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President Joe Biden Falsely Claims His Infrastructure Bill Will Create 16 Million Jobs  grabien 

Biden Administration Flies Illegal Immigrants Cross-Country: TSA Explains How   human 

JOBS STUNNER: US Hiring Stalls, Biggest Miss Since ’98, Inflation Fears Grow, Unemployment Up   hannity 

Roger Daltrey: The ‘Woke’ Generation is Creating a Miserable World – Summit News   summit 

President Trump welcomes N.H. audit of 2020 elections, praises patriots for revealing truth   oann 

'Furious' Melinda Gates Warned Bill Over Jeffrey Epstein Escapades: Report   zh 

We are awake!, by   substack 

SHE ADMITS IT: Jen Psaki Says She Recommends Biden Avoid Impromptu Questions from Reporters   hannity 

Biden just became the 1st president ever to omit "God" from his National Day of Prayer proclamation   notthebee 

Gordon Chang: China wants to destabilize, not join the West - Center for Security Policy   centerforsecuritypolicy 

‘Worst Miss in Decades:’ Experts Predicted +1 Million Jobs in April, Fell Short By 800,000   thegreggjarrett 

Farmers In Multiple States Suing Biden Admin Over ‘Racist’ COVID Relief Plan   thegreggjarrett 

Rep. Matt Gaetz Rails Against Liz Cheney: "We MUST Do Better" - Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN)   rsbnetwork 

Biden is squandering the recovery he inherited   gop 

US COVID-19 Cases Projected to Dramatically Drop by End of July   thegreggjarrett 

Montana Is First State To Cancel Unemployment Benefits In Response To Unprecedented Worker Shortage   zh 

AOC: Planned Parenthood Saves Lives Despite Providing Abortion Services   nro 

REPORT: Liz Cheney ‘Secretly Orchestrated’ Former Defense Secretaries To Write Op-Ed Slamming Trump   caller 

US Special Forces trained Mexican drug cartels linked to decapitation, torture, rape   thegrayzone 

Social Unrest Fears Mount As World Food Prices Soar In April   zh 

35% of Gun Owners Bought More Guns in the Past Year - Rasmussen Reports®   rasmussen 

Jury convicts Florida man who issued 'call to arms' against Trump supporters - Real America's Voice News   americasvoice 

The Left's Systemic Exploitation of Race   frontpagemag 

Loading 3rd party ad content   smh-au 

Why Did The CFTC Help Suppress Silver Futures Prices? - Activist Post   activistpost 

Watch: Elon Musk Calls Crypto "Speculation", Says People "Should Not Invest Their Life Savings" In It   zh 

Publishing is now a Left-wing bubble - UnHerd   unherd 

Almost 500 incidents of violent crimes at the border since Biden took office: report - Sara A. Carter   saraacarter 

North Carolina House Passes Bill to Ban Abortions on Babies With Down Syndrome   lifenews 

April Job Numbers Are So Bad, CNBC Thought It Was A Typo   thefederalist 

Most Voters Want to End Protection for Social Media Companies After Trump Facebook Ban - Rasmussen Reports®   rasmussen 

Psaki admits the White House tries to stop Biden from taking questions – White House Dossier   dossier 

Media Furious As Florida Gov. DeSantis Blocks Everyone But Fox News From Bill Signing Event - The Political Insider   thepoliticalinsider 

Tucker Carlson pokes hornet's nest by spotlighting vaccine deaths   wnd 

Intersectional Torturers   consortiumnews 

The Media, Big Tech Take Joe Biden For A Stroll Down Easy Street - The Political Insider   thepoliticalinsider 

FEC drops probe against Donald Trump on Stormy Daniels payment - Washington Times   times 

China Pollutes More Than US And All Developed Countries Combined: Report   zh 

VCU student activist celebrates the shooting deaths of police officers, 'prays' for the death of Andy Ngo   thepostmillennial 

WHITE HOUSE SHOCK: Biden Says Terrible Job Numbers ‘Evidence’ US Moving in ‘Right Direction’   hannity 

FEC ditches case regarding Trump hush-money payments to women   justthenews 

No Supporters Greet 81 Million Vote Recipient Joe Biden as He Arrives in Lake Charles, Louisiana (VIDEO)   gateway 

Washington school board president owns an “all-ages” sex shop ... how is this OK?   notthebee 

Watch: BLM Founder Happy That Her Book Gets Compared To Mao's Little Red Book   notthebee 

Sara Carter: Illegal pot farms in California are allegedly being operated by cartels - Sara A. Carter   saraacarter 

Facebook should not have the power to ban Donald Trump says ... Elizabeth Warren - TheBlaze   blaze 

Iran's 'Drug Terrorism' Against Arabs   gatestone 

Ariz. Audit official shocked county supervisors   rumble 

Psaki Says She’s Stepping Down Next Year   caller 

Who's Hiring And Who's Firing In April: A Golden Age For Waiters And Card Dealers   zh 

$69 BILLION to create 74,000 jobs? The astounding inefficiency of the Liberal budget   thepostmillennial 

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to Unemployed: Start Looking for a Job   breitbart 

Scientists Want to Grow Babies in the Womb for 40 Days and Kill Them for Research   lifenews 

Teaching unions demand kids keep wearing masks in classrooms until at least June 21 despite record low infections   thesun 

Biden left 'God' out of the National Day of Prayer, writes Eric Mack   max 

Hartlepool marks the best-ever performance by a governing party in a by-election.   specuk 

Mom of Son Born With One Arm and No Legs Refused Abortion, “I Never Considered It”   lifenews 

Bill O'Reilly: Biden 'actively helping' organized crime with border policies   washexam 

"Just Throwing Money, It Doesn't Work" - Dimon Slams Planned Dem Tax Hikes As "A Little Bit Crazy"   zh 

Wells Fargo bank hostage situation: Suspect arrested, authorities say   usa 

Biden: Spending Plan Will Simultaneously Raise AND Lower Corporate Taxes   rumble 

SHOCK: ‘Devout Catholic’ Biden Omits ‘G-O-D’ From National Day of Prayer   nwsbstrs 

California bar owner charged with selling fake COVID-19 vaccination cards   latimes 

Sarah Palin Condemns Abortion: “Every Innocent Life is Worthy of Protection”   lifenews 

FEC drops Stormy Daniels hush-money case against Trump - TheBlaze   blaze 

AOC Praises Planned Parenthood’s Prenatal Care, But 95% of Its Abortion Clinics Don’t Even Offer It   lifenews 

MSNBC Dials Up the Crazy   human 

CRUZ MISSILE: ‘Dear God, Please Nobody Tell the Democrats What Comes After a Trillion’   hannity 

Anthony Fauci Gave Scientists Over $400,000 to Make Humanized Mice With Scalps From Aborted Babies.   lifenews 

Gavin Newsom earned his recall with failed leadership – Orange County Register   ocregister 

New Jobs Report Is the Worst Miss in History as Biden Administration Failures Mount – RedState   redstate 

Hillary suggests there was Russian interference in 'Brexit':   max 

Sixth grade girl opens fire at middle school, injuring 3 #SmartNews   abc 

Chinese Flights Through Taiwan's Air Defense Zone Have Doubled   zh 

Biden Opens the Door for China to Grab the Intellectual Property Behind Virus Vaccines – RedState   redstate 

Grand Ole Opry Returning To Full Capacity For Performances – OutKick   outkick 

AstraZeneca vaccine investigation underway over reports of Guillain-Barre syndrome cases   express 

25 people died in a massive police raid against drug traffickers in a Brazilian favela   euronews 

Hate crimes see 73% rise in NYC, with Asians and Jews most targeted   timesofisrael 

Boycott the New York Times -- Read the Real News at Larwyn's Linx

MAGAworld pans Stefanik - POLITICO   politico 

President Trump Congratulates Windham, New Hampshire, For Their Fortitude in Organizing 2020 Ballot Audit - The Last Refuge   treehouse 

Biden gets scolded for not paying 'fair share' in taxes   wnd 

Shell of a former self   dallas 

Green Switch To Electric Cars Could Cost Germany 100,000 Jobs    zh 

Atlas Is Shrugging: Forget 'The Great Reset', Here Comes 'The Great Reject'   zh 

This Japanese town used $229,000 worth of Covid relief funds to build a giant squid statue   notthebee 

Lara Logan: The "Tyrannical Elite" Are Using Smart Technology To Surveil The "Monitored Class"   rcp 

House Dem: Biden admin playing "shell game" with children to hide border crisis – HotAir   hotair 

Texas Democrats Support Chairman Who Used 'Oreo' Slur Against Sen. Tim Scott by Leah Barkoukis   townhall 

Clueless Joe Biden Relies on Notecards as He Tours Water Plant in New Orleans (VIDEO)   gateway 

Milton Friedman’s Revenge   beacon 

Doctors of Indian descent try to help loved ones caught in COVID crisis far away   abc 

BREAKING: Maricopa County Officials REFUSE To Turn Over Subpoenaed Devices Used In 2020 Election - National File   nationalfile 

Biden Torched Over Disastrous Jobs Report: He’s Not The Next FDR, He’s The Next Jimmy Carter   dailywire 

OOPS: Every House Democrat Endorsed By U.S. Chamber Voted for Job-Killing Biden Bucks   atr 

Wal-Mart, Sysco Fine Suppliers As Labor Shortages Cause Surge In Late Orders   zh 

'Voters of Hartlepool, you are the problem' - spiked   spiked-online 

Melinda Gates reportedly angry after couple met with Epstein   nypost 

When state spying becomes abuse - UnHerd   unherd 

Many COVID victims’ bodies still in refrigerated trucks on NYC waterfront   nypost 

Allen West Lights up Texas Dems for Not Accepting Resignation of Chair Who Called Tim Scott a Racist Slur   redstate 

Joe Biden Mentions Racial Justice and Climate Change in 'National Day of Prayer' Message, But Not God @LifeNewsHQ   lifenews 

Khamenei: ‘In the present time, the balance has been tipped in favor of the world of Islam’   jihad 

Bernie Sanders says he does not support forcing kids to get COVID-19 vaccine - TheBlaze   blaze 

3 injured, suspect in custody in Idaho middle school shooting   oann 

Leslie Herod on Confronting Republican Who Called Colleague 'Buckwheat'   mediaite 

The True Meaning of the Afghan ‘Withdrawal’ – Consortiumnews   consortiumnews 

Government Grew by 48,000 Employees in April   cnsnews 

Biden omits the word 'God' from national prayer declaration   nypost 

National Identity Becoming More Inclusive in U.S., UK, France and Germany   pewresearch 

Opinion: Still No Evidence of Armed Insurrection on Jan. 6   theepochtimes 

Identical Triplets Born 10 Weeks Premature are 1 in 200 Million and Doing Great Now   lifenews 

Gov. DeSantis Tells Unemployed Floridians Collecting Benefits To Start Looking For A Job   dailywire 

What an excellent five paragraphs   bbc 

Biden Exempting Former Union Bosses In His Admin From Ethics Rules   caller 

Despite millions of jobs available, April's employment report has grim news - TheBlaze   blaze 

Tucker Carlson Doubles Down on Batsh** Vaccine Fearmongering   mediaite 

‘Devout Catholic’ Biden’s Day Of Prayer Proclamation Leaves Out God, Pushes Leftist Agenda   dailywire 

Coinbase to close San Francisco offices for good, will have no headquarters   sfgate 

European leaders urge U.S., Britain to match EU generosity on vaccine exports   euronews 

Clay: Facebook's Ban Of Trump Fairly China-Like – OutKick   outkick 

‘Sleazebag Lawyers’: Donald Trump Responds To FEC Dropping The Hush-Money-To-Honey Case Against Him   caller 

Millionaire BLM Founder Admits She's Marxist, Proud Of Mao Comparisons   thefederalist 

Tesla Admits Its Still "Firmly In Level 2" Autonomy, Won't Have Full Self Driving By Year's End   zh 

Bay Area music store housing a million records burns in possible arson   sfgate 

Bomb blast puts former Maldives president in hospital, as he undergoes surgery to treat shrapnel wounds — RT World News   rt 

Tlaib Shares Anti-Israel Smear after B'Tselem Refuses to Retract Baseless Lie   honestreporting 


the Stonehenge bluestones weigh between 2 and 5 tonnes each.   heritage 

Australia says international borders might not fully reopen until mid-to-late 2022   reuters 

WATCH: Democrat EXPOSES Biden ‘shell game’ lies at the border and NBC Nightly News AIRS IT! – The Right Scoop   scoop 

Utah governor says state won't mandate masks in schools this fall   thehill 

Anti-Olympics campaign gains traction online in Japan   reuters 

Christian Porter launches legal action to ensure ABC’s ‘scandalous’ defence kept secret   newsau 

Violent Crime Surged In These Cities After Mass Black Lives Matter, Anti-Police Protests   caller 

DOJ Unveils Proposed Rule Targeting "Ghost Guns" And More –   bearingarms 

Swedish Medical Experts Pen Letter Urging Young, Health People to Refuse COVID-19 Vaccine - Big League Politics   bigleaguepolitics 

Rise of the Climate Change Stinkies: NYT Wants you to Shower Less and Stop Using Toilet Paper – Watts Up With That?   wuwt 

Psaki plans to step down after a year - Sara A. Carter   saraacarter 

Texas Democrat accuses Biden Administration of playing 'shell game' with border facility pics https://   max 


CUOMO to REPORTER: ‘Don’t Tell Me What I Said!’, It’s Republicans Fault!   hannity 

WATCH: Armed Antifa militants attack Portland motorists in broad daylight   thepostmillennial 

Internet Sleuths Claim Two Newly Uncovered Videos From Jan 6th Reveal Who Shot Ashli Babbitt - Revolver   revolver 

This "dad press conference" is the greatest thing you'll see today   notthebee 

Catholic Bishop Defends Pro-Abortion Joe Biden Receiving Communion: “Don’t Weaponize the Eucharist”   lifenews 

Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders: ‘Not My Job To Tell Parents Or Kids To Get Vaccinated’   caller 

'Major attack' in Israel foiled as 3 gunmen shot in firefight near military base   timesofisrael 

Hunger rates plummet after two rounds of stimulus - POLITICO   politico 

California bar owner hit with felony charges for allegedly selling fake COVID-19 vaccine cards - TheBlaze   blaze 

`This is truly a mental illness': Self-styled mask enforcement officer tries to shame woman at grocery checkout   twitchy 

25 killed in Rio de Janeiro shoot-out as Brazilian police clash with drug cartel in favela (VIDEOS) — RT World News   rt 

Suspect in custody after 8-hour-long hostage situation at Wells Fargo bank in Minnesota — RT USA News   rt 


Police burst into Temple Mount after hundreds riot; 160 Palestinians said hurt   timesofisrael 

DeSantis: Unemployed Floridians will have to start looking for work   max 

Mount Allison professor suspended after saying Canada is not a racist country, criticizing BLM   thepostmillennial 

Support for Recall Newsom efforts stronger in conservative Calif. areas   oann 

Top US Jewish Group Calls for Rashida Tlaib to Remove ‘Falsehood’ About Israelis Setting Fire to Palestinian Fields   algemeiner 

4 ex-Minneapolis police officers, including Chauvin, federally indicted in George Floyd's death- utterly asinine. O   fox 

Seven fires in south sparked by incendiary balloons launched from Gaza   timesofisrael 

Don’t Let China Hijack the UN Security Council   nationalinterest 

Don't listen to Mullahs' apologists in US media   timesofisrael 

Transgender Female to Compete as Weightlifter in Olympics   redstate 

Sinema Criticizes Biden Admin on the Border: `This Is a Crisis; We All Know It'   nro 

New submarine threat: Top U․S. general says #China is pursuing Atlantic naval base in west #Africa   times 


What's Next For The Trump Family? My Answer...   rumble 

Weaponized #Drones in #Mexico: Game-Changer or Gimmick? "Criminal groups believe in this tactic's potential. But re   insightcrime 

Barbara Comstock Baffled by GOP Clinging to 'Big Loser' Trump   mediaite 

Man Loses His Coffee Franchise For Telling LeBron To 'Eat A [Eggplant]' – OutKick   outkick 

POLL: Most don’t want NBA, corporations to take political stands against U.S. states   sharylattkisson 

Biden's Jobs Numbers Are So BAD, Anchor Has to Do a Double-Take   rumble 

IDF plans demolition of home of suspected shooter in deadly Tapuah attack   timesofisrael 

Biden Makes Bizarre Contradictory Statements About His Proposed Tax Increases – RedState   redstate 

Slap On The Wrist: Honeywell Fined For Sharing F-35, Other Secrets To China   zh 

Iran Releases Video Threatening Strike On Israel's Dimona Nuclear Reactor   zh 

The story behind how Mavs legend Dirk Nowitzki became a featured immigrant in George W. Bush's new book   dallas 

China Labeled World’s Biggest Polluter, More Than US And Rest Of Developed World Combined…   wz 


General: China's Africa outreach poses threat from Atlantic - Washington Times   times 

Ron DeSantis' Media-Handling Prowess Shows He's Way Ahead of the Curve – RedState   redstate 

Climate change: how bad could the future be if we do nothing? – Watts Up With That?   wuwt 

Palestinian gunmen were headed to Jerusalem to carry out a terror attack   timesofisrael 

City of Chicago employees’ emails stolen in hack on outside law firm   trib 

Why is Teleprompter Joe carrying around notecards??? – [VIDEO] – The Right Scoop   scoop 

Rabobank: Is It Possible The Fed Is So Stupid It Doesn't Understand What It Is Doing   zh 

AOC​ touts 'how many lives Planned Parenthood has saved' despite its hundreds of thousands of abortions annually - TheBlaze   blaze 

The Jobs Numbers Were Disappointing. Here’s Why - Morning Consult   morningconsult 

BIDEN BUST: Unemployment Rate Up, Numbers ‘Way Worse Than Expected,’ Inflation May Be Coming – PJ Media   pjmedia 

Portland BLM/Antifa Draw Guns on Drivers to Enforce No-Go Zone in Broad Daylight – PJ Media   pjmedia 

1,800 Israeli Generals, Officers, Mossad Agents Warn: Abbas Wants to ‘Annihilate Jewish State’   jihad 


Jake Tapper's Banning 'Lying' Guests Now? by Larry O'Connor   townhall 

As Expected, Yehuda Guetta’s Murderer Lived a Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous - Israellycool   israellycool 

The Coming IRS Reign Of Terror   cdn 

New study claims coronavirus deaths are 57% higher than official count — up to 900,000 in the US - TheBlaze   blaze 

Joe Biden Has Least Negative News Coverage of Any President in 30 Years   breitbart 

MAYHEM: Portland BLM mob blocks road, attacks driver after he pulls gun to defend himself [VIDEO] – The Right Scoop   scoop 

WATCH: Gov. Ron DeSantis bashes CDC over school and cruise policies: 'That's not science, that's politics'   blaze 

White House admits it tries to get Biden to shut up   wnd 


Liberals are pushing 'birthing people' phrase and social media erupts with laughter and ridicule - TheBlaze   blaze 

Largest convention booked in SF for 2021 gets canceled   sfgate 

Jen Psaki Reveals White House's Media Avoidance Strategy for Biden – RedState   redstate 

Ep. 185 Who Hates the Police?   prageru 

Sixth-grade girl shoots two students and a custodian at Idaho middle school, is disarmed by a teacher, authorities   trib 

Torrent Of Federal Cash Stifling Return To Work As Fed Repeats Historic Error... In Reverse   zh 

The Trump Effect: CNN Loses Nearly 1/4th of Its Viewership. - The National Pulse   thenationalpulse 

In historic move, South Africa to end 'canned hunting' of captive lions   thehill 

Teacher Put On Leave After Saying George Floyd Would Be Alive If He'd Obeyed Cops – OutKick   outkick 

NYC eateries can't compete for staff with unemployment benefits   nypost 

COVID Vaccine Makers Prepare For Long Legal Battle As US Backs IP Waiver   zh 

"Off To New Places" - Mars Helicopter Prepares For Fifth Flight, A One-Way Trip On Friday   zh 

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