The Case For A New Detente   theduran 

'Last thing to go will be care for animals': Oakland Zoo has used $1.5M of $4.5M reserve   sfgate 

What?! Bloomberg Op-Ed Calls for China to Reopen Infamous Wet Markets - Big League Politics   bigleaguepolitics 

Crude Crashes Over 10% After OPEC+ Meeting Delays   zh 

The Queen's coronavirus speech transcript: 'We will succeed and better days will come'   telegrph 

St. Louis Fed President: U.S. economy not in free fall   oann 

UPDATE 1-U.S. Defense Chief Backs Navy Ouster amid Report Captain Has Coronavirus   max 

How Capitalism Is Helping US Defeat COVID-19   dailysignal 

Rudy Giuliani urges Andrew Cuomo to lift hydroxychloroquine restrictions for coronavirus - Washington Times   times 

Queen Elizabeth Addresses ‘Challenge’ of COVID Pandemic   voanews 

Twitter removes over 8,000 fake accounts tied to Saudi, Egyptian governments   timesofisrael 

‘We’ll meet again’: Queen Elizabeth invokes WW2 spirit to defeat coronavirus   oann 

Fired Navy Carrier Captain Has Tested Positive for COVID-19: Report   military 

Dem Honor: Biden Earns 11 Pinocchios In 3 weeks For Lying About Virus - Conservative Daily Post   conservativedailypost 

Italy coronavirus curve fall signals hope for Europe - Washington Times   times 

Dem Rep Praises China, Blames Trump for Deaths   victorygirlsblog 

Bratton: NY's Crime 'Reform' Is Poorly Written, Received and Implemented   max 

Stop IT NOW Fraudsters   ticker 

CA Democrats Pass Resolution Supporting Local Control Over Deployment of 5G and Wireless Facilities - Activist Post   activistpost 

US Links International Aid to Fixing Afghan Political Dispute   voanews 

Ex-NFL kicker, Saints hero Tom Dempsey dies at 73   usa 

British PM Boris Johnson hospitalized with coronavirus, will undergo tests   timesofisrael 

Sunday Talks: FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn Discusses Latest COVID-19 Mitigation Efforts…   treehouse 

Tiger tests positive for coronavirus at New York's Bronx Zoo   smh-au 

Scottish health chief RESIGNS after police tells her off for breaking Covid-19 lockdown rules — RT UK News   rt 

Louisiana church holds services, defying coronavirus stay-at-home order - Reuters   reuters 

My Evacuation from South Africa to Germany   legalins 

In rare TV address, Queen Elizabeth II vows UK 'will succeed' against coronavirus   timesofisrael 

My bro did a thread   threadreaderapp 

Ireland's PM returns to medical practice to help in coronavirus crisis - Reuters   reuters 

Earthquake: 4.4 quake near Clovis, Calif.   latimes 

Queen Elizabeth addresses coronavirus pandemic: 'We will succeed' #FoxNews   fox 

Why are women more likely to go vegan than men?   euronews 

Landlord emails tenants in one message, accidentally helps rent strike   insider 

Coronavirus lockdowns have caused the Earth to effectively stop shaking #FoxNews   fox 

Comfort from a 102-year-old who has lived through a flu pandemic, the Depression and WWII   chron 

The Hidden Hand that Shaped History   vigilantcitizen 

What Garbage: Clyburn Obviously Just Lied About the Focus of the House Coronavirus Crisis Committee   townhall 

Food goes to waste amid coronavirus crisis - POLITICO   politico 

Dr. Pinsky tells the hysterical media to just "shut up!"   sentinel 

How Americans View The Coronavirus Crisis And Trump's Response   538 

White House Warns Against Grocery Shopping, Leaving Home As Coronavirus Hits Peak   dailywire 

On Palm Sunday Christians Not Just Staying At Home——But PRAYING At Home   cfp 

#coronavirus How to analyze and not analyze #COVID-19 deaths   wuwt 

Tyranny comes to Hyde Park - spiked   spiked-online 

Full Details: What You Need to Know About the Military's New Face Covering Policy   military 

Texas to hire Mississippi State's Vic Schaefer as next women's basketball coach   chron 

US State Holding Election Despite Coronavirus Emergency   voanews 

Virus Raises Specter of Gravest Attacks in Modern US Times   voanews 


Government considering general lockdown in Israel over Passover   timesofisrael 

Fauci warns coronavirus could become seasonal   timesofisrael 

Holy Hell! Louisville Police are Putting Ankle Monitors on COVID-19 Patients   gateway 

CA Pastor/City Councilman Holds Palm Sunday Service Despite "Non-Essential" Designation   redstate 

Coach JT Ayers’ message to Trabuco Hills track and field: ‘Our mission remains the same’ – Orange County Register   ocregister 

'Israel's strategy failed, economy won't be able to reopen'   jpost 

Netherlands recalls hundreds of thousands of defective Chinese face masks   euronews 

LARRY USOFF: Why Does America Bother?   clash 


As COVID-19 Forces Classes Online, Colleges Face New Challenge: "Zoombombing"   zh 

Next Wave Of Shortages Strikes: NYC Pharmacies Run Out Of Tylenol, Common Drugs   zh 

Med school threatens to fire doctors for talking to news media - WND   wnd 


Help sue the Mexican Oligarch Times   vdare 

With 11 planes, Israel airlifts huge quantities of medical equipment from China   timesofisrael 

Tri-State Sees More Than 5,200 COVID-19 Deaths as Positive Cases Top 165K – NBC New York   nbcnewyork 

Dr. Fauci: Health care workers are our new warriors, applaud them   hotair 

University in Japan used robots for virtual graduation   insider 

It’s Not You. Clothing Sizes Are Broken. - WSJ   wsj 

Italian prime minister thanks Trump for being country's 'true and loyal friend' through pandemic   washexam 

From @DavidAFrench: Walking Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death   thedispatch 

Some good news! Number of people who’ve RECOVERED from Covid-19 passes quarter of a million — RT World News   rt 

AOC Absolutely Trashes Her Own Country In the Middle of a Pandemic   redstate 

Electric Boat President Tested Positive for COVID-19, the 7th at the Submarine Manufacturer   military 

Coronavirus: More Widespread, Less Deadly Than Claimed?   libertynation 


Hunt for medical supplies creates marketplace of desperation   chron 

Banished Journalist Laura Loomer's $1.5 Billion Lawsuit Against Tech Giants Will Be Heard in Court - Big League Politics   bigleaguepolitics 

Smartphones track Coronavirus by income; James Woods ponders connection to sanctuary cities   bizpacreview 

5 Wright-Patterson Air Force Base missions slated for transfer to Space Force 

Bronx Zoo Tiger Tests Positive For COVID-19   zh 

Iranian citizen accused of trying to sneak U.S. military 'sensitive parts' to Iran - WND   wnd 

Venus inviting others to join her virtual workouts - Reuters   reuters 

Ben Shapiro: China Destroyed The World Economy   rcp 

Thousands of doctors agree hydroxychloroquine is best treatment for coronavirus patients   oann 

Russia Just Bankrupted One Of America's Biggest Natural Gas Companies   nationalinterest 

Plastic Bag Bans & San Francisco   nro 

KY puts Virus violators on ankle monitors or under house arrest   sentinel 


Boris Johnson Is Hospitalized Because Of Persistent Coronavirus   wz 

Liberal news site founder Markos ridicules coronavirus deaths to mock Trump and the U.S. – The Right Scoop   scoop 

Sarah Sanders: 'I don't like being called a liar'   thehill 

China Is Not Replacing the West in Serbia – The Diplomat   thediplomat 

I also defer to lawyers. Fortunately @DavidAFrench is an excellent one   thedispatch 

Casuals score win in $130 billion JobKeeper package   smh-au 

Biden's ABC Interview Is a Festival of Fail, Chock Full of 'What the Heck' Moments   redstate 

HBO Opens Its Vaults for Free Access to 500 Hours of Shows to Coronavirus-Weary Americans   redstate 

Prominent Islamist Clerics Deem Coronavirus "Divine Punishment"   meforum 

Media Forced to Admit Trump Was Right About Malaria Drug After Blaming Him For Killing a Man - The Lid   lidblog 

Liberty County residents affected by COVID-19 could get reprieve on utility disconnections   chron 

Veterans organizations are concerned about paying bills 


I Know Why the Caged Man Tweets - The American Mind   americanmind 

New Cuomo executive order will have military take ventilators from rural hospitals to NYC - WND   wnd 

Hand Dryers Should Be Banned - Covid-19   victorygirlsblog 

Unemployment in resort city Eilat soars to nearly 70% as virus ravages tourism   timesofisrael 

France’s Éric Zemmour: ‘Why is Europe so easily willing to give up our individual freedoms?’ – RAIR   rairfoundation 

FauxCi ADMITS He Lied @RealDonaldTrump   ticker 

Jewish pharmaceutical billionaire and wife found dead in Toronto home   jpost 

Holding diya in hand, PM Modi's mother responds to lights-out call   intimes 

Army havaldar commits suicide in Samba   intimes 

Jesus Called Worry, Fear, And Anxiety A Sin   clash 

Trump waited months to boost medical supplies: records   trib 

Coronavirus lockdown: How are our pets coping with us? - BBC News   bbc 


Illinois governor says Trump "does not understand the word 'federal'" - Axios   axios 

EU monitor: Russia, China sow distrust in west through coronavirus disinformation 

NM US Army soldier dies in WA state shooting 

Two children hospitalized after eating THC-laced candy they got from a food bank - TheBlaze   blaze 

Stay up to date with Labour's Shadow Cabinet reshuffle   specuk 

Man City says will not ask government to pay staff - Reuters   reuters 

This Week Has Proven that No Matter What the Press Will be a Group of Miserable Scolds   redstate 

Suddenly, Neither Liberty nor Civilization Is Assured   pjmedia 

Collateral Deaths From Pandemic Begin to Take Toll on Health Systems   morningconsult 

What Impact is COVID-19 Having on Middle East Conflicts?   military 

Access to this page has been denied.   ibd 

Man armed with a whip goes on racist rant about coronavirus outside Chinese Consulate in Sydney   dailymail 

Blue state police state: Local officials cook up boatload of stupid COVID-19 restrictions   thinker 

As government orders public mask use, North Koreans hastily make homemade versions 

Thousands of Israeli Soldiers Receive Boxes of ‘Shmurah’ Matzah From FIDF   algemeiner 

DEATH & POLITICS? CDC Issued Staggering Instructions Back in March   hayride 

Real life and resistance in Venezuela - Ben Norton reports on effects of US blockade   thegrayzone 

Boeing extends Washington state production shutdown indefinitely - Reuters   reuters 

Republican fundraiser looks to cash in on coronavirus - POLITICO   politico 

With anticipated surge on the horizon, LA County reports 15 new deaths and 663 new coronavirus cases – Orange County Register   ocregister 

CIA comes clean on geoengineering: plans of spraying confirmed as more than conspiracy   newstarget 

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