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Dems Cook 10,500 Steaks While Lecturing Americans About Eating Less Meat  beacon 

As Predicted, that Trump-Ukraine "Whistle-Blower" Story Just Blew Up In Epic Fashion   redstate 

Balad said opposed to endorsing Gantz amid bid to woo Joint List in secret talks   timesofisrael 

RUNNING ON EMPTY: Internal Booker Memo Says Campaign Has ’10 Days Left’, Needs $1.7 Million   hannity 

Trump Video Pimps Biden-Ukraine Conspiracy, Stars Ken Vogel   mediaite 

Amid Too Much Good MAGAnomic Data, Bloomberg Cancels the Recession…   treehouse 

The best pushback to the misinformation of @GretaThunberg you’ll find   wuwt 

Former NBA great Charles Barkley slams Democratic Party for taking black voters for granted - TheBlaze   blaze 

Iran threatens ‘full destruction’ of ‘any aggressor’ who attacks the nation   oann 

HANNITY: The Latest Anti-Trump Media Frenzy Over Unknown ‘Promise’ to Unknown Foreign Leader   hannity 

Booker About to Bust: Campaign Memo Pleads for Money Within 10 Days   peoplespunditdaily 

Marines charged in alleged human smuggling   oann 

Nancy Pelosi’s Argument Against Impeachment Doesn’t Make Sense - Lawfare   lawfareblog 

Child Hostages Obey Their Climate Captors   intellectualtakeout 

IDF says armed drone captured by Syria near Golan was Iranian, not Israeli   timesofisrael 

Woman who cries CRYSTALS instead of tears baffles doctors (VIDEO) — RT World News   rt 

Rep. Perry: ‘smoke’ to Biden reports   oann 

Ilhan Omar's daughter addresses Trump directly, vows to boot him from White House   bizpacreview 

Biden's elite and life of privilege is quite interesting. Yet the MSM wants nothing to do   thinker 

East Virginia Medical School Spent $368,000 Investigating Ralph Northam Blackface Photo - Big League Politics   bigleaguepolitics 

13 US Marines at Camp Pendleton charged with smuggling illegals over the border   bizpacreview 

NY Post Obituary for de Blasio campaign: "dead of ego-induced psychosis"   legalins 

NY Post publishes obituary to mark end of Bill De Blasio presidential run   oann 

FLASHBACK: CNN Founder’s Blindness for North Korean Atrocities   nwsbstrs 

Meet Larry Sinclair: The Man With Whom Barack Obama Enjoyed Sex & Cocaine - Freedom Outpost   freedomoutpost 

Corey Lewandowski: Media 'Bypassing' Biden Scandal to Attack Trump   breitbart 

One Brave Republican (David Perdue) Blocks GOP Cheap Labor Giveaway In The Senate   vdare 

Thousands in China Exposed to ‘Mind Control’ Technology Seek Answers   theepochtimes 

‘Richly deserved’: Stephen Gutowski named ‘Gun Rights Defender of the Year’ –   twitchy 

REPORT: Biden Family's Shady Ukranian Dealings Threaten To Expose True Obama Legacy -   dcwhispers 

Former Head Of Plunge Protection Team Says Fed Has To Buy More Debt   zh 

Hispanics Rally to Trump, Boosting His 2020 Chances   rcp 

Pitt Upsets No. 15 UCF 35-34 – CBS Pittsburgh   cbslocal 

The MRC's Tim Graham Spars With Brian Stelter: ‘You Don’t Like the Guy Who Got Elected!’   nwsbstrs 

BAD EDUCATION: AOC Ignores Founding Fathers, Says DC Residents ‘Second Class Citizens’   hannity 

Forum moderator found it ‘a little condescending’ to be called ‘sweetheart’ by Joe Biden –   twitchy 

Audit finds Illinois spent $4.6M on Medicaid coverage for dead people   illinoispolicy 

Panicky NY Times’s Climate Crusade Feeds Kids’ Fears: ‘Our Terrifying World’   nwsbstrs 

Joe Biden’s son helped China buy our national security assets – Pacific Pundit   pacificpundit 

Time for Trump to trigger the UN snapback on Iran   nypost 

The Weird Obsessions Of Central Bankers, Part 1   zh 

Trump At 52% Approval, Higher Than Obama At Same Time   wz 

Killed in Turkey: No investigation two years after suspicious death of American journalist Serena Shim   theduran 

Donald Trump says media protecting Biden over probe of his son in Ukraine - Washington Times   times 

Greek authorities arrest suspect in connection to 1985 hijacking of TWA flight   abc 

Melania Trump Stuns in Shades of Blue at White House State Dinner for Australian Leader   thepoliticalinsider 

Trump Admin Tells UNC, Duke to Revise Islam Program or Lose Taxpayer Funds   breitbart 

Muslim from Minneapolis who joined ISIS wants to return, says he should be forgiven   jihad 

Houston Chick-Fil-A employees gave away sandwiches to drivers trapped by Imelda's floodwaters   chron 

‘Amen!!!’ Kristy Swanson prefers this profile of courage to Christine Blasey Ford –   twitchy 

Taylor Swift cancels concert at horse race after pressure from animal rights activists - TheBlaze   blaze 

Australian Broadcaster Shares Some Reality For #ClimateStrike Students   wz 

As promised, Scott Presler and his volunteer crew are cleaning up a Los Angeles homeless camp –   twitchy 

Highlights of Prime Minister Scott Morrison State Visit – (W/ Transcript of Joint Presser)…   treehouse 

That Trump-Ukraine "Scandal" Just Went Up In Flames Even More   redstate 

Hollywood Doubles Down on Open Border Propaganda   nwsbstrs 

New Study Documents Depleted Uranium Impacts on Children in Iraq   foreignpolicyjournal 

Jeffrey Epstein Paid Doctors To Drug 'Sex Slaves': Report   zh 

Rep. Ilhan Omar tweets a climate change ‘summoning circle’ for Friday’s #ClimateStrike –   twitchy 

As Putin cracks down on democracy, Russian Jews increasingly moving to Israel   timesofisrael 

NBC: Network’s Double Standards Surface Yet Again   nwsbstrs 

Dem fear: Hillary is to emails, as Biden is to (Ukraine? China?)   legalins 

New York Times Claims Ed Buck Was ‘Small-Time’ Democrat Donor. He Was Not.   dailywire 

Pompeo Emboldened After Bolton Exit, Takes Lead on Saudi Oil Crisis   voanews 

Trump's Title X Rules Are Closing Two Planned Parenthood Clinics - VICE   vice 

President Trump: “Fake News Media Trying to Protect Biden” Within Ukraine Whistleblower Story…   treehouse 

Gallup: Trump Approval Surpasses Obama's at Same Point in Presidency - The Rush Limbaugh Show   eib 

New Revelations About Giuliani’s Contact With Ukrainian Officials Blows Up Media’s Narrative   redstate 

Court Concedes DNC Had the Right to Rig Primaries Against Sanders   observer 

In praise of Earth, Wind & Fire, purveyor of black excellence for a half-century   latimes 

Islamic State claims responsibility for Iraq bus bombing that killed 12   jpost 

New York Post hits Bill de Blasio with hilarious 'obituary' over failed presidential campaign - TheBlaze   blaze 

Is There a Scientific Case Against Abortion? Use Caution   stream 

The end of de Blasio’s not-so-excellent presidential misadventure   nypost 

Youth leaders at U.N. demand bold climate change action   latimes 

Distant Intimacy in the Dining Car   steyn 

Fannett reels from largest total rainfall of Imelda   chron 

Canada's "Wokest" PM Just Took A Hit In The Polls After Blackface Scandal   zh 

Pelosi: Plan to Send US Forces to Saudi Arabia, UAE 'Circumvents' Congress   voanews 

Media Ran With ‘Whistleblower’ Anonymous Claim, Turns Out Person Had No Direct Knowledge   wz 

Cory Booker’s Campaign Is On Life Support   dailywire 

Top State Department official announces departure   oann 

Phil Collins Walks With A Cane After Multiple Back Surgeries As He Heads On Tour   inquisitr 

California Student’s Car Vandalized Over Pro-Second Amendment Stickers – Good Day Sacramento   cbslocal 

WaPo: We Messed Up on `Secret Promise' Report   trunews 

The Whistleblower Scandal Is More Likely to Take out Joe Biden Than It Is to Hurt Trump   redstate 

Booker's Campaign Faces Fundraising Woes   beacon 

Trump Denies Pressuring Ukraine to Probe Company Linked to Biden's Son   voanews 

BRILLIANT! President Trump DESTROYS Joe Biden Crime Family on REAL UKRAINIAN SCANDAL (Video)   gateway 

I'm An Austrian Economist: What Does It Mean?   mises 

Only Nine Students Show Up To White Privilege Workshop At School Of 30,000   caller 

2 photos show how Greta Thunberg's climate strike inspired millions   insider 

De Blasio’s Done, and the Joke’s on New York City   dailybeast 

Thousands gather in Tbilisi for protest against Georgian government   oann 

Cristian Javier relishes honor as Astros' Minor League Pitcher of the Year   chron 

Campaign memo: Senator Booker must raise $1.7m to continue president bid   oann 

Trial Ordered for SEAL and Marine Charged in Green Beret's Death   military 

Spartacus Campaign on Life Support: Booker Campaign Says They Need $1.7M in 10 Days   legalins 

Astros' Alex Bregman hosts Little League World Series champion team from Louisiana   chron 

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey lists California home for $4.5 million: Photos   insider 

Ukraine Foreign Minister Vadym Prystaiko Denies President Trump Pressure or Coercion During Phone Call With President Zelensky….   treehouse 

Saudi Arabia threatens action against those responsible for attack on facility   oann 

Pelosi calls for whistleblower complaint from DNI   oann 

Evidence Reveals Ukraine Tried to Influence the Election for Clinton   observer 

Biden slams female reporter at Iowa forum....with a smile?   hotair 

Anti-ICE Activists, Communists Protest Outside Home Of Detention Center Warden   caller 

Cuban Delegation Members Expelled After “Conduct” Against the United States - Conservative Daily Post   conservativedailypost 

President Trump: Sanctions on Iran Are Working and We Just Put on More   townhall 

Eurosceptic Tory MPs who refuse to back Boris Johnson’s new Brexit deal ‘face being kicked out’ – The Sun   thesun 

Kooky Joe Biden Says He Will Beat Trump 'Like a Drum'   gateway 

Tank-Killing Missile Tests `Europe First' Weapons Policy   realcleardefense 

Booker seeks $1.7 million in new funds to stay in Democratic White House race   oann 

Israel Will Never Lose a Major War (We've Got 5 Reasons Why)   nationalinterest 

South Carolina bar shooting leaves 2 dead, 8 hurt, officials say   latimes 

Twitter Admits Censorship In Lead Up To 2016 Presidential Election – Disobedient Media   disobedientmedia 

As floodwaters recede, Imelda’s toll comes into view   chron 

Nancy Pelosi calls for passing laws so that a sitting president can be indicted   bizpacreview 

Are Trump's Incentives About To Change   zh 

The Woke Cult Has Targeted Your Children   victorygirlsblog 

Twitter removes 10,000 accounts for promoting political discord #SmartNews   smh-au 

U.S. Navy's New Refueling Drone Takes First Flight   realcleardefense 

Rockefellers Hit the Jackpot With Obama Administration Nuclear Deal With Iran   nysun 

Oops! We can't find the page you were looking for!   military 

TIME FOR BLACKFACE... | Gavin McInnes Guests! via @scrowder   louderwithcrowder 

Cory Booker Will Drop Out Of Presidential Race Within Days If He Can’t Raise $2M, Memo Reveals   inquisitr 

Bokhari: Elites Want You to Eat Bugs, Live in Sewer Pipes, and Submit to Population Control   breitbart 

Trump Cites Greg Jarrett’s Report Over Biden Quid Pro Quo And Problems With ‘Whistleblower’   wz 


Why did Epstein’s private jet fly to Riyadh on the eve of the 2016 election? - Hot Air   hotair 

Politics Podcast: We Ran Into Andrew Yang At The Airport   538 

Nancy Pelosi Calls for Law Allowing Sitting Presidents to Be Indicted   breitbart 

New York Post mocks de Blasio with front page 'obituary' after mayor drops White House bid - Washington Times   times 

Democrat Candidate: One Year Climate Crisis Mandatory National Service for 18-26 Year Olds   wuwt 

In Germany, Jewish funds help keep Mediterranean migrant rescue missions afloat   timesofisrael 

Greek Police Make Arrest in 1985 Hijacking of TWA Flight 847   max 

Antisemitic incidents rampant in recent weeks across Ukraine   jpost 

Cory Booker's campaign: If we don't raise $1.7 million in the next 10 days, he's essentially done   hotair 

Browns place LB Christian Kirksey on injured reserve   ap 

The Glorious Sons: Canada's best export - Washington Times   times 

Twitter Is Asking Sex Workers If They’re Bots and Demanding Their Phone Numbers - VICE   vice 


NASA Astronauts Test Bigelow Aerospace’s Inflatable B330 Space Habitat   observer 

Rep. Joe Kennedy Formally Announces US Senate Campaign - NBC New York   nbcnewyork 

Biased Question for Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren Goes Viral   mediaite 

Sandy Hook Promise's Back to school PSA shamefully exploits (and terrifies) kids   hotair 

Yup, Looks Like That Big Anti-Trump, Whistleblower Story Was All Smoke And Mirrors   dailywire 

Peter Schweizer on Whistleblower: Media Trying to Turn a Biden Scandal into a Trump Scandal   breitbart 

Alabama reported leading choice for Space Command 

Biden Says If Male Identifies As Woman He Should Be Housed With Female Inmates In Prison   wz 

Canada's Trudeau loses a little ground in first polls since blackface scandal - Reuters   reuters 

Record Global Robot Sales in 2018, Future Uncertainty Due to Trade War   observer 

Hannity: Blame 'Media Mob' for Biden-Ukraine Probe   max 

And Kavanaugh clip   mediaite 


WATCH: Climate Change Activists Cause Our Children to Fear the Future   godfatherpolitics 

Albanian 'killer' has bid to claim asylum in Britain vetoed by Home Secretary Priti Patel   dailymail 

Excitement and outrage await Narendra Modi and Donald Trump’s summit in Houston   chron 

Texas A&M drops SEC opener to Auburn   chron 

Football: Chavez is opportunistic in 24-21 win over Clear Lake   chron 

Texas senior WR Collin Johnson ruled out vs. Oklahoma State   chron 

'Rambo: Last Blood' reviews: Sylvester Stallone return 'joyless grind'   usa 

Saudi Arabia executions spike in 2019 – with 134 crucified and beheaded including six who were kids when arrested – The Sun   thesun 

School climate strikers should answer these two questions   specuk 

The Anti-Trump Whistleblower Story Looks Like Another Phony Scandal   pjmedia 

Some of our Senators have a lot of money invested in companies they oversee   hotair 

Mexico plans summit to target rise of white supremacy    dallas 


Police and firefighters unions want to be part of Illinois pension fix   chibiz 

6,500 nurses to go on strike, calling for better patient ratios   insider 

Trade Talks Back On: Here's Why China Canceled Its Trip To Montana And Nebraska   zh 

Batman Day: Bat signals fete 80th anniversary   usa 

Why isn't the media covering Turkish President Erdogan's ties to ISIS   nypost 

Elizabeth Warren Hits Congress for Not Impeaching Trump   mediaite 

Joe Biden TORCHES Peter Doocy: 'Ask the Right Questions!'   mediaite 

American diplomats in Cuba may have been exposed to pesticides, not "sonic weapons"   legalins 

Facebook Admits It's a Publisher on Court Document ⋆ Conservative Firing Line   conservativefiringline 

Watch Tulsi Gabbard Wipe The Floor With A Well-Known War Hawk   zh 

Cory Booker says lack of support putting White House campaign at risk - Washington Times   times 

Hunter Biden’s China Connections   themarketswork 


Advent considering joining Bain in pursuit of Osram: Bloomberg - Reuters   reuters 

Stop The Tape! How Has Joe Biden's Scandal Suddenly Become President Trump's Scandal?   redstate 

Five embarrassingly easy ways to fix America's health care mess   nypost 

After strikes, youth climate activists keep pressure on leaders   oann 

Charles Barkley Blasts Dem Politicians For Ignoring Black Voters ... Take Notes, GOP!   clash 

U.S. Navy’s Blue Angels Flight Exhibition Team To Fly Over LA Sunday – CBS Los Angeles   cbslocal 

Nigel Farage says Labour has 'abandoned' its pro-Brexit voters - BBC News   bbc 

Bayern Munich 4-0 Cologne: Lewandowski stars as Coutinho scores first goal - BBC Sport   bbc 

South Africa Declares 'Femicide' a National Crisis   voanews 

The REAL and ONLY story says Trump, about THIS video clip about the media, the Bidens, and the Ukraine – The Right Scoop   scoop 

Pelosi Calls For New Laws So Sitting Presidents Can Be Indicted   gateway 

U. Minnesota medical students demand ‘better conditions’ at ICE detention centers   thecollegefix 


Andrew Yang: ‘Rampant Access To Pornography Is A Real Problem’   caller 

Booker Campaign Asks For $1.7 Million In Donations By Sept 30 To Keep Him In The Race   caller 

Parkland Victim’s Father: Guns Didn’t Kill My Daughter, 'Democrat Policies Did' - Conservative Daily Post   conservativedailypost 

Why is WGN-9 simulcasting ESPN’s Bears-Redskins ‘Monday Night Football’ telecast?   trib 

Why Are So Many Top-Tier College Girls Turning To 'Soft Prostitution'?   zh 

Whistleblower 'didn’t have direct knowledge of the communications' between Trump and Ukraine   washexam 

NEW TODAY ICE to resume detaining migrant families at Texas facility   wapo 

Burnout is now a real diagnosable condition - i-D   vice 

Tony Blair secretly advising Emmanuel Macron on Brexit as former PM accused of 'unacceptable' behaviour   telegrph 

Candace Owens Scorches the Dems   power 

New Peter Schweizer Book Reveals Biden and Kerry Corruption in China, Even Undercutting U.S. Nuclear and Military Technologies   pjmedia 

LMAO: California Governor Begs President Trump For Money To Save Him From His Homeless Problem ⋆ Joe For America   joeforamerica 

Biden criticized after snarking to female moderator: 'Sexism with a smile'   fox 

Bill Maher Tells Democrats They’re Wasting Their Time Pushing For Kavanaugh Impeachment   caller 

Running game, defense lead Klein Collins past Oak Ridge   chron 

Part 4: Lies in Hitchcock's films about German concentration camps - general information   chron 

Maryland’s ‘Red Flag’ Law Turns Deadly: Officer Kills Man Who Refused To Turn In Gun – CBS Baltimore   cbslocal 

Reports from Cuba: Several years in prison for self-employed Cuban who bought 15,000 apples   babalu 

Texas...what are you doing??! NO! Not you!   thinker 

Sorta feels like the Washington Post has settled on a candidate   wapo 

Denmark Hopes to Set Example With Ambitious Carbon-Cutting Program   voanews 

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